The Covid regime: government officials live freely while nongovernment slaves submit to a hundred rules

A recent press conference by the White House press secretary revealed the stark distinction between government and nongovernment persons regarding the dreaded covid-19 germ. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked if the Biden Administration had sought to determine how President Biden contracted the alleged pandemic germ. Jean-Pierre responded “I don’t think that matters.”

Government officials like presidents or agency officials are able to work, socialize or isolate, at their choosing. Nongovernment individuals on the other hand, are subjected to wide-ranging “contact tracing” whereupon government health officials perform an exhaustive recounting of each subject’s footsteps, contacts, acquaintances, and work associations. “Health officials” can and do order entire jobsites and work stations shut down for weeks at a time if one worker “tests positive” for the dreaded virus.

Nongovernment individuals like Novak Djokovic, the world’s greatest tennis player, who recently won the Wimbledon tennis tournament in Britain, is BARRED FROM ENTRY into the United States, Australia, and other countries, merely because he chooses not to be injected with experimental covid shots. These laws give government-favoring athletes a tremendous advantage in tennis rankings. Yet government officials like Biden are able to dictate the terms of their own convalescence regarding the same disease.

“Complete Collapse”: Government “ESG” Policies Destroyed Sri Lanka’s Economy in ONE YEAR

There is an ancient common law rule of corporate management that corporate directors must seek profits over any other concerns. But global elites and governments around the world have spent years trying to force businesses to obey government commands regarding environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) concerns rather than profits.

But ESG policies seem to bring societal collapse wherever they are implemented.

Sri Lanka is one of the countries which has implemented the Paris Accord, the Green New Deal, and other ESG-type controls to the highest degree.

Sri Lanka has run out of fuel and is facing mass hunger.

A chemical fertilizer ban in 2021, to cut nitrogen waste and implement greener farming practices, drastically reduced crop yields and damaged Sri Lanka’s trade balance. “The decision to overnight shift away from synthetic fertilizers was an absolute disaster,” economist Peter Earle told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The Prime Minister declared weeks ago that the country has gone “bankrupt.”

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs estimated in the report that crop production for the 2021-2022 season decreased by 40% to 50%, and so far farmers have only utilized a quarter of the available land for the upcoming season, according to a report dated June 9.

Inflation in Sri Lanka stood at 54.6% in June, according to Trading Economics, with food prices rising 80.1% and transportation 128% since May, Reuters reported. Half a million people have sunk into poverty as of early 2022, The Guardian reported.

Sri Lanka has an almost perfect ESG score at 98.1, tied with Tajikistan, according to data from World Economics. For comparison, Sweden sits at 96.1 and the United States at 50.7.

Vast majority of Americans now say government hurts them more than it helps them

A new poll shows that a majority of Americans feel that federal government actions over the past six months have hurt them.

The Monmouth University poll, released on July 5, 2022, reveals that the number of Americans who are struggling financially has jumped by double digits in the past year.

The poll, which was carried out on a representative sample of 978 adults in the United States, shows that a majority (57 percent) said that the actions of the federal government over the past six months have hurt their family.

This is the first time ever in the history of Monmouth polling that the share of Americans blaming Washington for making their chief concern worse has climbed above 50 percent.

A mere 8 percent said federal government policies have helped them while 34 percent said Washington actions have not had a meaningful impact when it comes to their main concern, the poll also shows.

Americans’ trust in news plummets to an all-time low

Americans’ confidence in newspapers and television news has plummeted to an all-time low, according to the latest annual Gallup survey of trust in U.S. institutions.

A 2021 poll from Pew Research Center found that Republicans are far less likely to trust media sources that are considered “mainstream.”
Details: Television news is today considered the second-least trusted institution in the country, following Congress, according to the poll.

Generally, the designation mainstream just means government-supporting and government-supported. US Senate hearings in the 1970s found that many “mainstream” news sources were secretly funded by the CIA and/or other government agencies.

Just 5% of Republicans said they had “a great deal or quite a lot of confidence” in newspapers, compared to 35% of Democrats.
Only 8% of Republicans said they had “a great deal or quite a lot of confidence” in TV news, compared to 20% of Democrats.

“Truckpocalypse” begins in California as 70,000 truckers forced off the road by regulations

One major agenda of “the left” (i.e., the government) is the push to require every worker to be an “employee” rather than a free-lancer or an independent contractor. “Employees” are more monitored, documented, and regimented; their employers must withhold certain wages from their checks and regularly report details of each “employee,” including identification, address, social security number, tax information, hours and locations. “Employers” must also provide workers compensation and unemployment insurance.

“The left” (meaning the government) in California is now so powerful that they are forcing 70,000 independent contractor truckers (“owner operators”) to leave California. Every trucker must be an “employee.”

The draconian new law, “AB-5” will have devastating repercussions on an already fragile supply chain, increasing costs and worsening runaway inflation.

“Owner-operators” who own their own trucks and who pick up contract jobs from the hundreds of shipping and transport companies are now banned and criminalized.

“Former” FBI agents control “content moderation” at Twitter

Here’s Scott Horton talks with Alan MacLeod about the surprising number of former FBI agents who have joined the content moderation department at Twitter.

Remember during the Obama Administration when Facebook’s and Twitter’s CEOs and execs visited and had meetings in the White House dozens of times? (Some reports said hundreds of times.)

And then–around 2016–all these major platforms began to roll out “content moderation,” “fact checking,” and ‘anti-disinformation’ programs to censor anti-government speech and criticism.

MacLeod describes numerous specific examples of people who have spent their careers working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation before “pivoting to join the tech company” prior to retirement (which high-paid federal officers almost never actually do). MacLeod also talks about the research he’s done into Facebook, Google, TikTok and Reddit.

Michigan government created snitch task force to hunt for doctors who didn’t push vaccines, masks

We all know that Michigan’s powermad governor Gretchen Whitmer locked down her state for months during 2020, destroyed hundreds of businesses and caused hundreds if not thousands of deaths of patients in hospitals and nursing homes by ordering exposures and treatments designed to kill patients.

But now it has been revealed that Whitmer’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs launched a snitch task force to hunt down and destroy the license and careers of doctors and nurses who refused to carry out government messaging and vaccination promotion.

“In some cases, doctors were reported for warning trick-or-treaters not to take the “vaccines.” In other cases, entire weddings were reported for not being masked in accordance with the guidelines of the CDC.

Holly Austin, a college nursing professor who holds a doctorate in nursing, could have lost her license over the “crime” of speaking as a parent at a public school board meeting in December of 2021 in opposition to the district’s proposed reinstitution of a mask mandate.

Some 200 other medical professionals, including doctors and nurses, were also probed by the state for similar phony “infractions,” including not wearing a mask or not actively promoting the wearing of masks.

In one of the cases, a doctor was reported to the state for shaking hands with someone who was not wearing a mask. In another case, a doctor was targeted simply for reporting that he had suffered a bad reaction to the injection.

Ljubisa Dragovic, Chief Medical Examiner for Oakland County, was reported for not wearing a mask while performing autopsies.

More related news about the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) can be found at

US President Requests BILLIONS to “counter disinformation”

Hidden in the details of US President Biden’s $33 billion supplemental budget allocation to aid Ukraine is a clause dedicating 8.8 billion dollars to

“the Department of State for economic support and assistance to the people of Ukraine and other affected countries, including direct budgetary support, as well as support for food security, democracy, anticorruption, cybersecurity, counter-disinformation, human rights, atrocity documentation, energy, and emergency infrastructure needs.” {pdf page 41} The request specifically authorizes the transfer of these funds globally, outside of Ukraine.”

To put this in perspective, $8.8 billion is greater than the annual budgets of several US states. It is greater than annual spending on border security. It is greater than the total spending on US election campaigns.

Has Elon Musk stumbled upon Information that Twitter is Secretly Subsidized by the US Government?

Astounding revelations are tumbling out of the Elon Musk proposal to purchase Twitter. Or conspiracy theories; depending on one’s perspective.

Tech analysts at the Conservative Tree House and elsewhere have spent thousands of hours studying Twitter’s business model. They contend that Twitter simply cannot exist without massive secret support from immensely deep pockets.

“In the big picture of tech platforms, Twitter, as an operating model, is a massive high-user commenting system.” “There is no business model where Twitter is financially viable to operate…. UNLESS the tech architecture under the platform was subsidized.”

“In my opinion, there is only one technological system and entity that could possibly underwrite the cost of Twitter to operate. That entity is the United States Government.”

“If my hunch is correct, Elon Musk is poised to expose the well-kept secret that most social media platforms are operating on U.S. government tech infrastructure and indirect subsidy.” “The backbone of Twitter is the United States government.”

“There is simply no way the Fourth Branch of Government, the U.S. intelligence system writ large, is going to permit that discovery.”

It should be noted that immediately upon Elon Musk announcing his tender offer to purchase Twitter, the US government began attacking Musk for a variety of alleged regulatory violations.

Stay tuned!

“Vaccine hesitancy” among new moms increased significantly during the pandemic. This appears to be correlated with IMPROVED infant mortality rates.

Igor Chudov writes that vaccination of infants massively decreased in Florida in 2021 due to “vaccine hesitancy”. And all cause infant mortality MASSIVELY DECREASED, in a perfect lockstep!

Say what?

Yes. In 2021, parents of newborns in Florida were much more “vaccine hesitant”, for reasons obvious to my readers, and therefore childhood vaccinations decreased from 93.4% previously to only 79.3% in 2021. During the same time, all cause infant mortality under 1 year of age in Florida also DECREASED by 8.93%.

Both changes are huge.

And this decrease in infant mortality happened as deaths of other age groups increased significantly.