Wikipedia Founder says CIA has controlled the online encyclopedia for 15 years

A few years ago, Zerohedge ran an article reporting that hundreds if not thousands of federal agents secretly spend their 8-hour shifts editing the online encyclopedia known as Wikipedia. This news got very little traction in mainstream presses.

Now Wikipedia co-founder Lawrence Mark Sanger says the CIA and other intelligence agencies have been in charge of Wikipedia for 15 years. See Sanger’s interview with Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald.

Sanger also said these covert agencies have been pushing the site to show leftist, socialist, and pro-government ideological beliefs as facts.

Wikipedia now officially lists “80 percent of the major sources of news on the right to be unreliable.” The site references pro-government (and government-supported) news sources such as CNN, MSNBC and New York Times as authoritative. See here.

Greenwald points out that Google and other search engines are now intertwined with Wikipedia, and promote Wikipedia’s contents above all other contents when people type in search terms.

Today, Wikipedia’s government-controlled content literally populates the windows which open when Google and other search engines bring up lists of information regarding any topic.