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Juror Regrets Convicting Innocent Man of Murder two decades earlier

Very sad video of a juror who voted to convict Michael Morton of killing his wife 25 years ago. After DNA evidence showed that another man had killed Ms. Morton, other evidence surfaced indicating that government agents and prosecutors had hidden important facts from the defense.

FBI overstated forensic hair matches in nearly all criminal trials — for decades.

The Washington Post is out with a report that the FBI’s Forensic experts falsely testified in hundreds of criminal trials that hair samples taken from crime scenes matched hair folicles taken from defendants. In every one of these cases, the FBI was lying, exaggerating or overstating the strength of the alleged hair match. In many …

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Federal “Cybercrime” Investigators Seek Total Power over Internet; Are Caught Engaging in Online Identity Theft, Online Blackmail, Online Money Laundering, etc.

About a month ago, federal prosecutors successfully prosecuted an internet entrepreneur for launching a lucrative anonymous cyber exchange known as “the Silk Road.” FBI agents supposedly worked to investigate and shut down the free-exchange web network for several years. Federal efforts against “the Silk Road” exchange were accompanied by a massive across-federal-agencies offensive promoting more …

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Federal Prosecutors Now Threaten to Prosecute People Unless They Convince Their Loved Ones to Plead Guilty

In 2008, federal prosecutors were stymied because Rod Blagojevich, the former governor of Illinois, refused to plead guilty to corruption charges. (In recent years, in most American jurisdictions, roughly 80 to 95 percent of all criminal defendants plead guilty and waive their rights to trials.) It has now been revealed that federal prosecutors approached ROBERT …

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