Details Emerge Regarding Chicago Police Department’s Torture Warehouse


More details are emerging regarding the torture and interrogation warehouse used for years by the Chicago Police Department. See here.

At least 6,000 “suspects” were arrested and taken to the warehouse over the years. The Chicago PD maintained NO BOOKING RECORDS at the site, and thus hid arrestees from lawyers and their families while the arrestees were illegally interrogated, pressured to snitch on others, and/or tortured.

Inmates were not allowed to use a telephone.

More than 80 percent of detainees were Black.

Arrestees were booked–again, without any records–and detained in the interrogation facility for days at a time, often before being taken to actual, official, jail facilities.

The revelations reveal a general collapse of law and constitutional due process, and an apathy by members of the legal profession regarding basic civil liberties.