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False Flag “Attacks” Are as Common as Dirt

Looking back through the pages of history, one must admit that false flag attacks are as common as dirt. Here is a partial list of false flag attacks that have been ADMITTED. Many more, of course, are openly known but not admitted by government officials who staged and benefitted from them.

Post-recession banking regulations have made things worse

It is a myth that “deregulation” caused the housing bubble (and later, the crash) of 2008. And a bigger myth that post-recession laws have improved banking. As John C. Goodman writes, almost everything said by government and pro-government economists about the 2008 recession is a myth. See here. And the “cure” hatched by Congress in …

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State of Oregon Seizes Bank Account of Cake Decorators Who Refused to Bake Lesbian Wedding Cake

Ever wonder what it was like to be a Jew in Nazi Germany? Melissa and Aaron Klein–described as “devout evangelical Christians who own a mom-and-pop bakery”–are beginning to find out; in Oregon! In July, they were ordered to pay more than $135,000 in damages to a lesbian couple after they refused to bake their wedding …

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Peer-Reviewed, Comprehensive Study of Worldwide Glacial Melt Cannot Detect Influence of Carbon Dioxide

Glaciers have been melting steadily for centuries. This peer-reviewed study–perhaps the most comprehensive study of global glacial melting patterns ever published–concludes that the world’s glaciers GENERALLY MELTED at the same rate in THE FIRST HALF OF the 20th Century as in the SECOND HALF of the 20th Century. What of the influence of carbon dioxide? …

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The Police Bubble is Bursting in D.C.: Bloated Pay and Benefits Lead to Decreases in Force; “Conservatives” Continue with “War on Policing” Narrative

The policing industry is a bubble that is about to burst. Police officers nationwide are grossly overpaid and lavished with luxurious benefits. Many cities cannot keep up with police pension obligations and are being forced to make cuts. Washington, D.C.’s police force has been compelled to shed aging officers. And “conservative” columnist Matt Vespa complains …

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Bozeman Daily Chronicle prints article praising DUI snitching

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle is, arguably, Montana’s most pro-government extremist newspaper. And that is saying something. For years, the BDC has unleashed a relentless stream of pro-government editorials and news stories. Perhaps never has the newspaper published a lead editorial calling for less government in any dimension. Now the BDC is blatantly praising citizens who …

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Now Governments Claim their Surveillance Powers are to Stop “Bullying”

The greatest bully in the world is, of course, the state. Yet states are now justifying vast surveillance powers upon their subjects by claiming such total surveillance helps fight “bullying.” (Government claims of protecting subjects from “terrorism” might be losing their credibility.) See here.

Scientific American Falls Further: Magazine Now Abandons All Pretext of Objectivity in Pursuit of Climate Socialism

In case one needed more evidence that the “Scientific American” magazine has become a political sheet rather than a science periodical. A December 1, 2015 article in the once-respected science magazine bore the title, “Without Government, the Marketplace Will Not Solve Climate Change.” The political essay, by global-warming hysteric Naomi Oreskes, provided such tidbits as …

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New Poll: Vast Majority of Americans view Big Government as their Greatest Threat

Gallup polling has just found that a supermajority of voters, 69 percent, view big government as the biggest threat in the future. Amazingly, even a majority of Democrats agree that big government is the greatest threat. Only a tiny extremist minority (25 percent) view big business as the greatest threat. See here.

Money is Speech. And this has been Known since at least 1830

by Roger I. Roots, Founder, Lysander Spooner University Over the past few years, I have become more interested in the topic of campaign finance laws, and how such laws interfere with freedom of speech. Since the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision, there have been thousands of published proclamations that campaign speech freedom will bring …

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