Aug 19

More doctors leaving the medical profession, citing growing hassles, regulation

The medical profession is probably the world’s most overregulated profession. Compliance paperwork is now a major component of being a medical doctor.

And recently, the industry’s authorities have pushed for all medical records to be digitized and electronic–so that such records can be easily transferred to other doctors (and the government).

Many older physicians are simply retiring or changing careers; and many promising young people are avoiding the industry like the plague.

This in spite of a serious scarcity of physicians across the United States. See here.

Aug 11

Private donations to Puerto Rico intercepted by government; food left to rot; hundreds dead

SAN JUAN, P.R. If the private sector had been free to help Puerto Ricans after the devastating hurricanes of 2017, the island would have quickly recovered. Power and running water would have been restored within a week.

But government officials “took charge” of donations and recovery efforts. Some Puerto Ricans have been without power and water for a year.

Now MSN News is reporting that at least 10 trailers full of food, water and baby supplies donated for victims of Hurricane Maria were left to rot at a state elections office in Puerto Rico, where they broke open and became infested by rats.

“Records show that an additional 1,427 people died in the months after the storm, compared to previous years.”

Aug 08

Professor John Lamb: I will walk again!

An update on Lysander Spooner University’s favorite professor of journalism, John Lamb.

In April John was involved in a horrible and tragic traffic wreck on I-90 near Three Forks, Montana. John smashed into a semi tractor and it took more than 45 minutes to pry his body from the wreckage.

John Lamb broke dozens of bones and ribs and suffered critical damage to his internal organs. It is likely that some 100 screws and pieces of metal and plastic have been introduced into John’s body. His right foot and leg had to be almost completely rebuilt.

John’s journey to recovery began at Bozeman Deaconness Emergency Room. He was later moved to other units of Bozeman Deaconness and later to nursing home facilities. His community of support have provided him with a medical transport van, a motorized wheel chair and countless other blessings.

John was flat on his back for months and continues to need a motorized wheelchair. He cannot stand up without extreme pain. He is nonetheless confident and determined that he will someday walk again.

Many thanks to John Lamb and so many others. God bless John as he faces another surgery this week.

Aug 08

Study: Welfare has impoverished millions, poisoned entire communities

“Welfare” in the popular sense originated in the 1960s with President Lyndon Johnson’s “War on Poverty.” By the 1980s, profound research by academics documented that households which accepted welfare payments were WORSE OFF 5 years later compared to similarly-situated households which did not receive welfare “benefits.” (Much of this research was PAID FOR BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and was conducted by professors who detested the results.)

By the Clinton Administration in the 1990s, a groundswell of criticism had formed around welfare policy. Congress enacted legislation aimed at requiring welfare recipients to seek employment, and at gradually moving ‘beneficiaries’ off of the programs.

By the 2000s, most social scientists were reporting that the Clinton-era efforts to limit welfare were creating better outcomes for recipients—measured by financial, physical, and mental health. (And it became clear that total abolition of welfare would produce even better results for the poor.)

Now a new study, “The Long-run Effects of Anti-Poverty Policies on Disadvantaged Neighborhoods” by economists David Neumark and Brittany Bass of the University of California, Irvine, and Brian Asquith of the National Bureau of Economic research confirms that welfare “benefits” are poison to entire communities. Similarly situated households which do not participate in welfare have better outcomes over the long run.

Aug 05

Oregon State Computers Crash for 8 to 48 Hours across the State

Governments everywhere seek constantly to take over and control the world’s computer systems–frequently claiming people’s computer are vulnerable to failure, sabotage, hacking or “cyberterror.” When these messages fail to gain traction, governments claim they must control everyone’s computer use to stop corporations from charging differently for different speeds, or from charging the poor more than the rich; or something.

Yet governments have terrible track records regarding their own abilities to keep their computer systems up and running. In 20010 the U.S. government’s ‘Obamacare’ websites completely failed for weeks and even months despite outlays of millions of dollars of tax money. (A private, free, website which helped viewers identify and find health insurance options was up and running throughout the entire period.)

Now the government of Oregon has admitted that for a period of 8 to 48 hours around June 9, 2018, the entire State computer system of networks utterly failed. The State of Oregon spends millions annually on the systems, but claims that all 4 or its primary servers simultaneously failed or would not function properly.

Aug 05

South African government prepares to take farmland from owners without compensation

The socialist government of South Africa has sanctioned killings of hundreds of property owners in recent years.

Now, once again, the government is making clear its intention to remove white farmers from the land and take the land without compensation. See here.

Aug 05

Chinese government censors all info about vaccine failures–again

July 27. Epoch Times.

China’s censorship regime once again kicked into full swing to conceal information that a major Chinese vaccine producer has produced and sold many hundreds of thousands of doses of vaccines which were either “substandard,” contained little or no vaccine, or contaminated.

The Chinese internet has scrubbed all information about the coverrup. Online searches for content with words such as ‘vaccine’ yield no information about the scandal.

Chinese government censors previously scrubbed the country’s internet of all info about deaths from contaminated infant formula in 2008. See here.

Jul 30

“Medicare for All” proposal would cost $32.6 TRILLION; require more than doubling of all taxation

The GDP of the U.S.–the total economic output of the country annually–is about $16 trillion annually. (And this is deceptively large because it includes government spending in addition to private spending–and government funds are actually taken (and therefore reduced) from the private sector).

A new study predicts that Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for All” plan would cost some $32.6 trillion over ten years. That’s roughly $2.5 to $3 trillion annually.

The findings are similar to several independent studies of the proposal.

Doubling all federal and corporate taxes would not bring in enough money to pay for the proposal.

Jul 29

Britons voted TWO YEARS AGO to leave the EU; their government has defied them at every step; now the military is ready to crush any uprisings

Anyone who thinks that people in the west are free because they can vote should be watching the ‘Brexit’ events in England.

Two years ago, Brits defied their own government and EVERY MAJOR NEWS OUTLET AND MAJOR SOCIAL INSTITUTION (many of which–like those in the U.S.–are secretly government funded and controlled) and voted to leave the European Union.

First the world’s governments and ‘mainstream’ (meaning government-supporting) media predicted financial collapse for England. That didn’t happen (and in fact, England is thriving financially and outperforming other European economies).

Now the government of Britain is dragging its feet–openly refusing to exit the E.U. Some government official say the people will need to vote A SECOND TIME to assure the government that they really want freedom.

And now the government has summoned the military to be at the ready when deadlines approach and government fails to deliver on independence. See here.

Jul 28

An entire VA facility in Denver did no work whatsoever for a year.

Many thousands of U.S. military veterans have died waiting for government slave plantation health care at the Veterans Administration. The VA inspector general recently reported that it is possible that over 300,000 veterans have died while waiting for their appointments.

Last June, it was reported that nearly 100 veterans died while waiting for health care at the Los Angeles VA hospital.

Now, in Denver, Colorado, multiple whistleblowers in a VA facility have come forward to say that they spent as much as an entire year being paid to do nothing.

Some VA employees were paid close to $100,000 a year and had no assigned duties at the office.

Government “workers” at the Denver facility “pretty much star[e] at the wall all day kind of just hanging out every day pretty much with nothing to do.” The entire office of 11 employees basically did no work from April 2017 to April 2018.

“I`m not going to lie I did not have any work assigned” said one whistleblower.

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