Feb 18

NASA quietly hides website which said the sun was the primary driver of earth’s climate

For years, NASA’s websites provided much basic science information. One such web page stated the common-sense point that the Sun was the primary driver of the earth’s climate.

But such basic science contradicts the current propaganda narrative of the government’s scientist-activists.

The current NASA message is that carbon dioxide–a trace gas in the atmosphere–is the primary driver of the earth’s climate.

Recently, the NASA web page has been removed or hidden. See here.

Feb 18

A Record 35 Percent of Americans say Government is the Greatest Problem in their Lives

Gallup has asked Americans what they felt was the most important problem facing the country since 1939. Prior to 2001, the highest percentage mentioning government was 26% during the Watergate scandal.

Not only is distrust of government at an all-time high in the recent Gallup poll. But very few problems have ever registered such a high percentage of mentions under the ‘greatest problem’ category.’

Since 2001, few issues have matched or exceeded the 35% currently mentioning the government.

“In the immediate months after the 9/11 attacks, mentions of terrorism topped the list as the most important problem, peaking at 46% in October 2001.”

Iraq was named as the biggest problem by 38% of respondents as U.S. involvement in Iraq escalated in 2007.

“In the year leading up to and after the global financial crisis of 2008, the percentage of Americans naming “the economy” reached record heights for any mention on Gallup’s list, reaching 58% in November 2008.” (And mentions of unemployment/jobs as the greatest problem peaked at 39% in September 2011, in the wake of the financial crisis.)

Additionally, both Democrats and Republicans are now naming government as the greatest problem in their lives at roughly the same percentages.

See here.

Feb 17

Venezuela’s Maduro clings to power using death squads

Now that the socialist Chavez/Maduro government has robbed Venezuela of most of its wealth and independence, there are increasing calls for his overthrow.

Maduro clings to power using elite commando military death squads which focus on protest leaders.

The death squads are masked and do not resort to any type of civilian court authority.

The death squads have killed hundreds in the past 6 months. See here.

Feb 16

Socialist Illinois is now a rotting corpse

Many people are aware that the socialist government of Illinois is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy.

But few know the details. An editorial in the Chicago Tribune recently laid bare the horrifying state of Illinois finances.

Illinois has been paying such lavish benefits to government workers that State pensions are tapped out. Workers are allowed to retire and start collecting benefits at an early age compared with life expectancy rates. The remaining government “workers” cannot support their pension plan.

Illinois’ long-suffering taxpayers–the traditional ATM machine for the State’s millionaire government workers–are fleeing the state at rates of thousands to tens of thousands annually.

Chicago’s Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago has 2,042 active employees and 2,408 pensioners. The village of Niles has 225 employees and 580 retirees. The village of Oak Park has 369 employees and 648 pension beneficiaries.

The village of Elmwood Park has 122 employees and 396 pensioners. The village of Oak Lawn has 295 employees and 553 retirees. The city of Blue Island has 170 employees and 404 beneficiaries.

Just the non-teaching personnel at Lemont-Bromberek Combined School District 113A: 132 employees, 486 retirees.

See here.

Feb 14

Majority of Californians hope to leave California

California leads the U.S. in taxation and regulation.

Although California is the richest state in the union, and has the most vast, comprehensive and expansive social welfare programs, it leads the nation in rates of poverty.

A new poll reveals that 53% of California residents are considering leaving the Golden State because of the high cost of living.

Nearly two-thirds, 62%, of respondents said they believed the best days of California were in the past.

See here.

Feb 14

How do government “climate scientists” spread the message of climate change? With deception and concealment of data

by Roger I. Roots, JD, Ph.D., founder, Lysander Spooner University

Anyone seeking the truth about climate change should learn the art of studying official government charts.

Climate change hysteria is built on a foundation of deceptive graphs and charts–which any savvy observer can easily see are fabricated to achieve a propaganda, rather than an informative, purpose.

The recent (2018) National Climate Assessment, published by numerous U.S. government agencies, contains numerous graphs which are plainly deceptive. All one needs to dismantle them is some knowledge of the data that is MISSING from each graph.

Page 38 of the Assessment contains a dozen charts, and most of them contain deliberate deception.

The legendary data analyst Tony Heller points out that the “U.S. Heatwave” graph (Chart B) begins in 1960. The chart makes it appear that U.S. heatwaves are steadily increasing, and invites the reader to assume the cause is CO2. But if the data from prior decades were included, the chart would show that heatwaves have DECLINED since the 1930s. “The 2018 report released to the public, cherry-picked the only start date in the graph which they could use to create the appearance of a warming trend.”

The same goes with the Report’s ‘F’ chart (Arctic sea ice extent) which STARTS IN 1975–a high point for Arctic ice. If the chart began in any year prior to 1975 it would have shown that Arctic ice levels were LOWER prior to 1975, and that current (2018) ice levels are fairly normal or even more expansive than ice levels of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s.

The most deceptive chart of all in the government Assessment Report is Chart K–“U.S. Wildfires.” The chart begins around 1980, a relative low point for U.S. wildfires, and makes it appear that wildfires are now (in 2018) at record levels. REALITY IS ALMOST PRECISELY OPPOSITE. Any chart showing U.S. wildfires over the entire past century would have shown that contemporary (2018) wildfire levels are MUCH LOWER than levels in the 1930s and 1940s.
Ask yourself: if government “climate scientists” were doing real, unbiased, dispassionate science would they need to conceal such countervailing data from their readers?

Feb 10

News “fact-checkers” are often just “liberal” rebuttals of “conservative” statements

The New York Post has investigated the rise of supposedly impartial “fact-checkers” which major news sources consult.

“Fact-checker” boards, companies or committees are a current fad among mainstream news analysis.

Frequently, mainstream news will subject speeches or addresses by public officials to post-speech ‘fact-checking.’

The New York Post looked at newspapers and TV networks which employed ‘fact-checkers’ to criticize Donald Trump’s recent State of the Union address.

For example, the ‘independent’ ‘fact-checkers’ accused Trump of misleading statements for highlighting poll results but failing to mention negative aspects of the same polls.

When Trump praised the record number of women in Congress, NPR “fact-checked” him by pointing out that the growing number of women in Congress was “almost entirely because of Democrats, not Trump’s party.”

“The state of American fact-checking is dreadfully misleading. There’s no reason for conservatives to give its authors the deference they seek.”

Feb 09

Polar bears multiply, invade Russian town; media blame ‘melting ice’ (in the dead of winter)

Polar bear populations have grown by thousands since 2000. Arctic ice has expanded for years and is now at its highest level in a decade. And it’s the dead of winter when it is impossible for Arctic ice to melt.

Yet when large numbers of polar bears recently began invading a Russian settlement, breaking into buildings and attacking people, the mainstream media reported that climate change and melting Arctic ice are to blame.

Russia’s Novaya Zemlya islands, home to a few thousand people, have recently seen bears attacking people and entering residential and public buildings.

Even news organizations with enough resources to double-check their facts reported the false claim.

The BBC (chartered by the British government) reported that “Polar bears are affected by climate change and are increasingly forced on to land to look for food.”

Just two months ago the BBC falsely reported that south African penguin populations were declining due to rising seas caused by climate change. The penguins were actually declining due to overfishing. (Seas have risen no more than A FOOT PER CENTURY near the southern tip of Africa).

Feb 09

More Asian governments enacting “fake news” laws to imprison critics

The Los Angeles Times has a chilling story about the growth of “fake news” laws and prosecutions across Asia.

Thailand, Taiwan, Cambodia, and other southeast-Asian governments are enacting or expanding their laws to crackdown on private news and social media which criticizes governments.

In China and Vietnam, the governments already own or license all media, so control is more direct. “China’s 2017 Provisions for the Administration of Internet News Information Services require that online news providers reprint information from government-approved organizations without changing the content.”

Even in Singapore, where there is a tradition of more freedom, “legislators are considering regulations to strengthen media controls that are already in place. Journalists can now be jailed for libel, threats to national security or “ill will” against religious or racial groups, Reporters Without Borders said.”

Feb 08

Deep state journalism’s gatekeeper attacks alternative news for lack of ethics and professionalism; writes book filled with plagiarism, factual errors

by Roger Roots

Mainstream journalism is in its death throes. In the information age, consumers just won’t pay for tired news content extolling the virtues of big-government establishment institutions. ‘Mainstream news’ is becoming so marginalized that it isn’t even, well . . . mainstream anymore. It is the voice of a small minority of elitist central planners.

And virtually every adversarial inquiry into the funding behind mainstream (generally meaning government supporting and supported) journalism has found that much mainstream journalism is secretly bought and paid for by government agencies.

As mainstream news institutions are shedding hundreds of jobs, the backlash in news rooms centers around claims that independent media upstarts are “unprofessional,” purveyors of conspiracy theories or even sources of “fake news.”

But now mainstream news’ loudest gatekeeper, who is publishing a book called “Merchants of Truth: The Business of News and the Fight for Facts,” is identified as a two-bit plagiarist and a downright sloppy reporter.

Jill Abramson attacks and condemns modern alternative news sources as scandalous, simplistic and headline obsessed. She insists on “standards” and laments the job-hunting difficulties of Columbia School of Journalism grads.

But according to Michael Moynihan of Vice, Abramson’s book is little more than a collection of stolen paragraphs, unchecked sources and outright untruths.

“The irony here,” according to Sean Illing of VOX, “is impossible to miss: a book that talks at length about journalistic ethics and praises legacy media titans like the New York Times and the Washington Post while lambasting new media companies like Vice and BuzzFeed for sloppy reporting that is, well, filled with errors and what appears to be very sloppy reporting.”

See here.

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