White House and Capitol Hill are blocking access to The Gateway Pundit website

The Gateway Pundit online newspaper is the lead plaintiff in the Missouri-Louisiana v. Biden lawsuit on government censorship of speech in America today. The lawsuit is expected to reach the US Supreme Court early next year. (Both the district court and the 5th Circuit have held that the case exhibits the greatest episode of mass censorship by the government in US history.)

Interestingly, although the U.S. government has denied being the director of online censorship in America, recent whistleblowers have revealed that the news site is blocked by internet providers in Washington, D.C. Internet users at the White House and the Capitol are denied access to the very site that is suing the government for censorship. See here.

The Gateway Pundit is a leading conservative website in the United States. The Gateway Pundit has over 2.5 million page views per day and is closing in on nearly one billion page views per year. The Gateway Pundit is one of the most prominent grassroots websites and is one of the most popular sites for news regarding January 6 persecutions, election fraud, and vaccine fraud.