June 2024 archive

Global journalists are reading from a coordinated climate terror script generated from Columbia University

Columbia University is considered number one in the ranks of US journalism schools. Many of the most prominent news reporters attended Columbia. Now there is evidence that the Columbia School of Journalism is coordinating climate terror news narratives that are planted into news stories worldwide. Millions of dollars in grants from Bill Gates and other …

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“Liberal” Pacific States have the most homeless

Noted pro-government “liberal” writer Nicholas Kristoff recently authored an interesting column in the New York Times, “What have we liberals done to the West Coast?” Kristoff worries that pro-government “liberal” policies have made many social problems worse. “The basic reason for homelessness on the West Coast,” concedes Kristoff, “is an enormous shortage of housing that …

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Lysander Spooner University extends 500 dollar bet to the founder of Extinction Rebellion

We are betting that 12 percent of Phoenix will NOT DIE from climate by 2040.               By Dr. Roger Roots, J.D., Ph.D. We are extending our offers regarding climate change bets.  I have long had an open FIVE THOUSAND DOLLAR bet offered to anyone regarding the government’s prediction (still published in the movie shown to …

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