Mar 17

More layoffs at pro-government newspapers

The pro-government Denver Post employed 600 reporters a decade ago. Last week the paper announced it would soon be cutting its news staff from 90 to about 60.

Now it is down to just 60 or so reporters.

The Chicago Tribune also laid off Fourteen newsroom staffers this week.

Last month, the San Jose Mercury News was hit with another round of terminations, as many as 27 staffers were either laid off or bought out.

In late January, the East Bay Times wiped out a quarter of its editorial staff through layoffs and buy outs — a total of 28 staffers.

Government supporting (and supported) newspapers continue to lose paying readers and subscribers. See here.

Mar 15

Denver Post cuts one-third of newsroom jobs

Pro-government, or “mainstream” news sources are dying. Readers won’t pay for government propaganda.

Now there is word that the Denver Post is eliminating one-third of its newsroom staff. See here.

Mar 11

Harvard study: Heart attack patients have higher survival rates when the doctor is away

An astounding study finds that heart attack patients who arrive at hospitals when the government-licensed doctor is away HAVE HIGHER SURVIVAL RATES than those who see a doctor.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports on the study here.

The study found that 19.5 percent of patients died within 30 days of admission when the doctor was present, but just 16.9 percent died when the cardiologist was away.

Reasons are unclear. It may be that government-approved physicians are trained to administer more traumatic emergency procedures–such as stents–while lower-level nurses and staff focus on immediate survival. Patients who manage to survive the initial minutes of a heart attack then become more likely to take charge of their own health when no doctor is available.

Mar 10

Defense Attorneys Notice Secret Hidden Microphone in their Inmate Client Meeting Room–and are Ordered to Keep Quiet About It!

A declassified document has been recently found attached to a court filing in a federal court case. The document reveals that defense lawyers for the alleged bombers of the USS Cole quit the case after discovering a microphone in their special client meeting room.

Even more startling is that the lawyers were ordered not to either talk about or investigate the microphone. The Miami Herald has broken the story.

Rick Kammen, a seasoned death-penalty defender, along with Rosa Eliades and Mary Spears, all resigned from the legal team of the defendants.

Mar 10

Turkish government sentences 24 journalists to prison for ‘supporting terrorism’

Pro-government journalism has always been the world’s safest profession.

Anti-government journalism has always been the world’s most dangerous profession.

Now there is news that a court in Turkey has sentenced 24 journalists who asked too many questions to prison. Their alleged crime? Supporting ‘terrorism.’

According to the New York Times,

Most of the journalists worked for news organizations that are considered friendly to Fetullah Gulen, a cleric living in seclusion in a small town in Pennsylvania. The Turkish government claims that Mr. Gulen leads a shadowy, violent movement aiming to overthrow President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Twenty-two of the journalists were sentenced to 6¼ to 7½ years in prison. The other two were given time served.

Recently the Turkish government has also purged tens of thousands of people suspected of disloyalty from the government and the military, and thousands more have been arrested and charged with supporting terrorism.

Mar 07

Government “rescue” officers refused to Rescue Students in Parkland School Shooting

New revelations from the Florida Parkland School Shooting.

It seems that Broward County, Florida officials gave the order that no rescues or medical emergency assistance should be provided to the shooting victims. See here.

Government “search and rescue” officials frequently prohibit the public from helping or rescuing those in peril, preferring to have government take all credit for rescues.

Mar 05

Government “Disease Control” Agency Asks for more Money and Power as Life Expectancy Declines

Never in American history has the federal government had more power over the health and medical care of the American people.

And life expectancy has gone down for the past two consecutive years, as American health care choices are increasingly choked and controlled by government.

But the government “Center for Disease Control” is now seeking even more money and power–with the claim that the decreasing life expectancy is due to the “opioid crisis.” See here.

Mar 05

Socialist California has America’s worst Quality of Life

High taxes, cops and other government “workers” everywhere, and life-choking regulations have made California the most miserable place to live in the U.S. See here.

California has America’s largest and most powerful “environmental protection” agencies yet has the worst environment. Drinking water quality, air quality and total toxic chemical pollution per square mile are the worst in the country. “The ranking also considers how much each state puts its citizens at risk for long-term, chronic health effects from pollution,” the study said.

Feb 27

Venezuelan inmates eating rats and pidgeons for survival

The curse of government planning should be wished only on a hated enemy.

Just 25 years ago, Venezuelans were the healthiest and wealthiest people in Latin America. Then they voted for socialism.

Now, with government distributing and controlling all goods in Venezuelan society, People die in knife fights in food lines. Lifesaving medicines are scarce or unobtainable. Children walk the streets as prostitutes.

Now there is news that Venezuelan inmates must eat rats and insects to avoid starvation. See here.

Feb 26

California Cities Accused of Securities Fraud over “Climate Change” Claims

Last year the governments of several California cities sued Exxon for supposed-predicted-future damage from “climate change.”

The cities all claim their streets, bridges and other infrastructures will be damaged horribly by the actions of the fossil fuel company.

But it appears the California cities are committing securities fraud.

The same city governments have never mentioned these supposed future calamities to their own bond investors.

In fact, Exxon’s lawyers have found statements by city representatives that the representatives were “unable to predict” if future flooding from “climate change” might occur. See here.

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