FBI is amping up home visits to chat with people about their Facebook posts

Jim Hoft of The Gateway Pundit is out with a terrifying news story about the FBI visiting people at their homes to talk about Facebook posts.

A muslim woman named Rolla Abdeljawad was visited at her home in Stillwater, Oklahoma by two men in plain clothes claiming to be FBI agents. The “agents” questioned Abdeljawad about her recent Facebook post.

The post was NOT “threatening,” pornographic, or otherwise unlawful. It was apparently a post about ISIS being fake or perhaps ISIS being controlled by US or Israeli intelligence.

The crusading Jim Hoft reports on a number of other similar encounters by people with FBI agents in recent weeks.

Apparently, the visitors have been confirmed as FBI agents and admitted that they regularly visit people to warn them about their social media information.

This seems to be associated with increasing government operations to censor and silence antigovernment information on social media.