Dec 14

North Korean death squads take out country’s second-highest leader

The greatest trusters of government are always the first to be executed when total government is imposed.

During the Soviet period, those who most admired government, police, soldiers and central planning quickly rose through the ranks of the Communist Party.

But Stalin made sure to remove and kill all loyalists who got too close to replacing him.

Now North Korea is the world’s most government-controlled society. Its people live under hourly monitoring and government regulation. All transistor radios must have their dials soldered to the official government radio station.

The country’s “leader,” Kim Jong un, has ordered death squads to protect him from rivals. Recently, the death squads removed yet another influential North Korean official, Hwang Pyong-so. Hwang was the country’s highest general and widely thought to be second-in-command to Kim Jong Un. Hwang had been accused of having an “impure attitude” towards the ruling party. See here.

Dec 13

Special Mystery Guest added to Roster of Upcoming Las Vegas Symposium

The U.S. is probably still freer than many societies. But U.S. taxation rates are now greater than the world average. The size, scope and power of government in the U.S. is greater than that of any previous government in world history, and continues to grow. U.S. regulations increasingly prohibit poor people from working, investing, saving, launching businesses or employing others.

This coming Saturday, December 16, at Lysander Spooner University’s “Struggle for Freedom” conference, a SPECIAL GUEST LECTURER will address the audience from exile in a foreign country.

This individual recently fled the tyranny of constant government interference, regulation, harassment and persecution for the greater relative freedom of a foreign land.

This mystery guest is a rising star among the free thinkers of the Western World. Join us this Saturday at 4:00 in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Asian Culture Center at 333. S. 6th Street, as this Mystery Guest will speak via skype about his or her commitment to finding freedom in an unfree world.

Dec 13

New Lecturers Announced for Upcoming Las Vegas Event

Neal Wampler, philosopher, historian, and liberty activist, has been added to the roster of lecturers who will speak at the upcoming Lysander Spooner University symposium in Las Vegas.

“The Struggle for Freedom” Symposium will take place Saturday, Dec. 16, 2017 at 4:00 p.m. at the Asian Culture Center, 333 S. 6th St., Las Vegas, NV.

Also added is “The Free Capitalist” Rick Koerber, who will address the audience on the topic of the Judiciary and its place in the Constitutional Order.

Dec 13

The number of journalists imprisoned for their work is now at an all-time high

Startling new report from the Committee to Protect Journalists.

As of December 1, 2017, 262 journalists were behind bars around the world in relation to their work, a new record after a historical high of 259 last year.

Many of these jailed journalists are in China, Turkey, and Egypt. But the western world is partially to blame because the western world previously acted as something of a free-press watchdog and its leaders would formerly pressure eastern, or developing-world authorities to release journalists. That protection appears to be waning.

Dec 11

Florida health insurance premiums increase an average of 45 percent

Government slave-plantation healthcare programs–which generally increase demand without increasing supply, causing prices to rise–continue to make health care LESS affordable.

If the free market were unleashed on health care, Americans would be the healthiest people on earth, and medical products and services would quickly fall in price while improving in quality.

Instead, life expectancy in America is DECLINING due to government “health care” regulations.

The Miami Herald reports that health insurance premiums for many Floridians will increase by 45 percent in 2018.

Dec 10

The Struggle for Freedom: Lectures in Downtown Las Vegas Dec. 16

Saturday, Dec. 16, 2017
4:00 p.m. at the Asian Culture Center, 333 S. 6th St., Las Vegas, NV


John Lamb, investigative journalist and professor, “What We’ve Learned from the Bundy Trials”

Michael Elliott, freedom thinker and activist, “Crypto Currencies and what they Mean for Freedom” (special lecture in honor of Daniel Shaver)”

Lou Baker, entrepreneur and radio personality, “Nevada’s Ongoing Struggle for State Sovereignty”

Special Mystery Guest Lecturer will appear via Skype from a foreign country while in exile!

Games! Prizes! Music!

Call Roger Roots at 406-224-3105 for more info.

Dec 10

Hundreds of thousands flee socialist Venezuela, to start over with nothing.

Socialism is a curse that one should wish only on a hated enemy.

Governments invariably promise cradle-to-grave safety, support and security but deliver only violence, misery and impoverishment.

Yesterday’s New York Times detailed how Venezuelans in need of medicine must suffer early deaths or flee to other countries for survival. They were promised government (‘single payer’) health care.

As many as a million Venezuelans have fled the socialist hellhole. They were promised government support and security. Now many of them must start over with nothing in foreign lands. See here.

Just 30 years ago, Venezuelans were the wealthiest and healthiest people in all of Latin America. Then they voted for socialism.

Dec 07

While the people live in shacks, government employees live in Mansions: the 5 richest counties in the U.S. are now the counties surrounding Washington, D.C.

Today, the world’s richest 1 % own more than the bottom 90 %. See here.

While Americans increasingly live in shacks and mobile homes and struggle under life-choking regulations, those in government are wealthier than any population in world history.

The five richest counties in the United States are the suburbs surrounding Washington, D.C. See here.

Dec 07

Government “scientists” caught faking climate data AGAIN: adjustments to sea-level data designed to show accelerating rise

In the academic battle over whether manmade CO2 is causing catastrophic climate change (and over whether people must immediately surrender all rights to governments so that socialism can save the world from fossil fuels), one side has been caught time and time again faking data.

“Skeptics” have been demonized, attacked, assaulted, sued, fired, blacklisted and threatened with execution or imprisonment. While those promoting the governments’ socialistic catastrophic-climate-change-by-manmade-CO2 claims can merely grumble that various courts or legislators sought their data, emails or other correspondence. (Some promoters of the governments’ theory call this “harassment.”)

“Skeptics” have never been shown to fake data or fraudulently adjust measurements. But government-funded scientists have repeatedly been caught adjusting climate data to bolster their theory.

Now there is evidence that “scientists” working for government agencies have been “adjusting” sea-level data to enable them to claim that sea levels are rapidly increasing.

“In every case, [British government scientists in the “Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level” (PSMSL) agency] have revised [sea level data] in order to make them produce a sharp upward trend in sea level rise – despite the fact that global records do not support this.” See here.

Dec 06

Death Threats Fly over Fake News: “Net Neutrality” Strikes Again

The Ultimate Goal is for Government to Become Everyone’s Web Browser and Home Page

Governments worldwide are seeking to control the internet. In the U.S., the movement is called “Net Neutrality.”

Advocates of “net neutrality” spin fantastical tales of monopolistic corporations pandering to the rich or overcharging the poor for internet access. Of course, such corporations would lose millions if they did so.

But “net neutrality” advocates seek a government control of the internet in the same way that governments monitor and control water, electricity and land-line phone service.

One of the leading advocates of “net neutrality,” Robert McChesney, has privately admitted the goal is to eliminate capitalism entirely and have government become the browser and home page for every American. Even while he publicly claims to advocate “free speech” (!)

Now there is news that one Soros-funded “net neutrality” advocate is threatening to murder a member of Congress and his family for opposing net neutrality. “If you don’t support net neutrality, I will find you and your family and I will kill… you … all,” his recorded phone message said.

The courageous FCC Chairman who is proposing to end the Obama-imposed “net neutrality” program in the Federal Communications Commission has also received multiple death threats. See here.

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