May 2016 archive

Socialist Bernie Sanders Donates Almost Nothing to Charity: He challenges ‘the Fundamental Concepts on Which Charities are Based”!

This Washington Post story exposed the fact that Bernie Sanders–unlike Hillary Clinton and most other major-party candidates for President over several decades–has refused to disclose his most recent income tax returns (or much tax info at all). This isn’t much of a story. Sanders is under no obligation to publicize his income tax information. But …

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Obamacare impoverishing millions

The government’s 2016 projections for Obamacare enrollees were off by 24 million people. The public has balked at sky-high premiums and deductables, while insurers have lost BILLIONS. Now the insurance companies are saying they will need to spike premiums in 2017. For example, in Virginia, a state that reports early, nine insurers returning to the …

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