Government “snow and ice data center” AGAIN caught faking its “multi-year ice extinction” charts

Agency deletes and publishes ‘correction forthcoming’ statement after being caught (yet again) by data analyst Tony Heller.

The National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) is a massively funded government institution in Boulder, Colorado. It receives funding from the University of Colorado, NOAA and NASA.

For years the “data center” has put out a series of official charts and stories indicating that “multi-year ice” in the Arctic is melting away due to manmade global warming. (A few years ago, the “data center” even suggested that multi-year ice (meaning ice at least 5 years old) was “effectively gone.”)

Data analyst Tony Heller, a scientist and computer programmer who publishes the blog “,” has repeatedly caught the government agency changing its charts as “4-year-old” ice approaches its “5th birthday.” See here. Heller happens to live in Boulder, Colorado himself.

This year–once again–the NSIDC was caught failing to show that its “4-year-old” ice depicted on its online charts became “5-year-old” ice. The agency’s failure to acknowledge that “multi-year ice” is growing in the Arctic helps promote the international, cross-governmental thesis that catastrophic-manmade-global-warming-by-CO2 is occurring and only worldwide socialism and taxation can save the earth.

After Heller and others alerted the public that the “data center” was again fudging its numbers, the agency quickly deleted the relevant web pages and posted a “correction forthcoming” statement. See here.