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As Venezuelan Socialism Collapsed, America’s Government Trusters Never Saw it Coming

By Roger Roots, founder, Lysander Spooner University I remember many conversations with fellow graduate students while I obtained my Ph.D. in Sociology at UNLV around 2002-2004. Socialist politics had recently taken power in Venezuela and my fellow grad students all spoke warmly of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez. Some of my friends told me that Venezuela was …

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Pro-government “news” sources say the North Pole is much warmer than normal; but conceal record cold in nearby Greenland and Siberia

Days ago, the government-worshipping New York Times published a headline saying “Spiking Temperatures in the Arctic Startle Scientists.” But the Times fails to mention that the unusual warm temps at the North Pole are a fluke caused by a weather pattern. The same weather pattern has pushed record cold temps into nearby Siberia and Greenland. …

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Government now stealing newborn babies from parents who refuse to get Social Security numbers for the babies

Here is a news story for anyone who thinks America is a free society. Two proud parents in Alabama went to pick up their newborn baby from a hospital only to find that the government had stolen their baby. The reason: the parents were unfit because they refused to “apply for” (apparently meaning accept) a …

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Chinese government arrests civil liberties activist for exposing “state secrets”

Every government ultimately comes for all property, all freedom, and to kill all who resist. For decades, Chinese governments chased, hunted, imprisoned and killed libertarian advocates or critics of the state. This repression eased slightly with market freedoms, and as Chinese society slowly became more prosperous. Now, however, The founder of one of China’s few …

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New York Times is Dying: Pro-Government Newspaper Vacating 8 Floors in its Iconic Building

The New York Times, like all pro-government “news” sources, is dying. Readers won’t pay for its government-subsidized, fake content in the internet age. Now the Times has announced that it will vacate 8 floors in its iconic New York Times building on Times Square to rent them out. See here.

Half of the 20 wealthiest counties in America are counties dominated by federal employees

As millions of Americans struggle to live in trailers and shacks, the employees of the federal government increasingly live in luxury. According to the U.S. Census, 9 of the nation’s 20 wealthiest counties are suburbs of Washington, D.C., where overpaid federal employees live like royalty. See here. And one of the 20 richest counties is …

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Facebook increasingly networking with government; will launch censorship operation

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has often met secretly with U.S. President Obama at the White House and elsewhere. The corporation–which monitors millions of users–has now launched an operation to regulate its content for “fake news.” “Fake news” is a government-generated meme currently circulating widely in mainstream (i.e., government supporting) news media. The government and its …

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Venezuelans give away their children to save them from socialist poverty

Just 15 years ago, Venezuelans were among the richest and freest people in Latin America. Then the country voted for socialism. Now Venezuelans struggle for daily survival. The government dispenses all food, education and medical care. Men die in the streets fighting over dollars. Women walk the streets as prostitutes for as little as a …

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Update: U.S. Department of Homeland Security attempted to hack Georgia’s election computers TEN TIMES

We previously reported that the Georgia Secretary of State’s office computers were attacked prior to the election by an IP address that was traced back to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The money-gorged Department had been releasing press statements throughout the election year claiming that the Department needed to “protect” state election systems from …

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5-year-old children work in slave labor camps in North Korea

Those who seek central planning over America depict government as a source of warmth, benevolence and comfort. They urge us to surrender our freedoms, lives and property to the state. Yet everywhere socialism has taken root, people live lives of misery, heartbreak and poverty while their masters live lives of opulence, privilege and luxury. Here …

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