Aug 21

Swedish Socialism Stopped Prosperity in its Tracks

Sweden was a very prosperous country in the late nineteenth- and early twentieth-centuries because it was a limited government, low-tax society that spawned many great inventors and entrepreneurs (Alfred Nobel, Volvo, and Saab).

“But that prosperity was stopped in its tracks when Sweden adopted “democratic socialism” in mid-century. As a result, Sweden ate up (with taxes) the wealth created by previous generations, so much so that not a single net new job was created there from 1950 to 2005 according to the Swedish Economic Association.”

And when the Swedish central bank tried to bail out the floundering Swedish welfare state, it created 500% interest rates. (The same bank that pretentiously awards the Nobel Prize in Economic Science!).

(The above is from Thomas DiLorenzo.)anguish 2

Aug 20

U.S. Military Can’t Account for $6.5 TRILLION; Millions of Lost Records

Trusters of government view the military as an indispensable protection from invasion. Some even claim the U.S. military protects Americans’ freedom.

By any measure, however, Americans’ freedoms have been in decline even as military budgets have increased.

For as long as human records exist, military forces have been a source of despotism, tyranny, and enslavement.

Now the Pentagon is admitting it can’t account for $6.5 TRILLION. Millions of records have “disappeared.” See here.
Note that the entire annual output of the country is about $16 or $17 trillion.imagesJWSH3L6O

Aug 19

Bozeman “daycare” reports parents to the police because a child’s birthmark resembled a bruise

Boycott “Roots Nature School.”

Impeach and slash the budgets of Gallatin County Sheriff Brian Gootkin.

The Bozeman-area daycare called government “Child Protective Services” (CPS) after finding a mark on a child’s chest. They claim they suspected the child’s parents of abusing the child.

However, the mark on the child’s chest was a birthmark. The parents have been needlessly subjected to an embarrassing, coercive law enforcement investigation. See here.

big bro

Aug 19

In Boston, every Uber customer must contribute a nickel to sustain dying government-monopoly taxi industry

The taxicab industry has been so overregulated for so long that it cannot survive any exposure to real-world, market forces.

Many states grant monopoly jurisdictions to cab companies and control prices, fares, numbers of drivers, and numbers of cabs. Poor people who want to start a cab company are simply not allowed.

In fact, many states require new cab companies to prove to a government “taxi board” or “public service commission” that there is a need for their services.

Then came along Uber, Lyft and other App-generated services, by which a passenger can simply log onto an app and see if someone wants to share a ride with a passenger. The notion has caught fire and now threatens the viability of the dinosaur cab industry.

Cab companies are outraged, claiming falsely that Uber and Lyft are unsafe and dangerous.

In fact an average Uber driver drives a newer, cleaner, safer car than an average taxi cab.

In Massachusetts, the legislature has responded by making rideshare passengers contribute a nickel per ride to prop up the aging, obsolete, dying, government-controlled taxi industry. See here. images0P4M0FZ6

Aug 18

After carbon taxes kick in, hundreds of thousands of Canadians are late on utility payments

Governments worldwide are waging a war on their subjects, seeking to enslave them in a world of dependency without energy self determination.

Using the ruse of manmade-CO2-caused-global-warming, the Canadian government enacted carbon taxes and has been seeking to shut down fossil fuel power plants.

Now, hundreds of thousands of Ontarians can no longer afford to pay their energy bills. Undoubtedly, many will die.

See here.

Aug 18

U.S. Forest Fires Down 50 % in 10 Years; Down 80% in 80 years

Forget what you’ve heard in the government-supporting press. Forest fires and forest fire damage is way down from previous decades. See here.

forest fire

Aug 18

Chicago Police Report Recommends Firing 7 Lying Officers


According to the Washington Post:

“”Chicago police officials have recommended firing seven officers for lying about the shooting death of Laquan McDonald, a black teenager whose 2014 killing helped spark intense protests and a federal investigation of the department.”

Cops shot McDonald in the back from more than 40 feet away as McDonald walked away from them holding a knife. The cops lied and said McDonald was close to them and lunged at them with a knife.

See here.

Aug 16

Iowa man ARRESTED for displaying flag upside-down


An upside-down flag is an internationally known symbol of distress, siege or protest.

An Iowa man displayed the U.S. flag upside down to protest a pipeline issue near his property.

Local authorities ARRESTED the man for “desecration” of the flag.

See here.

Aug 15

Oregon State, U-Mass, Amherst, require students to take pro-government “social justice” classes


America’s government supported colleges and universities promote an endless stream of pro-government extremist content.

This semester, students at Oregon State University will be required to take a course on “social justice.” Other government colleges such as the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, already require students to pass such courses.

“Social Justice” is code for a pro-government orientation that emphasizes government-controlled redistribution and collective, government-approved activity over individualism.

Under the “social justice” agenda, there is a right and a wrong position on such topics as welfare, health care, public lands, race relations, language and the climate. Speech, expression and dress are monitored closely for signs of disagreement or dissent.

See here.

Aug 14

U.S. Olympians robbed in Brazil by thieves posing as cops


The blind trust that many people have in government and policing is an achilles heel for them.

Many serial killers have masqueraded as police officers, finding that people will tend to blindly follow and trust a man wearing a shiny badge and a government-style costume. Many serial rapists also use the same trick, finding that women will pull over their vehicles whenever someone flashes a siren.

At the Olympics in Brazil, U.S. Gold Medal-winning swimmer Ryan Lochte and other Olympians in a taxi were pulled over by gun-wielding people who flashed badges and guns and robbed them. See here.

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