Lysander Spooner University extends 500 dollar bet to the founder of Extinction Rebellion

We are betting that 12 percent of Phoenix will NOT DIE from climate by 2040.

              By Dr. Roger Roots, J.D., Ph.D.

We are extending our offers regarding climate change bets.  I have long had an open FIVE THOUSAND DOLLAR bet offered to anyone regarding the government’s prediction (still published in the movie shown to thousands at the St. Mary Visitor Center) that the glaciers at Glacier National Park will all be gone by “2030.”

We have also extended a bet regarding another ‘climate’ related claim–widely published on X–that rhinos, orangutans, cheetahs and blue whales will be extinct by May 3, 2034. See here.

Additionally, I have a friendly bet with my friend Ted Kocienzski III of Minnesota that by the end of harvest 2028), major U.S. commodity crops will produce yields no lower than 10 years earlier. The US government–in it’s 2018 “Climate Assessment”–predicted crops would decline due to “climate change” within a decade.

(If, in 2028, any major crop yield is lower than in 2018, Roots will buy Kocienzski dinner and a bottle of wine. If, on the other hand, all major U.S. commodity crop yields are no lower than they are in 2018, Kocienzski will buy Roots dinner and a bottle of wine.


On May 30, 2024, Extinction Rebellion and Just-Stop-Oil founder Roger Hallam made a startling prediction on ‘X.’ Hallam predicted the following:

“12 per cent of the population of Phoenix, Arizona will die of extreme heat in the 2030s.” See here.

Hallam calculated that “climate” will kill 180,000 Phoenix residents during the 2030s. “Phoenix will experience social collapse at some point in the 2030s, along with the rest of the world’s cities in the new death zones of the planet.”

Another website, Manifold Markets, has already pegged Hallam’s prediction as outrageous, posting its own wager regarding the claim.

I Roger Roots, posted my $500 bet offer on Hallam’s X feed immediately after Hallam made his 12%-dead prediction. We will see if Hallam takes me up on the bet.