Global journalists are reading from a coordinated climate terror script generated from Columbia University

Columbia University is considered number one in the ranks of US journalism schools. Many of the most prominent news reporters attended Columbia.

Now there is evidence that the Columbia School of Journalism is coordinating climate terror news narratives that are planted into news stories worldwide. Millions of dollars in grants from Bill Gates and other pro-government extremists promote the project. “They are collaborating, they are conspiring — both in the open and behind closed doors.” See here.  

Columbia’s guidelines tell journalists to put scary words such as “dangerous,” “deadly,” and “crisis” in their stories about the weather. Columbia even writes sentences and even entire paragraphs for reporters to place in their weather and news reports.

The Columbia project urges reporters to not let readers think that it is hot because it is summer.  A link to CO2 and fossil fuels must be placed into every weather report.

Reporters are urged to illustrate their stories with images of struggle:

Choose visuals carefully. While it may be tempting to make light of heat by using “fun in the sun” photos, such as people eating ice cream or crowded pools, it’s more accurate to use images that reflect the seriousness of the situation. Opt for photos that show people struggling with heat (like crowded cooling centers or workers struggling under heat conditions) or signage warning of high temperatures.”

The project is called “Covering Climate Now.”