May 21

Obamacare’s devastation continues

Obamacare has:

(1) Increased, rather than decreased death rates.

(2) Caused numerous health insurers to got out of business or abandon markets. Aetna has pulled out of the Exchanges. Blue Cross in Maryland, Virginia and D.C. has already requested a 52%, 35% and 29% increase for 2018 respectively. Aetna has already lost $500 million since 2014.

(3) Crushed the competitive marketplace for insurance and driven up its costs and out-of-pocket expenses.

See here.

May 12

Fresno State Professor tells students there is no freedom of speech on a college campus

America’s government colleges and universities promote a steady stream of government worship and control.

The very second that a person walks onto a government college campus, he becomes less free.

Here is a video of a professor at Fresno State university telling student protesters that there is no freedom of speech on a college campus.

The “professor” had apparently previously told his own students to destroy, remove or vandalize the protesters’ sidewalk chalk markings, as the video shows some students wiping out such markings and saying their “teacher,” “Thatcher,” told them to do so.

May 12

Almost everything said by ‘mainstream’ news about melting in the Arctic is fake

For a decade, government trusters have promoted a theme of apocalyptic hysteria about manmade global warming.

This hysteria is aimed at convincing people to give governments even more power and control over them.

But almost everything reported about warming or melting in the Arctic is fake. Here is an informative video from

May 09

Impoverished Venezuelans who protest their government are now subjected to secret midnight military trials

Every government ultimately comes for all money, all property, all freedom, and to kill all who resist.

Just 20 years ago, Venezuelans were the wealthiest people in Latin American. They had a thriving business and investment sector. Then the people voted for socialism.

Now, after dozens of Venezuelans have died in the streets while protesting their starvation and poverty, the Venezuelan government is increasingly “trying” accused “rebels” and “traitors” in secret military tribunals.

The “trials” take place in secret, often in the middle of the night. The government rarely publishes information about numbers or names of defendants, or outcomes of cases. See here.

May 08

Martin Armstrong and the American justice system

Those of us with the most intimate knowledge of the U.S. justice system are well aware of its absurdities and failings. But few have thought about the evils of the U.S. criminal courts as much as Martin Armstrong.

Now Armstrong is out with a brilliant essay on American justice that is worth reading.

“Only an idiot accepts government allegations as fact in any case,” says Armstrong.

The problem, according to Armstrong, is the law of absolute immunity, which protects agents of the U.S. government from liability.

May 08

Obamacare spiked insurance premiums 24% last year

The “Affordable Care Act” caused health insurance premiums to increase 24 % last year.

And Americans now have fewer health insurance choices. The average number of insurers offering health insurance in most markets has gone DOWN from 5.9 in 2015 to 3.9 today.

Some government trusters blame Trump, who has been president for 3 months. See here.

May 05

Americans grow weary of tyranny: cops now turning to less aggressive policing techniques

The Washington Times is reporting on a poll of police officers nationwide. See here.

It seems that officers are ‘de-policing’ as anti-cop hostility becomes the ‘new norm’ for long-suffering Americans.

Years of seeing cops yell and shout at the American people, kick in their doors, shoot their dogs, and kill and hurt their friends and neighbors have taken their toll.

May 04

Multi-year ice in the Arctic has tripled in a decade

Government agencies have spent the past 20 years in a scheme to promote more government power, socialism and control. The government’s apocalyptic manmade-global-warming-by-CO2 story requires deception and fakery by government “science” agencies.

Even while government and government trusters are claiming that ice in the Arctic is melting, actual satellite data show multi-year ice has TRIPLED in just a decade. See here.

May 04

Billings Gazette features fake photos of Greek “austerity”

The Billings Gazette delivers a steady stream of pro-government content.

Today, May 4, 2017, the Gazette featured a typical smattering of pro-government news commentary, local business stories and feature stories.

But at the bottom of the Gazette’s webpage there appeared a photo feature entitled: “Here’s what seven years of Greek austerity looks like.” See here.

“Austerity” means cuts in government spending and benefits. The Gazette’s photo feature showed scenes of homeless people sleeping on sidewalks, soup lines, and Greek families struggling in poverty.

While the pictures may show real homelessness and poverty in Greece, they do not depict, realistically, the effects of “austerity.” There hasn’t been any to speak of.

The Greek government spent much of the past few generations doing precisely what the editors and reporters of the Billings Gazette promote: growing government, creating new government agencies, and establishing government welfare and entitlement programs. When Greek officials became unable to pay the government’s debts, they turned to begging, complaining and protesting against more solvent creditor nations.

The Wikipedia page “Greek government-debt crisis countermeasures” provides details of the actual reforms made by Greek governors in recent years: such things as selling government-owned companies, limiting the growth of government salaries, raising VAT (value added taxes) from 5% to 5.5%, from 10% to 11% and from 21% to 23%, mild cuts to public employee benefits, and tax increases.

Although the word “austerity” appears frequently as a curse word among government trusters, it exists almost nowhere in the western world–no matter how badly it is needed.
–Roger Roots

May 02

Americans elect Republicans to cut government, and get . . . more government

Vast majorities of American voters have spoken. They want smaller, less intrusive government.

For years, Americans have elected “conservative” Republicans who promise to cut government.

Now, finally, Republicans control BOTH chambers of Congress, the presidency, the Supreme Court, the majority of state legislatures and the majority of state governorships.

But the most recent budget agreement passed by Congress grows government at a pace even greater than the previous budgets of Obama and the Democrats.

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