April 2024 archive

Just 22 percent of Americans have a positive opinion of the U.S. government.

The Pew Research Center released data from their American Trends Panel survey on Thursday, which found only 22 percent of adults have a positive opinion of the federal government. Even Democrats, the most fanatically pro-government extremist segment of the population, report declining sentiments toward the federal government. Just 32% of Democrats report positive views of the federal …

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New York Times worked with Pentagon to find Government “leaker”

Some 50 years ago the New York Times heroically published “The Pentagon Papers,” including various classified documents showing the US Defense Department was lying about casualties in the Vietnam War. The US military was actually suffering greater casualties–and achieving less success–than the Pentagon had been saying. FAST FORWARD to 2024. Today’s New York Times is …

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Government BBC radio tries valiantly to debunk the true fact that Arctic ice recently measured its highest extent in 21 years

London. March 2024. According to the Daily Sceptic, “Arctic sea ice on January 8th stood at its highest level in 21 years.” Citing the U.S.-based National Snow and Ice Data Centre (NSIDC), the report indicated “that sea ice recorded its third highest monthly gain in the modern 45-year record.” Further, according to the science blog No Tricks Zone,, …

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