Astounding new revelations about the Jan. 6 “pipe bombs”

Washington, DC. Jan. 19, 2024. Darren Beatie of Revolver News was recently on Tucker Curlson’s broadcast, discussing newly (and quietly, it seems) released footage of the pipe bomb incident at the Democratic National Committee headquarters in DC on Jan. 6, 2021.

  • After three years, this new footage shows a very calm engagement by all of law enforcement. No officer runs, ducks, or even seems overly bothered by the discovery of a pipe bomb feet away from Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.
  • A man in plain clothes wearing a backpack is seen calmly walking up to parked officers (both Metro PD and Secret Service), supposedly to alert them to the presence of a pipe bomb just ten-to-twenty feet away.
  • It is reported  that the plain-clothesed man is himself a Capitol Police Officer.
  • The officers, unpanicked, later casually walked around, even letting a mom and young children calmly walk past the alleged pipe bomb.
  • The government’s story regarding the pipe bombs has constantly shifted. Initially the government claimed the bombs were real weapons of mass destruction.
  • But the new released video suggests the incident may have been a drill or a false flag operation.
  • Beattie wondered openly why Kamala Harris has never “milked” the fact that January 6 put her in extreme danger.  In fact, Vice President Harris seems to be an active disinfo agent, and part of a cover up.
  • See here.