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Government Solar Power Plant Actually Emits MORE CO2 Than a Fossil-Fuel Plant (Per Unit of Energy Produced)

The Ivanpah Solar Power Plant in the desert of Southern California cost U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars. Yet “it is producing carbon emissions at nearly twice the amount that subjects fossil-fuel power plants to California’s “cap-and-trade” program. See here. The plant uses large amounts of natural gas to substitute for times of low solar output. …

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Good News! Antarctican Ice Not Melting!

Perhaps they didn’t get the memo. NASA released an exhaustive study yesterday (Nov. 30, 2015). See here. NASA’s study admits that “Antarctica is not currently contributing to sea level rise, but is taking 0.23 millimeters per year away.” Antarctic ice is now at the very largest levels ever recorded by satellite. See here.

A new climate record: America goes 10 years without any serious hurricanes

American weather has apparently gotten slightly milder even as it cools. October 24, 2015 “marked a full ten years since a category 3-5 hurricane last hit the United States. (Hurricane Wilma in 2005; Sandy hit as a Category 2,)” according to climate writer Paul Driessen. See here. That’s a record dating back at least to …

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Government Admits that “Affordable Care Act” is Causing HIGHER PRICES

“Underperforming bailout-style programs (expiring after next year) designed to artificially hold down rates, sicker-than-expected risk pools, and stagnating enrollment projections.” These are, according to columnist Guy Benson, the ways that promoters of Obamacare underestimated costs and unintended consequences of the “Affordable Care Act.” Premiums are rising an average of at least 7 percent annually (despite …

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More Anti-Government Polling Data: Americans Prefer a Government Shutdown to Continuing Growth in Government Spending

Our masters in government never tire of reminding us that Congress must raise the debt ceiling and keep government growing. “Conservative” insiders say that voters will punish Republicans if Republicans in Congress ever challenge the President’s spending increases and “shut the government down.” But new polling shows–OVERWHELMINGLY–that a large majority of voters WOULD PREFER A …

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Congress to Actually Investigate the Government’s Temperature “Adjustments”

Trusters of expansive, invasive, intrusive government frequently tout the government’s claims that global temperatures are rising due to human-released carbon dioxide. These claims are used to promote various socialist reforms including higher taxes and more government controls. But the claim of global warming rests only on theory, computer “modeling” and government (and government-funded) earth temperature …

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Two Schoolboys Criminally Charged with Insulting Turkish President

Every government ultimately comes for all freedom, all property, all money, and to kill all who resist. Only the vitality of the private sector stands in their way. Now two small children in Turkey are being criminally prosecuted for tearing down a poster of their purported government master, Erdogan. During the past two years, artists, …

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Union loudly pushes $15 minimum wage–then quietly seeks its own “exemption” from its impacts!

Socialists and trusters of central planning are notorious hypocrites. But here is a story about the AFL-CIO that “takes the cake.” The AFL-CIO loudly promotes raising minimum wages around the country. (Some 100 peer-reviewed economic studies have established that raising (or imposing) a minimum wage is linked with higher unemployment rates–especially for those at the …

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Science Group Asks NASA to Remove Bogus “97 % Consensus” Claim From NASA Website

Politicians promoting the government’s catastrophic-global-warming-by-manmade-CO2 claims routinely reference a discredited statistic, stating without condition that there is a “97 percent consensus” among scientists that human-released carbon dioxide is causing the earth to warm. Power-grabbing public officials point to the figure as stated on NASA websites to suggest that governments must have substantially more power over …

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Wesleyan University Eliminates Funding of Student Newspaper After it Prints “Conservative” Column

America’s colleges and universities have become dens of extreme pro-government, socialist sentiment where diverse views critical of the omnipotent state are generally shunned. Wesleyan University in Connecticut is typical. Although Wesleyan is a private, religiously-affiliated school, federal government dollars flow freely through the institution, and the University’s campus culture exemplifies the extremist and government-supremacist ideology …

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