LA Times lays off one-fourth of its employees

“The Los Angeles Times, the largest newspaper in California and one of the biggest by circulation in the entire United States, was hit with a heavy round of layoffs Tuesday.” More than 110 positions within the company were eliminated; roughly one-fourth of the Times’ workforce.

People just won’t pay to read pro-government extremist propaganda. Meanwhile, news outlets with balanced coverage, such as Epoch Times, Infowars and The Gateway Pundit, are thriving.

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US Government now using banking controls for wide-scale surveillance

Washington, DC, Jan. 22, 2024. The US House Judiciary Committee has obtained documents suggesting that banks were advised to query transactions with keywords like Dick’s Sporting Goods, Cabela’s, and Bass Pro Shops.

Banking regulators are increasing their surveillance and controls over banks to impose far-ranging monitoring of transactions. The government is applying the Patriot Act’s “know your customer” rules with increasing severity. There is a worldwide movement of governments to de-bank those with anti-government tendencies or views.

And bank accounts are increasingly needed for most transactions.

he House Judiciary Committee and its subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government gave updates on the federal law enforcement’s “receipt of information about American citizens without legal process and its engagement with the private sector.”

House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan, wrote, the Treasury Department’s Office of Stakeholder Integration and Engagement in the Strategic Operations of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, or FinCEN, gave banks “suggested search terms and Merchant Category Codes for identifying transactions on behalf of federal law enforcement.”

“According to this analysis, FinCEN warned financial institutions of ‘extremism’ indicators that include ‘transportation charges, such as bus tickets, rental cars, or plane tickets, for travel areas with no apparent purpose,’ or ‘the purchase of books (including religious texts) and subscriptions to other media containing extremist views,’” wrote Rep. Jordan in a letter to FinCEN’s former director, Noah Bishoff.

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Government Regulations make it Illegal to help the Homeless

Ohio pastor criminally charged for offering shelter.

The modern cult of the omnipotent state produces multitudinous inequities.  Modern government regulations require licenses, certifications, and permits to offer any services to anyone.  Zoning laws prohibit a facility designated as a one-bedroom home from partitioning a living room into two bedrooms, and prohibit facilities from offering lodging or food without extensive and expensive government permission.

              Anyone who has traveled the world quickly notices that homeless people are everywhere in the U.S., but almost nonexistent elsewhere.  This is because American regulation makes it illegal to help the homeless in any way that matters.

              Now the USA Today reports that “as folks freeze to death in the Midwest, an Ohio pastor is charged for offering shelter.” At least three homeless men are known to have died from exposure during the recent Midwest cold snap, but “Chris Avell, pastor of Dad’s Place in Bryan, Ohio, was arraigned in court last Thursday because he kept his church open 24/7 to provide warmth to the unhoused.”

“Ohio law prohibits residential use in first-floor buildings in a business district. Since the church is zoned as a Central Business, the building is restricted from allowing people to eat or sleep on the property.”

According to the city, during a New Year’s Eve service, police arrived and issued violations.

USA TODAY reported in December that the nation’s unhoused population grew by 12% in 2023, reaching nearly a record 654,000 people.  This despite record government spending on all aspects of the problem.

Astounding new revelations about the Jan. 6 “pipe bombs”

Washington, DC. Jan. 19, 2024. Darren Beatie of Revolver News was recently on Tucker Curlson’s broadcast, discussing newly (and quietly, it seems) released footage of the pipe bomb incident at the Democratic National Committee headquarters in DC on Jan. 6, 2021.

  • After three years, this new footage shows a very calm engagement by all of law enforcement. No officer runs, ducks, or even seems overly bothered by the discovery of a pipe bomb feet away from Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.
  • A man in plain clothes wearing a backpack is seen calmly walking up to parked officers (both Metro PD and Secret Service), supposedly to alert them to the presence of a pipe bomb just ten-to-twenty feet away.
  • It is reported  that the plain-clothesed man is himself a Capitol Police Officer.
  • The officers, unpanicked, later casually walked around, even letting a mom and young children calmly walk past the alleged pipe bomb.
  • The government’s story regarding the pipe bombs has constantly shifted. Initially the government claimed the bombs were real weapons of mass destruction.
  • But the new released video suggests the incident may have been a drill or a false flag operation.
  • Beattie wondered openly why Kamala Harris has never “milked” the fact that January 6 put her in extreme danger.  In fact, Vice President Harris seems to be an active disinfo agent, and part of a cover up.
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Great News! Thousands of Government Schools May Close Due to Massive Drop in Enrollment


Brookings Institute, a pro-government extremist think tank based in Washington, DC, found that over a four-year period that includes “the pandemic,” about 12% of elementary schools and 9% of middle schools lost at least one-fifth of their enrollment. At least 4,428 schools in the country reached or exceeded a 20% decline.

“Enrollment declines are everywhere,”  said Sofoklis Goulas, a fellow at Brookings.

  • Clark County, Nevada, where 33 of its more than 300 schools, most of them elementary, saw a 20% loss between 2019 and 2021. Further declines last school year translated to a nearly $33 million reduction in state funds. 
  • Tucson, Arizona, where 15% of its 82 schools lost a fifth or more of their students. Observers say the state’s robust school choice climate is a contributing factor. 
  • Kansas City, Missouri, which closed two elementary schools last school year, one of which saw at least a 20% drop in enrollment after the pandemic. Five more schools have seen similar declines.

The school board in Jackson, Mississippi, voted to close 11 schools and merge two more. Some on the list have lost 30% or more of their students since 2018. Oregon, New Mexico and West Virginia are among the states expected to see enrollment drop at least another 10%. 

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5 million Americans have fled socialist states; in one of the largest mass migrations in history

One of America’s largest mass migrations in history took place in the past 5 years. Five million mostly-productive people migrated out of just four states: California, Illinois, New York and New Jersey.

In the process the southeast became more populous, more productive, and more prosperous than the northeast.

These refugees are fleeing socialist regulations and taxation, as well as cold climates. See here.

Journalists are in an organized effort to push censorship on Substack

New York City. Columbia School of Journalism. Jan. 13, 2024. “The Atlantic” Magazine, a far-left, pro-government extremist publication, recently published an article entitled Substack Has a Nazi Problem. The article made a number of factual claims, including a claim that large numbers of “nazis” are now on the Substack platform writing profitable columns with mountains of regular readers, subscribers and advertisers, and otherwise enjoying uncensored life.

Soon the claims were joined by the usual suspects.

Washington Post, The Guardian, Financial Times, MSN News, Yahoo, Business Insider, and Rolling Stone all wrote pieces expanding on the supposed issue.

But an independent journalist named Jesse Singal, investigated the matter. It turns out that almost every claim made by the establishment platforms was either untrue or quite exaggerated. Not a single “nazi” seems to be making any money to speak of on Substack. No “nazi” writer or Substack page appears to have achieved even a 4-digit subscribership.

The Atlantic’s hit piece even took statements found on supposed Substack “nazi” pages entirely out of context. Indeed, some statements, such as

In all, writes Singal, there has been a “fairly contrived effort to endlessly link the word Substack to the word Nazi.”

But why?

The answer, it seems, is that the West’s contemporary journalists are of an increasingly singular bent. As a group, journalists are now more concentrated on “the left” than ever before. And this isolated journalist establishment is increasingly united in an effort to spread and promote censorship of anti-government ideas throughout the western world.  

Washington Post has lost half its online readers, and is losing $100 million annually

The pro-government extremist Washington Post newspaper has been losing readers for years. People just won’t pay to read government propaganda.

Now there are reports that the Post’s losses are accelerating. Four years ago, the Post boasted 139 million monthly visitors. By the end of last year (2023), it had less than 60 million. Of the 60 million audience who still read WaPo, less than one in five read more than a single article per month, while less than one in 500 actually convert to a paying subscription. See here.

Freedom of Information Act data show 220 ambulance calls in Westchester & Duchess Counties listing “vaccine” as the reason for the calls

Westchester, New York. December 2023.

We know from ICAN and Aaron Siri’s FOIA request of the CDC’s V-Safe data that 7.9% of all 10.1 million vaccine recipients reported requiring medical care to treat a vaccine adverse effect. Of those requiring medical care, almost 11% (87,700 people) visited the emergency room or hospital. Statistically, about 15% of ER patients arrive by ambulance.

Now we have reports from EMS ambulance drivers in Westchester and Duchess Counties of New York. The ambulance staff report that many of their calls in the past three years involved medically distressed patients who were recently vaccinated. In all some 220 ambulance calls listed vaccination as the reason for the calls. See here.

European governments are so outraged about Alex Jones being back online that they’re threatening to shut down X entirely in Europe unless Elon bans all independent media from the platform.

European Union. Dec. 28, 2023. Government control freaks in the EU are triggered at the thought that they may lose control over information and news.

Governments worldwide have been caught repeatedly, secretly funding and directing “news” outlets to produce only pro-government “news.” Around 2008 it was estimated that spending on secret pro-government propaganda by the US government alone was over 70 billion dollars annually.

“The evidence we currently have is enough to formally open a proceeding against X,” Margrethe Vestager, the 27-nation bloc’s executive vice president overseeing digital policy, said in a statement. “The Commission will carefully investigate X’s compliance with the [Digital Services Act] DSA, to ensure European citizens are safeguarded online.”

Under the law, which came into effect in August, a company can be fined up to six percent of its annual global income or banned from operating in the EU if it is found to have breached the sweeping legislation.

Revolver News writes:

The bottom line is that the globalists are feeling a tremendous loss of control. Their unpopular policies are failing worldwide, and they’re pointing fingers at independent media outlets like Revolver and InfoWars. It’s not because these media sources are spreading lies; rather, they’re revealing truths about political and globalist elites. And if there’s one thing these charlatans despise more than anything, it’s the truth.