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While mainstream pro-government “news” claims July 4 was earth’s hottest day, all recognized data indicates we are living in a cool period.

All western “mainstream” (meaning government-supported and supporting) media have been trumpeting the notion that mankind is currently experiencing the hottest days on record. But true global temp records (meaning satellite measurements) have only existed for around 40 years. Prior to the satellite era (mid-1970s and beyond) the earth was covered very spottily by long-term thermometers. …

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Government “snow and ice data center” AGAIN caught faking its “multi-year ice extinction” charts

Agency deletes and publishes ‘correction forthcoming’ statement after being caught (yet again) by data analyst Tony Heller. The National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) is a massively funded government institution in Boulder, Colorado. It receives funding from the University of Colorado, NOAA and NASA. For years the “data center” has put out a series …

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