Union loudly pushes $15 minimum wage–then quietly seeks its own “exemption” from its impacts!


Socialists and trusters of central planning are notorious hypocrites.

But here is a story about the AFL-CIO that “takes the cake.” The AFL-CIO loudly promotes raising minimum wages around the country.

(Some 100 peer-reviewed economic studies have established that raising (or imposing) a minimum wage is linked with higher unemployment rates–especially for those at the lowest socioeconomic levels).

In LA, the AFL-CIO successfully lobbied the City to impose a $15-per-hour minimum wage. Then the AFL-CIO (behind the scenes) sought an exemption from the minimum wage for its own workers! See here.

In Seattle, a Socialist group which had been pushing for a $20-per-hour minimum wage law–often claiming that wages lower than $20 were inhuman–recently posted a job offer for an experienced professional web developer. The socialists offered $13 an hour. See here.