Climate Change Sailors are Apparently Lying to the Public by Secretly Using an Icebreaker to Travel through Arctic Ice


A group of fame-seeking manmade-global-warming alarmists are making headlines around the world with claims that they are sailing around the North Pole which is virtually ice-free.

The boat’s crew have bought into government statements that ice is disappearing in the Arctic.

Unfortunately for the crewmen of the sailboat, the government claims about unusual melting are lies.

Tony Heller writes that “They have zero chance of getting through without an icebreaker. It has become abundantly clear that these people are attempting to defraud the public about the state of Arctic ice.”

When Heller tried to contact the crew to ask if they are being led by an icebreaker vessel, the crew shut off all communications.

“So far,” Heller writes,

“everyone who has asked the Polar Ocean crew if they are being accompanied by an icebreaker has been blocked [on Twitter]. I was blocked by another crew member today for asking “Ben, are you being accompanied by an icebreaker through the Northeast Passage?””

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