April 2020 archive

When government takes over agriculture: millions stand in food lines while millions more pounds of food rots and farmers go broke

A shocking story in Politico details the utter lunacy of the U.S. government’s COVID-19 measures on American agriculture. In a free market, agricultural producers stay tuned to demand from grocery markets and restaurants. Farmers supply foodstuffs in close relation to market signals from months or seasons earlier. But in a government-directed, centrally planned economy, government …

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Government regulations DO NOT improve quality; they simply make products more expensive

Economist Mark Perry has studied the effect of government regulation on industries for many years. His research shows that wherever goods and services are freest, prices go down while quality and innovation constantly improve. Examples are televisions, electronics, and cell phones. But products and services which are subject to the most regulation (such as education, …

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U.S. Government refuses to allow anonymous at-home COVID-19 test kits

The history of government slave plantation healthcare is the history of government efforts to sicken, weaken, harm, expose and kill the American people. Every government so-called health care program has had the same financial effect: such programs artificially increase demand without increasing supply, causing prices to rise. For centuries—millennia, actually—the law has recognized medical privacy. …

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News media sources in India are ordered to carry the official government version of COVID-19 developments

India’s highest court has ordered news media and social media sites to carry the government’s “official version” of developments regarding the alleged Coronavirus crisis, to curb independent reporting.

Matt Ridley: Britain will thrive as the world’s next Hong Kong in the wake of Brexit

Best selling science writer and futurist Matt Ridley was recently interviewed by Reason’s Nick Gillespie. Ridley discussed his latest book on innovation. Ridley is also a member of the UK House of Commons where he is something of a libertarian. Ridley supported the 2017 Brexit movement. Ridley suggests that Britain will soon become a global …

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World’s elite government supporting universities announce “Alliance” to promote climate alarmism

Government supporting universities around the globe have announced the formation of an “International Universities Climate Alliance” to “ACCELERATE ACTION” (use of all-caps in original) “to meet the unprecedented global challenge of climate change.” Some forty schools, including Arizona State University, California Institute of Technology, Cornell University, King’s College London, McGill University, University of Melbourne and …

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