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Save these dates! Campaign Finance Lectures, Glacier Chasing Expeditions

We are now in mid-summer. A few upcoming dates for LSU events: Weekend of September 9-11, 2016: LSU’s annual glacier hunting trip to Glacier National Park! September 12, 2016: Lecture and discussion of campaign finance reform, Missoula Public Library 6:30

Update on the Ship of Fools (2nd ed.): Crew Now Noticing that Government Maps are Lying about Arctic Ice

Virtually every government (and, consequently, every major newspaper) in the world has been promoting a narrative that 2016 is the “hottest year on record.” This collusion furthers and fosters a worldwide push for more powerful, centralized, socialistic governments. A group of global warming alarmists–having bought into the narrative–recently launched a sailing journey to “draw attention” …

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U.S. businesses, suffering under regulation, are paying debts later and later

Shocking business news from the Associated Press. AP reports that PAYDEX, an index that tracks how much time small businesses take to pay their bills, shows businesses are paying debts later and later. Small businesses are increasingly paying bills 30 or 45 days late. A 2014 study by Georgia Tech found that companies are taking …

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Montana health insurers seek major rate increases for 2017

Obamacare and Medicare were pushed with claims they would bring health insurance prices down for poor people. Yet health care costs have increased faster than inflation every year for 30 years. Now, just a couple years after the implementation of Obamacare, Montana’s major health insurers (who, ironically, lobbied heavily for the passage of Obamacare and …

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Another Islamist ‘terror’ video with U.S. Intelligence Agency scripting surfaces

Occasionally, a whistleblower alerts the world to the clear scripting of ‘terror’ videos by the CIA or elements within western intelligence agencies. Here is a new video of an Islamist extremist Syrian rebel giving a statement. And you can hear his CIA director telling him to start the statement over!

Democratic convention crowd chants ‘no more war’ at former CIA director Leon Panetta

Both of America’s government-supremacist parties have been led by overt warmongers for decades. The recent release of previously secret emails between high-level Democrats reveals that the Democratic Party rigged the Democratic Primaries to install yet another warmonger (Hillary Clinton) as the Party’s presidential nominee. Also, at this week’s Democratic National Convention, the Democrats gave a …

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Venezuelan government now enslaves subjects to work on farms

Socialism is a curse that people should wish on their enemies. When hardline socialists won control of Venezuela 15 years ago, socialists and government trusters worldwide cheered. Professors and their grad students across the western world announced the success of “third way” politics: a fusion of private industry under the control and central planning of …

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Secret emails among high-level Democrats reveal them rigging their primary system

Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks (who is currently trapped in London’s Ecuadoran Embassy) recently released some secret emails by high level Democratic Party officials, including Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. A hacker reportedly obtained the emails and posted them to Wikileaks. The emails show DNC chairwoman Schultz and other DNC officials and …

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Turkey becomes a land of mass “treason” arrests and secret court hearings

Headlines blared last week regarding a supposed “coup” attempt to overthrow President Erdogan of Turkey. Whistleblowers have since come forward and provided evidence that Erdogan himself staged the alleged “coup” plot to make himself look better and make his impoverished subjects “rally around the flag.” Such staged, false-flag attacks are quite common in history. Now …

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Climate Change Sailors are Apparently Lying to the Public by Secretly Using an Icebreaker to Travel through Arctic Ice

A group of fame-seeking manmade-global-warming alarmists are making headlines around the world with claims that they are sailing around the North Pole which is virtually ice-free. The boat’s crew have bought into government statements that ice is disappearing in the Arctic. Unfortunately for the crewmen of the sailboat, the government claims about unusual melting are …

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