New York government shuts down another prominent antigovernment website–

Governments everywhere are ramping up efforts to silence antigovernment, conservative, or libertarian speech and ideas. The US government has spent millions of dollars on censorship efforts in the past five years.

Now Letitia James, the Attorney General of New York has launched a fishing expedition lawsuit against the prominent website. The site, founded by Peter Brimelow, features lots of conservative content and often focuses on immigration issues.

This is more lawfare aimed at destroying or silencing voices who question the government. And now Brimelow writes that may soon fold and surrender the site.

The website is now being fined $250 per day for “contempt.” Brimelow writes that “On March 27, 2024, in another of her lightning-fast NYAG James-compliant rulings, New York State Supreme Court Judge Sabrina Kraus held us in Contempt of Court because we have not yet complied (because we were fighting it) with her January 23, 2023 order that we meet NYAG James’ massive and crippling subpoena demands.