May 2016 archive

Egyptian teenager arrested for street satire

Egyptian government officials have arrested a teenage comedian who criticized government. See here.

Egyptian court sentences journalists to death

Journalism in favor of government has always been one of the safest occupations in the world. Journalism disfavored by government has always been one of the world’s most dangerous occupations. Now there is news that an Egyptian court has sentenced three journalists to death for supposedly reporting facts that undermined Egypt’s “national security.” Thankfully, the …

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Government slave plantation health care generating more ‘group doctor visits’

Every government program designed to help poor people get health care produces the opposite effect: Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare all subsidize artificial demand, causing prices to rise. If government withdrew its evil tentacles from health care, medical prices would quickly adjust downward and quality would quickly adjust upward. Markets always win. Now the New York …

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Tennessee requires 300 hours of government training to shampoo hair

The poor in today’s America are getting poorer all the time, relative to the rest of American society. The reason is government regulation, which keeps poor people from being free to pursue rewarding careers or to otherwise be productive. Many states require licenses for people to enter even the simplest professions such as barbering, managing …

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Update: Glacier Park’s ‘Gone by 2030’ Web Pages are Still Up; They Are Sticking to their Guns

by Roger I. Roots Yesterday, May 5, 2016, I posted and promoted a story indicating that the USGS (U.S. Geological Survey) appears to be removing webpages claiming that all glaciers will melt away from Glacier National Park by the year 2030–just 14 years from now. I have since been informed that the USGS has recently …

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We are having an impact: the government has already begun removing links to its ‘Glacier Park glaciers disappearing’ sites

by Dr. Roger Roots, founder of Lysander Spooner University. In the fall of 2015 I offered a bet of $5,000 if the glaciers at Glacier National Park disappear by 2030 (as predicted in all GNP signage, pamphlets, films and publications). See here. As of yet, no one has taken me up on my bet. The …

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6 starving Venezuelan soldiers arrested for stealing goats

Socialism is a curse that one should wish on a hated enemy. Perhaps the easiest way to weaken and destroy a society is to impose socialism on that society. Over the weekend, six members of the Venezuelan military were detained by local authorities for stealing goats for food. See here.

Medical Industry Becomes More Dangerous as it Becomes More Regulated: Medical Errors are now Third Leading Cause of Death

Never before in world history has an industry fallen under so much regulation as the current U.S. Medical Industry, an industry gorged on government money. Yet medical mistakes are now the third leading cause of death in America. See here. Only heart disease and cancer claim more lives. Indeed, “medical errors” in hospitals and other …

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Canadian citizen working in Nepal arrested by Nepalese authorities after criticizing Nepal’s government

Every government that has ever existed has ultimately come for all property, all money, all freedom, and to kill all who resist. Governments often view criticism as treason or sedition, and claim that dissenting voices are trying to commit terrorism or overthrow the government. Now a Canadian citizen with a work visa to Nepal has …

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Another ‘firefighter’ charged with setting fires he helped extinguish

Over the years, countless government firefighters have been found to have started the fires they ‘heroically’ help extinguish. Hundreds if not thousands of deadly arsons have been secretly set by government firefighters. This is true of home arsons as well as forest fires. It may even be that a sizeable percentage of all arsons are …

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