Congress to Actually Investigate the Government’s Temperature “Adjustments”


Trusters of expansive, invasive, intrusive government frequently tout the government’s claims that global temperatures are rising due to human-released carbon dioxide. These claims are used to promote various socialist reforms including higher taxes and more government controls.

But the claim of global warming rests only on theory, computer “modeling” and government (and government-funded) earth temperature records. Satellite and weather balloon temp data SHOW NO WARMING WHATSOEVER IN 18 YEARS, even as rates of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have grown.

Making the government’s claims even more suspicious is the fact that government-supported scientists at NOAA and elsewhere have been routinely caught “adjusting” land temperature records. They claim such adjustments are entirely scientific.

But skeptics point to the fact that the government temperature “adjustments” tend to make the past seem colder than originally measured.

Efforts to see the government scientists’ methods or formula for their “adjustments”–including even Freedom-Of-Information-Act requests–have not produced the records.

Now, a congressional subcommittee is looking into the matter, according to the Washington Post.

Stay tuned!!!