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The Covid regime: government officials live freely while nongovernment slaves submit to a hundred rules

A recent press conference by the White House press secretary revealed the stark distinction between government and nongovernment persons regarding the dreaded covid-19 germ. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked if the Biden Administration had sought to determine how President Biden contracted the alleged pandemic germ. Jean-Pierre responded “I don’t think that matters.” Government officials …

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Once again, federal prosecutors declare government figures immune from laws they impose on others

Laws apply only to non-government individuals. An investigation by the Department of Justice has found that Former FBI Director Jim Comey violated Federal criminal laws when he deliberately leaked internal memos and communications to the media in retaliation against Donald Trump. However, the DOJ will not prosecute Comey. Like Hillary Clinton before him, Comey is …

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Government officials poisoned the drinking water of Flint, Michigan; now a lawsuit alleges that donation money was diverted to the mayor’s political account.

The Government of Flint, Michigan knowingly poisoned the public drinking water with lead. And when numerous tests (of both the government drinking water and the blood lead levels of children in the City) showed high lead levels, the government officials concealed and covered up their crimes. When the poisoned water became a major news story, …

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FBI operated a majority of child porn sites

Court documents last fall revealed that the FBI secretly operated and controlled a large proportion of all child porn sites in the United States. See here. Further investigation has revealed that the FBI’s control and operation of the “child porn industry” was much greater than previously admitted. Through the FBI’s “Operation Pacifier,” the FBI published …

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There are now more non-military government employees who carry guns than there are U.S. Marines

The U.S. government has been bolstering the powers, privileges and immunities of federal employees for years. Career federal employees now get 8 weeks of PAID vacation annually. They are paid around twice what a private sector worker in the same field would make (and this does not include the paid vacation!). Federal workers are increasingly …

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More facts emerge regarding Orlando shooter: He was gay, controlling, cop wannabe

Not only was the Orlando shooter an apparent intelligence operative. He was a police academy graduate who was part of a gay community at the academy. He is known to have asked one other cadet out romantically. See here.

Thousands of pictures of naked defendants found on judge’s computer

The practice of American law has increasingly departed from its original adversarial model. Over the past century, courts have increasingly favored the state over the citizenry. Here is a story of an Arkansas judge who apparently got into the practice of demanding that male defendants report to his house for “community service.” “[The pictures] depict …

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Secretary of State Kerry–Part of an Administration that Lectures Americans Not to Squirrel Money away in Off-shore Accounts–Has hidden MILLIONS in Off-shore Accounts

President Obama frequently lashes out at U.S. companies that seek to escape America’s high tax burden by headquartering overseas. Last week, after the release of the “Panama Papers” which show that world leaders who impose high taxes on their own subjects are hiding their own riches in off-shore low- (or no-) tax accounts, Obama lashed …

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World government leaders are laundering and hiding money from the regulations they impose on others

High taxes, cops on almost every streetcorner, and burdensome regulations are the norm worldwide. Yet a USA Today report documents that numerous ‘world leaders’ have been caught hiding money in offshore private bank accounts. In some cases, the money hidden away by these government officials was looted directly from government accounts gorged with funds from …

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Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland helped cover up Oklahoma bombing case 20 years ago

Merrick Garland, the man selected by President Obama to replace Justice Antonin Scalia on the U.S. Supreme Court, helped the Justice Department conceal and cover up important evidence regarding the Oklahoma City bombing during the 1990s. William Grigg’s column is here. Twenty years ago, Garland was a Justice Department lawyer working to keep lawyers for …

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