More Anti-Government Polling Data: Americans Prefer a Government Shutdown to Continuing Growth in Government Spending


Our masters in government never tire of reminding us that Congress must raise the debt ceiling and keep government growing.

“Conservative” insiders say that voters will punish Republicans if Republicans in Congress ever challenge the President’s spending increases and “shut the government down.”

But new polling shows–OVERWHELMINGLY–that a large majority of voters WOULD PREFER A GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN to a continuous raising of the U.S. debt limit without assurances of spending cuts.

73 percent of Republican voters said Congress should raise the debt ceiling only if President Obama accepts substantial spending cuts. A SUPERMAJORITY–74 percent–say it is worth a government shutdown to force spending reductions. See here.

44 percent of DEMOCRATS were also willing to close government to force spending cuts. Overall, A 50 PERCENT MAJORITY SUPPORT conditioning any raising of the federal debt ceiling on drastic spending cuts, and 11 percent OPPOSE BOOSTING THE CEILING UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.