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Newspaper editor (and his lawyer) charged with felonies for filing public records requests

Journalism which supports the state is probably the world’s safest profession. Journalism which attacks, critically investigates, or undermines the state has always been one of the world’s most dangerous professions. Now a reporter in Georgia, along with his attorney, have been arrested and charged with FELONIES for filing public records requests regarding a powerful local …

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Federal Prosecutors have been Secretly Viewing Defense Legal Documents for a Decade

Astounding news from the federal courts of south Florida. It has been revealed that the U.S. Attorneys Office has had secret access to all documents used by the defense teams they litigate against for more than 10 years! Some people still think federal courts function according to an adversarial model, with the government pitted against …

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Nevada judge orders defense attorney handcuffed for arguing too zealously

The American criminal courts have collapsed as venues for fairly evaluating criminal claims. Today’s criminal courts overwhelmingly support and favor the prosecution bar and disregard the rights of defendants. Many judges are practically co-counsel with local district attorneys. Here is a story about a Nevada judge who grew tired of hearing a defense lawyer argue …

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4th Circuit Court of Appeals: Government May Track Americans by Cell Phones without Warrant

Astounding blow to privacy from the U.S. 4th Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia. See here. For years the government has been arguing that any information you give up to a “3rd party” is not “private.” Thus, the government may intercept it without so much as a warrant. Although warrants are necessary for government …

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Felony charges for bartenders who sold Wisconsin beer in Minnesota

A pair of hapless bartenders are being criminally prosecuted for felonies. Their alleged crime? Transporting some Wisconsin craft beer into nearby Minnesota and offering it for sale at a Minnesota bar. See here!

Chicago officials paid $5 million in hush money to keep police murder tape from leaking to the public; Payment was timed to save reelection campaigns

More darkness, evil and corruption out of the failed socialist city-state of Chicago. Information has surfaced that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel and City lawyers conspired to pay $5 million in hush money to the family of murdered pedestrian Laquan McDonald. See here. You couldn’t make this stuff up if you were writing a horror script …

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Jury: Cops FRAMED Innocent Man for Murder

We’re all aware of the MORE THAN 200 CASES in which DNA evidence has proven that the justice system wrongly convicted innocent people. Most of these wrongful convictions are blamed on incompetence, bad police work, or general negligence. Now in a lawsuit over his wrongful 1981 murder conviction, Donald Gates (who spent 27 years in …

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Two Schoolboys Criminally Charged with Insulting Turkish President

Every government ultimately comes for all freedom, all property, all money, and to kill all who resist. Only the vitality of the private sector stands in their way. Now two small children in Turkey are being criminally prosecuted for tearing down a poster of their purported government master, Erdogan. During the past two years, artists, …

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Federal Prosecutors Fail to Convict Ron Paul’s Two Top Campaign Officials

One of the most dangerous things one can do in any society is lead a movement that threatens the fundamental dominance of a king, a reigning politician, or prevailing government. During the 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns, the Ron Paul movement was just such a threat to the sitting establishment. Last year, the U.S. Justice …

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Details Emerge Regarding Chicago Police Department’s Torture Warehouse

More details are emerging regarding the torture and interrogation warehouse used for years by the Chicago Police Department. See here. At least 6,000 “suspects” were arrested and taken to the warehouse over the years. The Chicago PD maintained NO BOOKING RECORDS at the site, and thus hid arrestees from lawyers and their families while the …

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