Science Group Asks NASA to Remove Bogus “97 % Consensus” Claim From NASA Website


Politicians promoting the government’s catastrophic-global-warming-by-manmade-CO2 claims routinely reference a discredited statistic, stating without condition that there is a “97 percent consensus” among scientists that human-released carbon dioxide is causing the earth to warm.

Power-grabbing public officials point to the figure as stated on NASA websites to suggest that governments must have substantially more power over the private sector.

In some cases, the “97 percent” figure is cited by overt socialists seeking an abolition of private business and a banning of capitalism and property rights entirely.

But the Friends of Science point out that the “97 percent” figure is deceptively drawn from three purported studies, whose methods have been widely discredited. See here.

A more accurate figure, according to the Friends of Science, would be around 1 to 4 percent of scientists who believe in the governments’ predictions of global apocalypse or catastrophe.

Indeed, numerous skeptics have pointed out that THEY THEMSELVES would be considered part of the “consensus,” because they would respond, “yes,” to a question of whether they thought humans have ANY effect on global temperature. Numerous skeptics contend that the human impact on temps is actually quite tiny, and that the sun is the primary driver of global warming.

Still other skeptics point to satellite and weather-balloon data that show that THERE HAS BEEN NO GLOBAL WARMING IN 18 YEARS, even if the globe has slightly warmed over the past century. See here.