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LA Times lays off one-fourth of its employees

“The Los Angeles Times, the largest newspaper in California and one of the biggest by circulation in the entire United States, was hit with a heavy round of layoffs Tuesday.” More than 110 positions within the company were eliminated; roughly one-fourth of the Times’ workforce. People just won’t pay to read pro-government extremist propaganda. Meanwhile, …

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US Government now using banking controls for wide-scale surveillance

Washington, DC, Jan. 22, 2024. The US House Judiciary Committee has obtained documents suggesting that banks were advised to query transactions with keywords like Dick’s Sporting Goods, Cabela’s, and Bass Pro Shops. Banking regulators are increasing their surveillance and controls over banks to impose far-ranging monitoring of transactions. The government is applying the Patriot Act’s …

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Government Regulations make it Illegal to help the Homeless

Ohio pastor criminally charged for offering shelter. The modern cult of the omnipotent state produces multitudinous inequities.  Modern government regulations require licenses, certifications, and permits to offer any services to anyone.  Zoning laws prohibit a facility designated as a one-bedroom home from partitioning a living room into two bedrooms, and prohibit facilities from offering lodging …

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Astounding new revelations about the Jan. 6 “pipe bombs”

Washington, DC. Jan. 19, 2024. Darren Beatie of Revolver News was recently on Tucker Curlson’s broadcast, discussing newly (and quietly, it seems) released footage of the pipe bomb incident at the Democratic National Committee headquarters in DC on Jan. 6, 2021.

Great News! Thousands of Government Schools May Close Due to Massive Drop in Enrollment

COVID-19 MEASURES LED MANY TO ABANDON PUBLIC SCHOOLS ENTIRELY Brookings Institute, a pro-government extremist think tank based in Washington, DC, found that over a four-year period that includes “the pandemic,” about 12% of elementary schools and 9% of middle schools lost at least one-fifth of their enrollment. At least 4,428 schools in the country reached …

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5 million Americans have fled socialist states; in one of the largest mass migrations in history

One of America’s largest mass migrations in history took place in the past 5 years. Five million mostly-productive people migrated out of just four states: California, Illinois, New York and New Jersey. In the process the southeast became more populous, more productive, and more prosperous than the northeast. These refugees are fleeing socialist regulations and …

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Journalists are in an organized effort to push censorship on Substack

New York City. Columbia School of Journalism. Jan. 13, 2024. “The Atlantic” Magazine, a far-left, pro-government extremist publication, recently published an article entitled Substack Has a Nazi Problem. The article made a number of factual claims, including a claim that large numbers of “nazis” are now on the Substack platform writing profitable columns with mountains …

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Washington Post has lost half its online readers, and is losing $100 million annually

The pro-government extremist Washington Post newspaper has been losing readers for years. People just won’t pay to read government propaganda. Now there are reports that the Post’s losses are accelerating. Four years ago, the Post boasted 139 million monthly visitors. By the end of last year (2023), it had less than 60 million. Of the …

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Freedom of Information Act data show 220 ambulance calls in Westchester & Duchess Counties listing “vaccine” as the reason for the calls

Westchester, New York. December 2023. We know from ICAN and Aaron Siri’s FOIA request of the CDC’s V-Safe data that 7.9% of all 10.1 million vaccine recipients reported requiring medical care to treat a vaccine adverse effect. Of those requiring medical care, almost 11% (87,700 people) visited the emergency room or hospital. Statistically, about 15% of ER patients arrive by …

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European governments are so outraged about Alex Jones being back online that they’re threatening to shut down X entirely in Europe unless Elon bans all independent media from the platform.

European Union. Dec. 28, 2023. Government control freaks in the EU are triggered at the thought that they may lose control over information and news. Governments worldwide have been caught repeatedly, secretly funding and directing “news” outlets to produce only pro-government “news.” Around 2008 it was estimated that spending on secret pro-government propaganda by the …

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