The Police Bubble is Bursting in D.C.: Bloated Pay and Benefits Lead to Decreases in Force; “Conservatives” Continue with “War on Policing” Narrative


The policing industry is a bubble that is about to burst. Police officers nationwide are grossly overpaid and lavished with luxurious benefits. Many cities cannot keep up with police pension obligations and are being forced to make cuts.

Washington, D.C.’s police force has been compelled to shed aging officers. And “conservative” columnist Matt Vespa complains that the “D.C. Police Force Falls Below 3,800 Officers” even as homicides in the District are supposedly “surging.” See here.

It a loathsome tradition among people who call themselves conservatives to adore and worship men in uniform (Cops, Firefighters, and Soldiers) even as these same voices pretend to extoll the original intent of the Constitution and call for “limited government.” (Note that the Constitution’s Framers knew nothing of professional policing and deliberately tried to prohibit the government from supporting a perennial soldiery.)

Since the recent police abuse controversies in Ferguson, Missouri and elsewhere, “conservatives” have been proclaiming that police nationwide are “under siege” or under cultural attack.

Vespa conveniently FAILS TO MENTION that D.C. police salaries have grown significantly faster than inflation in recent decades, and that there are hundreds and perhaps thousands of D.C. cops pulling in 6-figure salaries.