Martin Kulldorf has been separated from Harvard

One of the world’s foremost epidemiologists clashed with the establishment over COVID-19 panic

Cambridge, Massachusetts. March 10. Martin Kulldorf writes that “I am no longer a professor of medicine at Harvard.” The acclaimed Harvard biostatistician and infectious-disease epidemiologist does not report whether he has retired, quit, or been fired or let go by Harvard. Kulldorf says in a published statement that he clung to truth “as the world lost its way during the Covid pandemic.”

“The public should not trust scientists, even Harvard scientists, unwilling to debate their positions with fellow scientists,” writes Kulldorf in a defiant essay. Kulldorf recounts that the virtually the entire academic scientific establishment forsook its ideals in pursuit of the government’s COVID lockdown and vaccine hysteria.

“At theĀ behest of the U.S. government, Twitter censored my tweet for contravening CDC policy. Having also been censored by LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube, I could not freely communicate as a scientist. Who decided that American free-speech rights did not apply to honest scientific comments at odds with those of the CDC director?”