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While the US government secretly directed censorship at other social media platforms, it PROSECUTED and destroyed another platform, Gettr, for offering freer speech.

While the US government was secretly directing Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Google to censor anti-government ideas, a handful of smaller social media platforms popped up, advertising themselves as free-speech platforms. One example was Gettr. But Gettr is now languishing financially, and deep in debt. Hundreds of Gettr workers have now been laid off. Gettr’s …

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Canadian Lawmaker introduces Bill to imprison people who “suggest that a fossil fuel “would lead to positive outcomes in relation to the environment, the health of Canadians, reconciliation with indigenous peoples or the Canadian or global economy.”

Ottowa. Feb. 16, 2024. Charlie Angus, a far left Canadian member of Parliament, has introduced C-372: An Act respecting fossil fuel advertising. The totalitarian bill specifies penalties for producers (“on conviction on indictment to a fine not exceeding $1,000,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years, or to both”) and individuals of …

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The CIA’s creative writing group

A report from inside Langley, Virginia. Writing in The Paris Review, author Johannes Lichtman describes how the deep state agency recruits a wide range of creative writers to its writers circle. “I kept wondering why I’d been invited. I don’t write about CIA-adjacent topics, nor am I successful enough a novelist that people outside a small circle—one …

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Thailand Courts sentence man to 50 years in prison for criticizing the king.

Every government ultimately comes for all freedom, all property, all money, and to kill all who resist. Governments everywhere are constantly waging war on criticism and free exchange of ideas. Now a court in Thailand has handed down an unprecedented 50-year prison sentence to a man convicted of violating the country’s strict laws that criminalize …

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LA Times lays off one-fourth of its employees

“The Los Angeles Times, the largest newspaper in California and one of the biggest by circulation in the entire United States, was hit with a heavy round of layoffs Tuesday.” More than 110 positions within the company were eliminated; roughly one-fourth of the Times’ workforce. People just won’t pay to read pro-government extremist propaganda. Meanwhile, …

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US Government now using banking controls for wide-scale surveillance

Washington, DC, Jan. 22, 2024. The US House Judiciary Committee has obtained documents suggesting that banks were advised to query transactions with keywords like Dick’s Sporting Goods, Cabela’s, and Bass Pro Shops. Banking regulators are increasing their surveillance and controls over banks to impose far-ranging monitoring of transactions. The government is applying the Patriot Act’s …

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Government Regulations make it Illegal to help the Homeless

Ohio pastor criminally charged for offering shelter. The modern cult of the omnipotent state produces multitudinous inequities.  Modern government regulations require licenses, certifications, and permits to offer any services to anyone.  Zoning laws prohibit a facility designated as a one-bedroom home from partitioning a living room into two bedrooms, and prohibit facilities from offering lodging …

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Astounding new revelations about the Jan. 6 “pipe bombs”

Washington, DC. Jan. 19, 2024. Darren Beatie of Revolver News was recently on Tucker Curlson’s broadcast, discussing newly (and quietly, it seems) released footage of the pipe bomb incident at the Democratic National Committee headquarters in DC on Jan. 6, 2021.

Great News! Thousands of Government Schools May Close Due to Massive Drop in Enrollment

COVID-19 MEASURES LED MANY TO ABANDON PUBLIC SCHOOLS ENTIRELY Brookings Institute, a pro-government extremist think tank based in Washington, DC, found that over a four-year period that includes “the pandemic,” about 12% of elementary schools and 9% of middle schools lost at least one-fifth of their enrollment. At least 4,428 schools in the country reached …

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5 million Americans have fled socialist states; in one of the largest mass migrations in history

One of America’s largest mass migrations in history took place in the past 5 years. Five million mostly-productive people migrated out of just four states: California, Illinois, New York and New Jersey. In the process the southeast became more populous, more productive, and more prosperous than the northeast. These refugees are fleeing socialist regulations and …

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