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August 15, 2015: “How Government Regulation Harms the Poor” Mini-course, 50-question Exam.


“Government’s War On The Poor” 101
When? Aug. 15, 2015
Where? Manhattan (Montana) Potato Festival

We will be teaming up with the Montana Libertarian Party on Aug. 15, 2015 to present one of our signature courses, “How Government Regulation Harms the Poor” at the Manhattan (Montana) Potato Festival.

This location is easily accessible from I-90, a few miles west of Bozeman, Montana

Check in by 10:00 AM at the Libertarian Party table. A lecture will be provided by Noon. Exam and grading by 2:00.

Cost for the course and exam: $5

OVERVIEW: Trusters of expansive intrusive government sometimes claim that freedom or capitalism are tough on the poor. They claim that government interventions–such as violent redistribution or “progressive” taxation–are necessary to help the plight of the poor.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Government meddling is a constant source and cause of human poverty and misery. Free markets lift the poor out of misery. In this course, the data and science will be delivered in a refreshing, easy-to-follow, manner.

See you there!