Brazil issues arrest warrants for comedians and journalists who criticized government

Rio De Janeiro. Dec. Many international observers report that Brazil is currently undergoing a communist-style takeover along the lines of Russia’s October Revolution in 1917 (just as many countries are currently undergoing communist-style takeovers). Elections have been rigged. Opponents of the government have fled or are in hiding. And now key officials have begun rounding up dissidents.

Brazilian Supreme Court Chief Justice Alexandre de Moraes–a close friend and ally of Brazil’s socialist president Lula–“continues to crack down on the pro-Bolsonaro opposition ahead of the scheduled communist takeover Jan. 1.” Moraes has issued arrest orders for vocal opposition speakers such as Indigenous Chief Serere Xavante, Pastor Fabiano Oliveira and federal deputies Carlos Von and Capitão Assumção on charges of “undemocratic acts.”

Justice Moraes blocked hundreds of anti-government posts on social media, seized bank accounts of dissidents, and issued numerous arrest warrants for critics of the government–without the authority of Brazil’s justice department.

But while Xavante, Oliveira and Assumcao have been rounded up, several other noteworthy dissidents have fled. Comedians Eustáquio and Fugazza “are now in hiding or on the run. They were seen at the protests outside the Presidential Alvorada Palace in Brasilía recently, where the Federal Police have been looking for them.”