Washington Post to lay off hundreds more.

Readers won’t pay to read endless government propaganda.

“mainstream” “news” sources (meaning those that supply government-supporting, government-supported, “news”) have lost millions of viewers and readers. Now one of the government’s biggest cheerleaders, the Washington Post, is needing to cut ANOTHER 240 jobs. This represents ten percent of the Post’s overall staff. The Post, which is owned by “one of the richest people in the world,” has been losing readers for years.

See here.

White House and Capitol Hill are blocking access to The Gateway Pundit website

The Gateway Pundit online newspaper is the lead plaintiff in the Missouri-Louisiana v. Biden lawsuit on government censorship of speech in America today. The lawsuit is expected to reach the US Supreme Court early next year. (Both the district court and the 5th Circuit have held that the case exhibits the greatest episode of mass censorship by the government in US history.)

Interestingly, although the U.S. government has denied being the director of online censorship in America, recent whistleblowers have revealed that the news site is blocked by internet providers in Washington, D.C. Internet users at the White House and the Capitol are denied access to the very site that is suing the government for censorship. See here.

The Gateway Pundit is a leading conservative website in the United States. The Gateway Pundit has over 2.5 million page views per day and is closing in on nearly one billion page views per year. The Gateway Pundit is one of the most prominent grassroots websites and is one of the most popular sites for news regarding January 6 persecutions, election fraud, and vaccine fraud.

2023 Wildfire Burn Acreage is the Lowest of the Century

US Wildfire burn acreage is the lowest of the Century. And 12 lowest in the past century. See here.

Polls show young people have been duped regarding Kennedy assassination.

Newsweek. Nov. 22, 2023: “Generation Z Americans are significantly more likely to believe Lee Harvey Oswald was solely responsible for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy than their older compatriots, according to a new poll conducted exclusively for Newsweek.”

This shows the power of government supported, government supporting, mainstream news and history. Just as those with the LEAST KNOWLEDGE of government administration have the most trust in government, those who are farthest removed by time from the 1963 JFK assassination are the most likely to blindly believe public school, “mainstream” accounts of the assassination.

“For the U.S. as a whole, the Redfield & Wilton Strategies found 50 percent of eligible voters believe multiple people were involved in the Kennedy assassination, versus 28 percent for just Oswald, and 22 percent who said they didn’t know. Notably, those aged 55-plus, the majority of whom were alive when the assassination took place, were the most likely to doubt the official narrative. Among this group, 55 percent believed more than one person was responsible, against just 24 percent who support the official narrative, with the remainder unsure.”

US Postal Service Again Loses Billions

Washington, DC. November 2023. Once again, the US Postal Service is reporting massive losses. The Service lost $6.5 billion in the past year. See here.

The Postal Service enjoys every possible advantage in the market. It pays no property, income, or corporate taxes. It owns and occupies some of the world’s most valuable and strategic real estate. Yet the Service is run by government principles; so it hasn’t reported a profit in a decade.

For the Postal Service, delivering mail is the second, or third, purpose. The first priority is delivering high pay and benefits to the Service’s “workers.” And perhaps second is the Service’s obsessive goal of surveilling and spying on Americans.

Postal Service jobs are so lucrative that thousands of people apply for every opening. And there are some Postal Service routes that are subcontracted to private mail deliverers. In those routes, the mail is delivered at approximately half the cost that the government Service would cost to deliver the same mail.

New York’s Socialist Governor Now Moves for Government Control over Social Media

Global elites are rapidly moving to control, monitor and censor all social media, using the horrors of government. Now the governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, has announced an intensification of government surveillance on Americans speech and criticism.

Governor Hochul’s administration is directing an additional $2.5 million to the New York State Police for expanding the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force’s (JTFF) reach, particularly in New York City, Albany, Buffalo, and Rochester. This move aims to bolster the State Police’s presence across all investigative groups and areas of the JTTF.

Hochul announced a total of $75 million in funding, with $50 million allocated to local law enforcement and $25 million dedicated to security grants.

This heightened surveillance also involves “proactive contact with individuals expressing “hate speech online.””

“Also, we’re very focused on the data we’re collecting from surveillance efforts. What’s being said on social media platforms,” Hochul said during the press conference.

“And we have launched an effort to be able to counter some of the negativity and reach out to people when we see hate speech being spoken about on online platforms. Our media analysis, our social media analysis unit, has ramped up its monitoring of sites to catch incitement to violence; direct threats to others, and all this is in response to our desire, our strong commitment, to ensure that not only do New Yorkers be safe, but they also feel safe because personal security is about everything for them,” she added.

Throughout history, several communist regimes have employed extensive surveillance systems. Notable examples include the Stasi in East Germany and the KGB in the Soviet Union. These organizations were infamous for their widespread networks of informants and advanced surveillance techniques, which they used to monitor virtually every aspect of citizens’ lives. Ultimately, of course, this always leads to misery, mass executions, and/or genocide.

Republican Presidential Candidate Nikki Haley Calls for Total Government Control over Social Media Posting.

GOP presidential hopeful and deepstate darling Nikki Haley recently pronounced her intention to force every social media user to identify himself by government approved name, to force every media company to hand over their “algorithms,” and to have the government constantly monitoring social media.

Haley is widely assumed to be the favorite of globalist elites who see the biggest problem in the world to be insufficient government control over humanity.

Haley’s remarks were made during a Fox News interview. Haley indicated that too much shitposting online is a “national security threat,” and that a requirement that everyone identify themselves by name would eliminate “bots.”

Of course, the “bots” are often government supporting and supported.

Every government in history has sought to force all critics of government to identify themselves. This government push is already a major component of “campaign finance” regulation.

Public School “science” textbooks have largely removed discussion of the Scientific Method.

A scientist in North Carolina recently realized that the “science” textbooks and lesson plans given to North Carolina’s public school students had largely erased discussion of the scientific method.

The scientific method–which emphasizes skepticism over certainty, and questions over conclusions–is the bedrock of scientific discovery. Yet since 2012, North Carolina’s schoolbooks have embraced “consensus” over doubt.

This has corresponded to broadening acceptance of top-down science claims involving doomsday climate ideology and COVID-19 panics.

See here.

Does Government have the consent of the governed?

Polling finds fewer Americans support basic freedoms.

Charlottesville, VA. October 2023. Now that “the left” (code for government and pro-government forces) is in control of all American institutions, the electorate has become more divided than ever.

A recent University of Virginia Center for Politics survey finds that “Partisan Desires Override Support for Constitutional Freedoms and American Values.” “Roughly half (52% Biden voters, 47% Trump voters) viewed those who supported the other party as threats to the American way of life.”

“About 40% of both groups (41% Biden voters, 38% Trump voters) at least somewhat believed that the other side had become so extreme that it is acceptable to use violence to prevent them from achieving their goals.”

There is some good news in the survey: “Roughly two in five (41%) of respondents leaning towards Donald Trump in 2024 at least somewhat agreed with the idea of red states seceding from the Union to form their own separate country, while 30% of Biden supporters expressed a similar sentiment, but for blue states. 

“31% of Biden supporters, in contrast to 25% of Trump supporters, at least somewhat agreed with limiting certain rights, including freedom of speech, to safeguard the feelings and safety of marginalized groups.”

“A significant 47% of Biden voters, as opposed to 35% of Trump voters, believed the government should regulate or restrict the expression of views deemed discriminatory or offensive.”

“74% of Biden supporters favoring restrictions on the quantity and types of firearms, irrespective of constitutional interpretations.” “In contrast, only 35% of Trump supporters felt the same.”

“redistributing all wealth over a certain limit to address income inequality garnered support from 56% of Biden voters, compared to 39% from Trump voters.”

Disturbingly, “50% of Trump voters, compared to 32% of Biden voters, at least somewhat agreed that laws should be enacted to require citizens to show respect for national symbols and leaders.” And “37% of Trump voters, versus 24% of Biden voters, believed in enacting laws to restrict the expression of views deemed unpatriotic or disloyal.”

Additionally, “45% of Trump supporters, against 30% of Biden supporters, felt that laws should be enacted that limit demonstrations and protests that the government deems potentially disruptive to public order.”

“An almost identical number of Biden (37%) and Trump (36%) voters at least somewhat agreed on the need for certain religious groups to be subjected to government monitoring and limitations to ensure national security.”

“We stand on the precipice of a developing emergency,” said Larry J. Sabato, director of the Center for Politics. “Dislike of the other side combined with a pervasive disregard for the fundamental freedoms contained in the U.S. Constitution poses a grave threat. If these sentiments go unchecked and grow, our nation could face disastrous division.”

Divergent views on past elections and key issues

2020 election perspectives: Looking back on the 2020 election, 56% of those who intend to vote for Trump in 2024 at least somewhat agreed that Trump actually won the 2020 election, but that it was stolen from him through election fraud and voting manipulation (only 9% of Biden voters felt similarly). Meanwhile, 88% of Biden’s prospective 2024 voters at least somewhat agreed that the 2020 election was secure and free of fraud and that Biden won fair and square, while just 25% of Trump voters felt similarly.