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Government has been pouring on regulations to ‘help the poor,’ yet the poor and minorities are poorer than ever

Government supremacists routinely argue for more government to ‘help the poor.’ Yet government regulations invariably harm the poor and cement the positions of the rich. Since the beginning of 21st century, the U.S. government has become increasingly “progressive”: with more regulations, higher tax rates, and a greater tax burden on ‘the rich.’ Yet “acccording to …

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In popular nomenclature, a “moderate” means a pro-government extremist

Reason Magazine’s Barton Hinkle carefully analyzed the judicial record of Merrick Garland, the D.C. judge nominated by President Obama to replace Justice Scalia on the Supreme Court. See here. Garland has been widely described in the pro-government media as “moderate.” This, according to Hinkle, means that Garland tends to rule for the government and against …

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Under Cuban socialism, hookers could be had for toothpaste

Government-funded professors of social science frequently extoll the supposed virtues of socialism, ‘single-payer’ government healthcare, and ‘free’ college, entitlements, and redistribution. Here is a Jon Stossel interview of Gloria Alvarez, a Cuban-American who recounts that under Castro’s centrally-planned government economy, Cuban hookers could be had for a tube of toothpaste. See the interview at 3:20

Another top European journalist admits that some of his ‘news’ stories were written by U.S. government officials

The “mainstream” press is dying. Alternative sources of information are blossoming. Several prominent “mainstream” journalists have recently come forward and admitted that many “news stories” found in the most prominent newspapers and TV news broadcasts are entirely generated by government agencies. In fact, “reporters” are explicitly paid to print the stories, and threatened with firing …

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Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland helped cover up Oklahoma bombing case 20 years ago

Merrick Garland, the man selected by President Obama to replace Justice Antonin Scalia on the U.S. Supreme Court, helped the Justice Department conceal and cover up important evidence regarding the Oklahoma City bombing during the 1990s. William Grigg’s column is here. Twenty years ago, Garland was a Justice Department lawyer working to keep lawyers for …

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Atlantic Sea Levels have been FALLING for 6 Years

A central claim among government-funded climate scientists is that manmade global warming is causing sea levels to rise. This claim was part of the UN IPPCC report(s) and has been a primary feature of government central planning. Hundreds of millions– –if not billions of dollars have been taken from taxpayers to bolster and promote this …

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Health care premiums have risen nearly double the rate of inflation for at least a decade

Government has made health care vastly more expensive. By subsidizing demand, government programs like Obamacare, Medicare and Medicaid have made health care out of reach for most poor people. Moreover, Americans HAVE TOO MUCH health insurance (due to government programs): First, the excess of health insurance actually drives up cost. The more insurance for a …

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No one even knows how many federal agencies there are

Columnist Paul Driessen discusses a recent report by the Competitive Enterprise Institute, “Ten Thousand Commandments.” The report details the bone-crushing costs of federal regulations. Regulations keep business from starting. Regulations keep poor people from launching successful careers. Regulations make America poorer. See here. No one even knows how many Executive Branch agencies there are – …

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Little Rock, Arkansas has only one taxi business because of overregulation

Governments everywhere have overregulated transportation and travel. In typical regulatory schemes, a good-ol-boy taxi service lobbies for laws that prevent competitors from starting up and competing with them. The laws are generally passed with assurances that the laws are needed to “protect the public” from dangerous, unsafe, diseased cabbies, etc. Of course, the laws create …

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Fed Continues to Claim it is “Bipartisan” Even as its Officers Overwhelmingly Support Big-Government Political Campaigns

Central banking and big governments have long shared in something of a symbiotic relationship. Central banking allows governments to give their subjects the appearance that government is a “good deal.” By running up massive debts to central banks, governments can trick their subjects into thinking that big government is “worth it.” Modern Americans, for example, …

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