European governments are so outraged about Alex Jones being back online that they’re threatening to shut down X entirely in Europe unless Elon bans all independent media from the platform.

European Union. Dec. 28, 2023. Government control freaks in the EU are triggered at the thought that they may lose control over information and news.

Governments worldwide have been caught repeatedly, secretly funding and directing “news” outlets to produce only pro-government “news.” Around 2008 it was estimated that spending on secret pro-government propaganda by the US government alone was over 70 billion dollars annually.

“The evidence we currently have is enough to formally open a proceeding against X,” Margrethe Vestager, the 27-nation bloc’s executive vice president overseeing digital policy, said in a statement. “The Commission will carefully investigate X’s compliance with the [Digital Services Act] DSA, to ensure European citizens are safeguarded online.”

Under the law, which came into effect in August, a company can be fined up to six percent of its annual global income or banned from operating in the EU if it is found to have breached the sweeping legislation.

Revolver News writes:

The bottom line is that the globalists are feeling a tremendous loss of control. Their unpopular policies are failing worldwide, and they’re pointing fingers at independent media outlets like Revolver and InfoWars. It’s not because these media sources are spreading lies; rather, they’re revealing truths about political and globalist elites. And if there’s one thing these charlatans despise more than anything, it’s the truth.