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Modern Government Colleges are Dens of Orwellian Iniquity

tyranny College campuses were formerly billed as environments where minds could think freely and where passions for inquiry and discovery could be unleashed. But many of today’s college campuses are zones of Orwellian government thought control. Today, when you cross the street to enter a typical college campus, you enter a world where your thoughts are more controlled and monitored, and where life is more expensive and stultified.

We read today (February 9, 2015) that the University of Michigan has spent $16,000 on a campaign to warn students not to offend anyone with their speech. Words declared unacceptable through the campaign include “crazy,” “insane,” “retarded,” “gay,” “tranny,” “gypped,” “illegal alien,” “fag,” “ghetto” and “raghead.” Remember that the University of Michigan is not a religious or a private institution. It is a ‘PUBLIC’ university—meaning that it is supposed to be subject to the First Amendment’s greatest protections for public spaces. When the University of Michigan issues such speech-chilling decrees, those decrees are the voice of government.

Here is the link:

The Data in in: Government Banking Regulations Help Big Banks, Harm Small Banks

10336714_1420705914860419_9127419724620227090_n Trusters of government often call for more regulations on businesses. Some government trusters believe that regulations dampen the greed and influence of Fortune 500 corporations and other big businesses. Unfortunately for them the data often conflict with this view. Business regulations invariably harm the smallest businesses and the poor while helping big businesses suppress their competition.
Now a study by Professor Marshall Lux of Harvard University shows that the increased banking regulations of the past decade have greatly harmed small hometown banks while helping multinational banks expand their market shares. Professor Lux, a former chief risk officer for JPMorgan, found that local banks’ share of the American lending market has fallen from more than 40 per cent in 1991 to 22 per cent last year (2014). At the same time, the market share of America’s five biggest banks has jumped from 17 per cent to 41 per cent.

See The Financial Times report here:


LysanderSpoonerUniversity2[1] (2) MSNBC—an alleged news network that ceaselessly calls for more government power and control, now attracts fewer than 55,000 viewers worldwide in the cherished 25-to-54-year-old demographic.

You can find more people than that in the bleachers at some college football games.

MSNBC, like its sister networks NBC and CNBC, are branches of General Electric, one of the world’s largest industrial corporations and a perennial blood-brother to the federal government. The Washington Post revealed in 2009
that GE was actually the largest recipient of government bailout money during the 2008-09 economic crash. This was done in secret, apparently upon the grounds that GE’s financial services arm owned a pair of small Utah banks.

The content of MSNBC programming, as most viewers are aware, champions government expansion and intervention into almost all things from early childhood care and education to military deployment to medical care to climate regulation.

Government climate agencies caught “adjusting” recent temps upward, older temps downward


Bombshell news in today’s (Feb. 8, 2015) London Telegraph:” title=”Fiddling With Temperatures” target=”_blank”>/embed

Just as with the “Climategate” emails in and out of East Anglia, and the manipulation of data by graduate schools, climate alarmists working for governments have been caught “adjusting” temps upward in recent years, and downward for past years to bolster their arguments for more socialism and government power.

U.S. Army Major Stripped of Silver Star Medal After Criticizing U.S. Strategy


by Roger I. Roots

Years ago I read something by the late paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould about his trip to Russia. If memory serves me right, Gould was writing about visiting Russia during the end of the Soviet period. Gould remarked that while in a Russian library, he examined the indexes at the ends of various Russian history textbooks. He was curious about how Russia’s historians dealt with all of the horrors of Soviet history. He wrote that the name of Joseph Stalin—one of the central figures in Soviet history, if not THE MOST CENTRAL FIGURE in Soviet history—had been simply written out of the indexes of Soviet textbooks. This was because the Soviet Union had turned against Stalin and Stalinism in the 1970s and ’80s after the passing of “Uncle Joe.”

As an observer of American criminal justice, I have occasionally reflected on the fact that what matters most in the modern criminal justice system is not the nature of an alleged crime but how loyal a defendant is to the expansive modern state. It doesn’t matter how many crimes you’ve committed; all that matters is whether, at the moment of your arrest, you embraced the state and aligned yourself with prosecutors against all of your former friends and family members. A savvy arrestee can even avoid jail time altogether if he quickly agrees to become an informant or a witness for the state against his friends or family–regardless of his crimes.

And now there is further evidence of the Sovietization of the United States. On February 6, 2015, The “Free Beacon” news site published a story about U.S. Special Forces Captain Matt Golsteyn. Golsteyn had been awarded a “Silver Star” medal for heroism during a gun battle in Afghanistan in 2010. . But after Pentagon Brass read remarks by Golsteyn published in a 2011 book entitled “The Wrong War,” they evidently initiated efforts to strip Golsteyn of his medal. Golsteyn had criticized U.S. military strategy in Afghanistan. Now we read that Golsteyn has been stripped of his Silver Star medal—without so much being charged with any wrongdoing.

Lysander Spooner University’s July 24th Climate-Change Photo Research Project

Grinnell Glacier 8-30-11

Grinnell Glacier

No one denies “the greenhouse effect.” We can observe it in greenhouses. But we are scientists, and we are scientifically skeptical of claims by government-friendly alarmists who claim that humanity must adopt various repeatedly-failed socialist policies in order to save the planet from manmade global warming.


Al Gore’s Nobel Prize-winning film, lecture series, and “movement” to push for more socialism to counter manmade global warming specifically pointed to Glacier National Park as “ground zero” for proving or framing the issue. Gore has made several specific claims about what will happen to the glaciers in Glacier National Park. Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth cited Glacier National Park (and the Park’s Grinnell Glacier) as its second piece of evidence in support of the manmade global warming theory (the first being Mount Kilimanjaro).

The New York Times, like many other pro-government sources, has claimed that the glaciers in Glacier National Park will likely be gone “[i]n 30 years” or so, because of human production of CO2.

We do not deny that there has been melting of glaciers in Glacier Park over the past century. However, it is easy to be swayed by suggestive photographs of Glacier Park snowfields that appear to show that Glacier Park’s snowfields are vanishing entirely. Often these photos are taken during the height of recent very hot summers and compared to photos taken during other seasons of the year in the past—and presented without specifying dates!

For example, the government’s USGS Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center (NOROCK) website shows two photos (above on the right) of the Grinnell Glacier (one purportedly from “circa 1940” and the other from 1996 (a very warm year). Notice that no specific dates are provided.

Those of us who live in Montana know that all of the high-elevation mountains around us are covered with ice and snow in winter and that they then shed all or most of this snow–down to various permanent snowfields and glaciers–by summers’ ends.

The USGS purports to have a “project” (probably costing taxpayers many thousands of dollars annually) which emphasizes “repeat photography” of the same Glacier Park locations for “communicating effects of global warming”. The Project does not appear to spend much energy on specifying dates.

But a wealth of conflicting imagery is provided by typing the words “Grinnell Glacier” into online search engines. One may find dozens of recent (post-2006) images of the Grinnell Glacier which appear to show the Grinnell Glacier LARGER, not smaller than it appeared in the USGS’ 2006 “repeat photography” image. See, for example, the image on the left above, apparently taken by someone in August 2011.

Such research can be done without ever setting foot on the Overlook Trail above Grinnell Glacier. However, it would be good to record imagery from similar vantage points every year on the same date.

LYSANDER SPOONER UNIVERSITY PROPOSES ITS OWN RESEARCH PROJECT: To have multiple photographers record images of Grinnell Glacier (and other glacial sites in and out of Glacier National Park) every year on the same (traditionally hot summer) date. According to the meteorologists at, the hottest date of the year tends to be around July 24th.

Will you commit to taking an accurate photo of a prominent glacial location on July 24th and sending it to us? Email us at [email protected] to coordinate.

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