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Bundy paralegal Rick Koerber sentenced to 14 years in federal puppet show hearing

Salt Lake City. October 15. Anti-Government News Bureau. The immense power of the federal justice department was on display as “the Free Capitalist,” Rick Koerber, received his sentence on Tuesday. Rick Koerber rose to prominence throughout the early 2000s as a libertarian radio host and investment guru. Rick educated thousands around the American west. But …

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Please Join Us in Salt Lake City for the Sentencing of Rick Koerber on October 15

2:00 PM at the Federal Courthouse, downtown SLC Rick Koerber, “the Free Capitalist,” was a keynote speaker at Lysander Spooner University’s “The Struggle for Freedom” symposium in downtown Las Vegas on December 16, 2017. Rick gave a passionate lecture on criminal justice and government overreach. Rick had himself been facing multi-count criminal indictments for some …

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Professor John Lamb: I will walk again!

An update on Lysander Spooner University’s favorite professor of journalism, John Lamb. In April John was involved in a horrible and tragic traffic wreck on I-90 near Three Forks, Montana. John smashed into a semi tractor and it took more than 45 minutes to pry his body from the wreckage. John Lamb broke dozens of …

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