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Buchanan: Elites no longer rule the world

The ever insightful Patrick Buchanan is out with a column in which he surveys the international landscape: “Capitals,” according to Buchanan, “– Washington, London, Paris, Berlin – seem ever more distant from the countries they rule.” Two years ago 52 % of Brits voted to leave the European Union.  (Their government had made them a …

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In effort to discredit Trump’s FEMA response in Puerto Rico, Huffington Post unwittingly displays the failure of government disaster relief everywhere

The Huffington Post is typical of government-supporting news media in the Trump era. Because the Post‘s journalists despise Trump, the online news site publishes countless reports regarding Trump’s failings. Today’s Huffington Post features a story about three volunteer nurses who are doing disaster relief in Puerto Rico in the wake of a recent hurricane. See …

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Civil rights violations on a massive scale as Hurricane Irma approaches U.S.

When natural disasters strike, people would be much safer if governments were nowhere in sight. People naturally cope and overcome such disasters with spontaneous order. But governments in the modern era are so gorged on money and power that natural disasters simply fuel their drive to control, cage, kill, and destroy. Now the AP reports …

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Life is improving for most people on earth; in spite of governments

Life expectancy, world health, literacy and education, average interior living space, and the cleanliness of environments is gradually improving throughout the world. See here. But this progress has been IN SPITE OF, rather than because of the world’s governments, which have constantly sought to repress and control the world’s subjects. See here.

Government slave plantation health care generating more ‘group doctor visits’

Every government program designed to help poor people get health care produces the opposite effect: Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare all subsidize artificial demand, causing prices to rise. If government withdrew its evil tentacles from health care, medical prices would quickly adjust downward and quality would quickly adjust upward. Markets always win. Now the New York …

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Driverless Cars–Brought to us by the Private Sector–Are Upon Us

(Pictured above: visionary and futurist Julian Simon) After a century of needless regulation, and hundreds of thousands if not millions of violent arrests of drivers for traffic violations, the era of driverless cars is upon us. Dozens of private firms, including Tesla, Apple, Google, GM, Honda and many others, are already producing driverless-car prototypes which …

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It Appears that Crime and Traffic Fatalities Have Been Going Down Since Washington State Legalized Marijuana

When the State of Washington legalized recreational marijuana in 2012, government-trusters claimed the move would cause a spike in crime and traffic crashes. But thus far, the evidence appears to show that Washington has experienced a continuing decline in overall crime and a decrease in traffic fatalities. A discussion by Professor Mark Thornton is here.

Report: Student Loan Program has Drastically Increased Tuition Costs while LOWERING the Proportion of Poor People in College.

Imagine a government program that achieves THE VERY OPPOSITE result of its intentions. This is the truth about every large government program. Social Security has impoverished seniors (and America) and transferred vast sums from poor people to rich people. See here, here, and here. Minimum wage laws increase unemployment and greatly harm poor people. See …

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Study demolishes the myth of multi-generational inherited wealth

Government trusters and advocates of violent redistribution of wealth frequently claim that the superrich are hoarding and amassing inherited investment wealth at rates that surpass the upward mobility of working classes. For example, government-trusting economist Thomas Piketty made such a claim in his book Capital in the 21st Century (2014). Piketty argued that economic inequality …

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This is What Happens When Governments Fail: Greece Begins Confiscating Cash Held in Local City Bank Accounts.

Over time, almost every government comes for all money, all freedom, all property, and to kill all who resist. Today’s Greek government is a case in point: for years, Greek politicians have overspent, expanded their jurisdiction, expanded regulations and raised taxes. Now the country is so deep in debt that the central bankers of the …

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