March 2024 archive

New York government shuts down another prominent antigovernment website–

Governments everywhere are ramping up efforts to silence antigovernment, conservative, or libertarian speech and ideas. The US government has spent millions of dollars on censorship efforts in the past five years. Now Letitia James, the Attorney General of New York has launched a fishing expedition lawsuit against the prominent website. The site, founded by …

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FBI is amping up home visits to chat with people about their Facebook posts

Jim Hoft of The Gateway Pundit is out with a terrifying news story about the FBI visiting people at their homes to talk about Facebook posts. A muslim woman named Rolla Abdeljawad was visited at her home in Stillwater, Oklahoma by two men in plain clothes claiming to be FBI agents. The “agents” questioned Abdeljawad …

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Martin Kulldorf has been separated from Harvard

One of the world’s foremost epidemiologists clashed with the establishment over COVID-19 panic Cambridge, Massachusetts. March 10. Martin Kulldorf writes that “I am no longer a professor of medicine at Harvard.” The acclaimed Harvard biostatistician and infectious-disease epidemiologist does not report whether he has retired, quit, or been fired or let go by Harvard. Kulldorf …

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