While the US government secretly directed censorship at other social media platforms, it PROSECUTED and destroyed another platform, Gettr, for offering freer speech.

While the US government was secretly directing Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Google to censor anti-government ideas, a handful of smaller social media platforms popped up, advertising themselves as free-speech platforms. One example was Gettr.

But Gettr is now languishing financially, and deep in debt. Hundreds of Gettr workers have now been laid off. Gettr’s major founder and financial backer, exiled Chinese businessman Guo Wengui, is being prosecuted by the US Justice Department. The charges? “Fraud,” claims the DOJ. The paragraph below is from PC Mag:

“In the DOJ’s indictment, Guo is accused of manipulating his nearly 900,000 followers on Gettr into investing millions into cryptocurrency and anti-Chinese Communist Party “media scams,” The Verge reports. Guo pleaded not guilty in a Manhattan federal court on the same day as his arrest. He was ordered to be detained without bail.”

“Manipulating” “followers” into investing into crypto and anti-communist “media scams” now constitutes fraud, according to the US government.

This shocking story has been mostly ignored. Mainstream pro-government news sources have reported the story in a mocking manner. For example, the pro-government-extremist magazine “Mother Jones” seemed to poke fun at the downfall and indictment of Gettr and its financial backers. See here.