Journalists are in an organized effort to push censorship on Substack

New York City. Columbia School of Journalism. Jan. 13, 2024. “The Atlantic” Magazine, a far-left, pro-government extremist publication, recently published an article entitled Substack Has a Nazi Problem. The article made a number of factual claims, including a claim that large numbers of “nazis” are now on the Substack platform writing profitable columns with mountains of regular readers, subscribers and advertisers, and otherwise enjoying uncensored life.

Soon the claims were joined by the usual suspects.

Washington Post, The Guardian, Financial Times, MSN News, Yahoo, Business Insider, and Rolling Stone all wrote pieces expanding on the supposed issue.

But an independent journalist named Jesse Singal, investigated the matter. It turns out that almost every claim made by the establishment platforms was either untrue or quite exaggerated. Not a single “nazi” seems to be making any money to speak of on Substack. No “nazi” writer or Substack page appears to have achieved even a 4-digit subscribership.

The Atlantic’s hit piece even took statements found on supposed Substack “nazi” pages entirely out of context. Indeed, some statements, such as

In all, writes Singal, there has been a “fairly contrived effort to endlessly link the word Substack to the word Nazi.”

But why?

The answer, it seems, is that the West’s contemporary journalists are of an increasingly singular bent. As a group, journalists are now more concentrated on “the left” than ever before. And this isolated journalist establishment is increasingly united in an effort to spread and promote censorship of anti-government ideas throughout the western world.