Oct 20

Largest governments agree to censor, ban and control ‘terror’ messaging in media

Every government ultimately comes for all freedom, all resources, all property, and to kill or cage all who resist.

Now the “G7” (the world’s 7 most powerful governments) are combining with a common goal: to push for controls on the internet which are deemed “terrorist” or “jihadist.” See here.

(Of course, nothing said here should be construed as supportive of Islamicism–which is its own brand of tyranny).

Beware: freedoms of speech, press, expression and advocacy may be imperiled in the future like never before.

Oct 18

Government schools increasingly ban Halloween due to political incorrectness concerns

There is nothing constitutional about public schools. Early Americans knew nothing of them. They educated themselves according to their needs, with private schooling or home schooling.

But public schools have taken over America’s education over the past century. And through such schools, government incessantly promotes its agenda of central planning, government control and regulation.

Now public schools in Massachusetts are banning Halloween because it is politically incorrect. Too many costumes are troublesome–either depicting ‘wrong’ identities or causing other students to suffer traumatically. See here.

Over time, governments have turned every holiday that originally celebrated freedom into a holiday celebrating the state. Armistice day–which was originally a celebration of peace and the end of WWI–has been transformed into ‘Veterans Day’ to celebrate the soldiers of the state. Independence day–which originally celebrated defiance of the the state–has been transformed into a day of worship of the state.

Oct 16

More New Yorkers using Uber than government-controlled cabs

The market always wins.

For years, state and local governments have imposed hundreds of pages of regulations on cab companies. Cab companies often are made to get a “certificate of need” from the government before starting up. Cab companies must get government approval for all their rates, fares, routes and operating areas.

In some places, government-approved cab companies must constantly appear before government “taxi boards” composed of members of entrenched cab companies.

The regs ensure that poor people and people not approved by good-ol-boy establishments are kept out of the industry.

But a few years ago, enterprises such as Uber and Lyft began launching app-based “ride-sharing” businesses allowing common citizens to transport passengers who contact them by cell phone or I-phone apps.

Now, more riders in NYC are using Uber than the entrenched, government-approved taxi companies. See here.

Oct 16

Government universities suppress free speech by imposing different conditions based on content

Many government universities provide public event space for rent or for use by student groups. Generally student groups and clubs can reserve meeting halls for free while nonstudents and outsiders must pay for the use of facilities.

But many government colleges have a habit of discriminating among student organizations and speakers based on the content of the ideas being expressed.

Recent government impositions at UNC-Greensboro provide an example. Columnist Mike Adams (who has occasionally taught for the UNC system) details how University officials imposed a series of fees on the “Young America’s Foundation” (YAF), a conservative student club, which were not imposed on other clubs. See here.

According to Adams, the UNC YAF student club sought to bring in D’nesh D’souza to speak on campus. D’Souza is a well known lecturer, writer and filmmaker whose work occasionally criticizes big government.

“As soon as [UNC officials] saw YAF on the contract, administrators disregarded their own rules and reclassified the event, requiring a venue fee not charged to students or recognized student groups that host events on campus.”

Yet just months earlier, UNC had allowed a pro-government Hillary Clinton campaign event on campus under the guise that the Hillary campaign was being promoted by a student group.

No reasonable person could argue that the Hillary for America campaign rally was not an external event warranting a facility rental fee. However, when an official on-campus student group approached UNCG administrators about hosting D’Souza for a lecture, the University violated its own policy by charging a fee. Moreover, the fee was three times higher than an event that was clearly nothing more than a campaign rally conducted by an off-campus group.

Adams calls it “the free speech tax.”

Oct 13

Government “disaster relief” workers in Puerto Rico took a spa day and had hurricane victims give them manicures and pedicures

Salon.com, the pro-government extremist site, has published a rare story critical of government.

Reportedly, FEMA “disaster relief” officials in Puerto Rico have been living in luxury among hurricane victims. See here.

Just one example given by the Salon article: Overpaid federal ‘disaster workers’ reportedly took “spa days” and used emergency tents provided by the U.S. government to have local Puerto Rican hurrican victims perform manicures and pedicures on them.

Oct 13

In effort to discredit Trump’s FEMA response in Puerto Rico, Huffington Post unwittingly displays the failure of government disaster relief everywhere

The Huffington Post is typical of government-supporting news media in the Trump era. Because the Post‘s journalists despise Trump, the online news site publishes countless reports regarding Trump’s failings.

Today’s Huffington Post features a story about three volunteer nurses who are doing disaster relief in Puerto Rico in the wake of a recent hurricane. See here.

The story is filled with details of how Trump’s FEMA agency is failing, misreporting facts, and boasting of accomplishments which are actually attributable to others.

The nurses report that FEMA has mostly just posted signs and posters around Puerto Rico which tell people to contact FEMA’s website or phone number. Phone service, internet, and power is mostly disconnected throughout the island.

But the nurses’ report is actually a testament to the power of human ingenuity to overcome disaster in the absence of government assistance. The report speaks of people rigging power and light systems from car generators, of local volunteers providing food and water even to the nurses themselves, and other ways that the people of Puerto Rico are succeeding to beat back the devastation caused by the hurricane.

Why, after all, is FEMA even necessary?

Oct 13

Ice is above normal at both poles; Global sea levels are going DOWN

One of the recurring claims of pro-government voices is that apocalyptic-manmade-global-warming-by-CO2 is causing sea levels to rise due to melting ice in the Arctic and Antarctic. Government trusters use this claim to demand ever more government power, taxation, and central planning by elitists.

But the precise opposite is true. NASA data confirm that global sea levels are LOWERING. See here.
Ice and snow levels in both the northern and southern hemispheres are significantly above normal for the date. See here.

The English growing season is now a week SHORTER since the 1940s. See here.

Oct 03

Connecticut taxpayers crushed to the breaking point

Connecticut is one of the wealthiest states in America. Its residents have a high per-capita income. Its corporations are some of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful.

But Connecticut has been dominated by socialistic, pro-government extremist policymaking for generations.

Today’s Connecticut taxpayers pay some of the highest tax rates in America.

Now the State is BILLIONS in debt. A recent proposal to cut some State agencies has been vetoed by the governor.

Now the towns of Connecticut are freezing hiring, freezing raises, and desperately trying to make cuts. See here.

The market always wins. Stay tuned!

Oct 02

A month ago, Catalonians who supported independence were less than 50 %; now, after Spanish repression and hundreds of injuries, they vote 92% to secede

Catalonia is the wealthiest district of Spain. It has the highest standard of living in the entire country, and Catalonians are more geographically and culturally related to the French.

Just a month ago, most Catalonians disfavored a referendum to secede from Spain.

But weeks of repression by the Spanish government, with thousands of government troops invading the district, widescale state violence and abuse, the destruction of polling places and theft of ballots, and hundreds of beatings and injuries by Spanish government thugs have changed the climate in Catalonia.

Yesterday, in the face of brutal repression by the government, the brave people of Catalonia voted to leave Spain. By 92 percent.

See here. A wikipedia article with extensive details is found here.

The Spanish government in Madrid vows to do everything in its power to crush the independence of Catalonia.

Oct 01

Medicare has killed 4.5 million people since its inception

In the past 20 years, some 4.5 million Americans have died from medical accidents.

According to Johns Hopkins University, medical errors are now the THIRD LARGEST CAUSE OF DEATH in the U.S.

Almost all of these deaths are among people on Medicare.

According to David Goldhill, Medicare “drives a certain type of care”: overtreatment, with an emphasis on surgeries and procedures.

Because Medicare subsidizes demand without increasing supply, it has caused health care prices to skyrocket.

Today according to Goldhill, if you are over 75 years old, there is a 50% chance you are on 5 drugs. And if you are–there’s a 50% chance that two of those are contra-indicated: you shouldn’t be taking both.

See this fascinating debate sponsored by Reason Magazine.

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