Feb 02

Twitter, under government pressure, permanently bans Zero Hedge for asking if Chinese government created the coronavirus

Zero Hedge is one of the most popular independent financial and economic sites on Twitter. It has almost 700,000 Twitter followers.

But days ago, Zero Hedge published a news story entitled, “Is This The Man Behind The Global Coronavirus Pandemic?” The story was about Chinese government laboratories which are known to be developing biological weapons. The Zero Hedge report asked whether the Coronavirus–which has killed some 300 Chinese–may have been created in government labs.

The Chinese government has been demanding that all social media platforms remove any content which offers such suggestions. Facebook gave in to the Chinese government demands two days ago.

Now Twitter has PERMANENTLY BANNED Zero Hedge from publishing ANY content on Twitter.

“Last week, Twitter had said “those who engage in coordinated attempts to spread disinformation at scale about coronavirus issue will be removed from service.””

Feb 02

Government academics censor climate facts and block those who state them

Modern academics live in government bubbles where reality has become a dark alternate universe.

In 2008, a group of pro-government extremist professors founded “The Conversation,” a “scholarly” blog aimed at closing the supposed gap between government academia and popular journalism.

The notion was that the findings and writings of such brilliant pro-government researchers don’t get enough airplay in popular culture.

Now “The Conversation” is not only BANNING all discussions which question the government’s apocalyptic-manmade-global-warming-by-CO2 theory. The blog now blocks and permanently locks out those who cast doubt on doomsday climate claims.

Pro-government extremist professors at The Conversation Australia are “implementing a zero-tolerance approach to moderating climate change deniers, and sceptics. Not only will we be removing their comments, we’ll be locking their accounts.” Discourse on the topic “simply stalls action.”

“The Conversation” urges readers to “please don’t engage [climate discussions], simply report it.”

Feb 01

Chinese government enlists Facebook to censor news about coronavirus

The Chinese government is losing control of the narrative regarding the coronavirus. Nearly 12,000 people have been infected by the virus in China, and tourism to China has dropped considerably. Numerous stores and offices in China have closed and some airports have implemented quarantines of travelers.

Now the Chinese government (and, it seems, other governments) have pressured Facebook to censor the spread of non-government-approved information about the virus.

Of particular concern to the Chinese government are reports that the virus originated in Chinese government labs or biological warfare experiments.

Information in China is tightly controlled, and Chinese laws dictate that rumor-mongers can face years in prison. In the early days of the outbreak, Chinese state media reported that police in Wuhan had detained eight people for spreading rumors about a “local outbreak of unidentifiable pneumonia.”

Jan 30

Mexico suffers its first economic contraction in a decade after voting for socialist president

Like most countries, Mexico has a vibrant, hard-working population but is cursed by a massive, intrusive, and expansive government.

Now, two years after Mexicans voted for a socialist president, the Mexican people are suffering their first economic contraction in ten years. See here.

Jan 30

The Guardian now bans ads by fossil fuel companies

Less than a year after its editors imposed a rule on its reporters to write hysterically about the climate, the Guardian has announced a ban on advertising by fossil fuel companies.

The pro-government extremist publication masquerading as a newspaper issued a “style guide” to all of its “journalists” last year, requiring that they use the phrase “climate crisis” or “climate emergency” rather than “climate change.” The Guardian‘s reporters are also required to describe those who ask questions about government climate claims as “deniers” rather than “skeptics.”

Now the government-supporting “newspaper” is banning all ads by fossil fuel companies. See here.

Jan 30

Postal worker rents storage unit to store mail he stole

The U.S. Postal Service loses over $5 billion annually despite having a monopoly, owning some of the world’s most prestigious real estate, and paying no income, property, or corporate tax.

Every inspection of a Postal facility has found undelivered mail hidden in trash bins or corners. USPS employees are paid more than twice what private sector workers would be paid for the same work, and hundreds apply for every USPS job opening.

Now another U.S. postal worker has been caught stealing mail. This time, the Postal worker even rented a storage unit to store his undelivered mail. See here.

Delacruz’s scheme was disrupted when he was spotted “unloading mail into a public storage facility” in Virginia Beach. A witness “snapped several photographs of the postal employee and a picture of the license plate of the employee’s vehicle” and provided the images to postal officials.

Jan 29

Ten Years after Venezuela stole the assets of major oil companies, its socialist government now begs for privatization

Just 25 years ago, Venezuela was the richest and healthiest country in all of Latin America.

Then Venezuelans voted for socialism. As government trusters cheered worldwide, the Venezuelan government began expelling private businesses, stealing their assets and shutting down freedom of press. the property and development projects of Exxon, Conoco and other oil companies were seized by the government.

But the Venezuelan government couldn’t make profits even with the stolen oil assets. The country grew poorer and poorer under socialism.

Now the government has announced that it wants to privatize its oil industry. The government has begun advertising for private companies to bid on rights to drill and extract Venezuelan oil.

But it still owes billions to the oil companies it defrauded and stole from a decade ago. See here.

Jan 27

Sales of electric vehicles plummeted in 2019 despite immense government coercion and pressure

2019 saw FORTY-FIVE (45) new models of electric vehicles hitting the global markets. Automakers like Hundai, Audi, and Jaguar are literally betting their futures on such vehicle sales, spending hundreds of millions of dollars to design, manufacture and promote the electric vehicles.

A number of governments in Europe have actually passed laws BANNING fossil-fuel-powered cars by fast-approaching years. Several state legislatures in the U.S. have considered bills which would mandate that all vehicles be electric by 2050 or sooner.

Government even provides the “fuel” for such vehicles FOR FREE almost everywhere, building and subsidizing charging stations in every state.

Hundreds of millions of dollars in government subsidies have sought to prod the shift to electric vehicles. Yet sales of electric cars FELL SEVEN PERCENT in 2019.

Jan 27

Government university now tracks all student movements electronically

In this Nov. 9, 2015 frame from video provided by Mark Schierbecker, Melissa Click, right, an assistant professor in Missouri’s communications department, confronts Schierbecker and later calls for “muscle” to help remove him from the protest area in Columbia, Mo. Protesters credited with helping oust the University of Missouri System’s president and the head of its flagship campus welcomed reporters to cover their demonstrations Tuesday, a day after a videotaped clash between some protesters and a student photographer drew media condemnation as an affront to the free press. (Mark Schierbecker via AP) MANDATORY CREDIT

Everyone who sets foot on a modern government college campus becomes immediately less free, and usually much poorer. All government (and government-supported “private”) universities spew a ceaseless stream of pro-government propaganda, socialist ideology, and pseudoscience that exalts the state.

Many government colleges have “free speech zones” to coral the few dissenting voices allowed on campuses.

Now the University of Missouri (known as “Mizzou”) will require students to install a tracking app which will allow government authorities to track their attendance and movements on campus at all times.

Mizzou is famous for its 2015 episode involving journalism professor Melissa Click, who violently assaulted a student reporter and called for “muscle” to stop the student from filming a pro-government student rally (are there any other types on a government college campus?) at Mizzou.

Although Professor Click taught journalism, and presumably knew about the 1st amendment, she told a student journalist he had no right to film the public event.

Jan 04

Socialist Illinois has been losing population for six consecutive years

It was once the freest and most productive place in America. Innovators like John Deere, Caterpillar, State Farm, and Sears rose from the grain fields and rail yards of Illinois to become major players in world industry.

But years of socialist politics have taken their toll on the Land of Lincoln. The high-tax state has been losing population for six (6) years in a row.

Even Illinois’ millionaire government retirees are fleeing the state. See here.

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