Scientific American Falls Further: Magazine Now Abandons All Pretext of Objectivity in Pursuit of Climate Socialism


In case one needed more evidence that the “Scientific American” magazine has become a political sheet rather than a science periodical.

A December 1, 2015 article in the once-respected science magazine bore the title, “Without Government, the Marketplace Will Not Solve Climate Change.”

The political essay, by global-warming hysteric Naomi Oreskes, provided such tidbits as these:

“For the past 30 years the ideology of the unfettered marketplace has so dominated our discourse that most of us can scarcely imagine an alternative way of organizing our affairs.” [Note that this is falsified by almost every measurement of regulation and government growth rates.]

“Investment in scientific research, public education and infrastructure is a common good, but our commitments to those activities have been weakened in recent decades.” [Again, this is falsified by the most superficial analysis of government taxation and spending on lower, secondary and post-secondary education, as well as government research funding.]

“Above all, we have to reject the canard that addressing climate change threatens our liberty.”