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5 million Americans have fled socialist states; in one of the largest mass migrations in history

One of America’s largest mass migrations in history took place in the past 5 years. Five million mostly-productive people migrated out of just four states: California, Illinois, New York and New Jersey. In the process the southeast became more populous, more productive, and more prosperous than the northeast. These refugees are fleeing socialist regulations and …

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High earners are fleeing socialist California in droves, taking massive revenues with them.

Productive people and entrepreneurs have always fled high taxes and life-choking regulations. It has been widely reported that California has lost population for the past few years. But it has not been widely reported that those leaving California are starkly different from those immigrating to California. “State budget analysts recently projected a┬árecord $68-billion deficit┬áin the …

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1.4 million Americans fled socialist California and New York in a single year.

New data from the U.S. Census shows that around 820,000 people moved out of California and 550,000 out of New York in 2022. They join more than 8 million Americans who moved states in 2022. High taxes and regulations are forcing productive people to flee: four in ten Californians and and three in ten New Yorkers say they’re considering moving out …

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