US Postal Service Again Loses Billions

Washington, DC. November 2023. Once again, the US Postal Service is reporting massive losses. The Service lost $6.5 billion in the past year. See here.

The Postal Service enjoys every possible advantage in the market. It pays no property, income, or corporate taxes. It owns and occupies some of the world’s most valuable and strategic real estate. Yet the Service is run by government principles; so it hasn’t reported a profit in a decade.

For the Postal Service, delivering mail is the second, or third, purpose. The first priority is delivering high pay and benefits to the Service’s “workers.” And perhaps second is the Service’s obsessive goal of surveilling and spying on Americans.

Postal Service jobs are so lucrative that thousands of people apply for every opening. And there are some Postal Service routes that are subcontracted to private mail deliverers. In those routes, the mail is delivered at approximately half the cost that the government Service would cost to deliver the same mail.