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Wikipedia Founder says CIA has controlled the online encyclopedia for 15 years

A few years ago, Zerohedge ran an article reporting that hundreds if not thousands of federal agents secretly spend their 8-hour shifts editing the online encyclopedia known as Wikipedia. This news got very little traction in mainstream presses. Now Wikipedia co-founder Lawrence Mark Sanger says the CIA and other intelligence agencies have been in charge …

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Why hasn’t the government updated its GNP glacier tables in eight years?

by Roger Roots, J.D., Ph.D. With all the current talk about catastrophic global climate change, one would think governments would want to bolster their doomsday claims with hard data. But the US government’s “Status of Glaciers in Glacier National Park” data table, available on the USGS website at Status of Glaciers in Glacier National Park …

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Federal Reserve launches “payment system,” laying groundwork for global digital control over all transactions

Government supremacists have been pushing people ever closer to total omnipotent control of transactions for years. In 1986 the US government required everyone to have two pieces of government ID in order to get a job. In the aftermath of 9/11 the US government passed the USA Patriot Act, outlawing third party checks and turning …

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Efforts are underway to nationalize “news” in the U.S.

Every government that ever existed has sought to control and regulate “the news” about itself. Untold thousands have died on gallows or chained in dungeons for publishing or spreading news or information which governments didn’t like. In the United States there has traditionally been greater freedom of speech and press than in other societies. But …

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Reason is finally publishing some decent stories–about the Deep State’s drive to deplatform it.

Reason magazine is the monthly print magazine of “free minds and free markets.” Founded in 1968, the magazine became a mainstay of libertarian, anti-government thought, news and commentary. But libertarian critics of Reason have long noted certain blind spots in Reason’s coverage. Reason never, ever delved into any “conspiracy theory” questions or analysis of deep-state agendas which …

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500,000 Californians flee within 2 years

California’s beautiful shores, mountains and landscapes have historically been naturally inviting to millions. But in recent decades, the State government has sought to transform the Golden State into a socialist utopia. California has some of the world’s highest taxes, and some of the most onerous business regulations. During the 2020 COVID-19 panic, California government officials …

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More than half of Americans prefer a government shutdown to increased spending

According to a January 2023 Rasmussen poll, 56% of U.S. voters prefer that the U.S. government shut down rather than raising the debt ceiling. See here.

100,000 nurses left the industry from 2020 to 2021

The Bronx. Jan. 16. America’s 3 million nurses were on the front lines of the alleged COVID-19 “pandemic” over the past three years. These nurses likely became the most naturally-immune segment of the population from the earliest months of the outbreak in 2020. Then came December 2020, when the government and Big Pharma rolled out …

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Brazil issues arrest warrants for comedians and journalists who criticized government

Rio De Janeiro. Dec. Many international observers report that Brazil is currently undergoing a communist-style takeover along the lines of Russia’s October Revolution in 1917 (just as many countries are currently undergoing communist-style takeovers). Elections have been rigged. Opponents of the government have fled or are in hiding. And now key officials have begun rounding …

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Idaho CPS agents take baby from parents after mom misses a single doctor visit

America has become a land of medical kidnappings and child trafficking by government “health” workers. Today it is common for government agents to take babies and toddlers from families if authorities notice crayon scribbling on a wall, messy or dirty bedrooms, refrigerators with too little (or too much) food, or untidy organization of toys, clothes …

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