Sep 16

LA Times falsely claims “2020 California fires are the worst ever. Again.” But the 2020 fires aren’t even close to those of yesteryear..

In another climate hysteria propaganda piece masquerading as a news story, the LA Times proclaimed on Sept. 15 that the wildfires of 2020 are the largest in the state’s history.

“The last 10 years have shattered records. 2020 tops them all.” The Times article is filled with what seem to be authoritative graphs, data and charts. But much of the data is easily contested. For example, the Times‘ temperature history chart consists of adjusted temps rather than original temp measurements.

In reality, the 2020 wildfires aren’t even close to the biggest in history. Data analyst Tony Heller shows in this video that the fires of 2020 have burnt less than 1/3 the acreage of wildfires in the 1930s.

NASA satellite data–gathered for three decades–show that global wildfires are significantly fewer today than 25 years ago. And deaths and casualties from 2020 fires are way below those from yesteryear. And there is no correlation whatsoever between CO2 levels in the atmosphere and wildfires.

Sep 01

Climate doomsdayists present their claims as undeniable. Yet they can’t answer basic questions about their science claims.

Government promoters of catastrophic global warming by carbon dioxide claims promote their claims as settled and undeniable.

Yet when cross-examined or even pressed to explain their always-failing models and predictions, these promoters are often revealed as charlatans and showmen.

Here Australian congressman Malcolm Roberts asks basic questions of Senator Corman. Roberts asked Corman to explain why CSIRO (the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) relies on discredited scientific papers and unvalidated models as the basis for its advice to government on climate policy.

The Prime Minister’s representative answered in pompous generalities and glowing pronouncements that CSIRO’s climate claims were well proved.

According to Malcolm Roberts, “The CSIRO climate . . . position ultimately relies on unvalidated and erroneous computer models that are not suitable as a basis for policy. In implying, falsely, that they have confidence in the models yet have never assigned a quantitatively calculated confidence level, CSIRO has misled” the people of Australia.”

Aug 29

California has the most government-controlled electrical grid in the U.S. It is also the most dangerous, unpredictable, and expensive.

California’s government regulates energy more than any other state. This regulation is now causing massive blackouts, suffering, poverty and death.

“California officials endlessly promote this state as “leading the world in the fight against climate change.” Yet as of this writing, many Californians are in their fourth night of energy blackouts.”

Like Venezuela, the Golden State enjoys some of the earth’s most plentiful oil and gas resources. But also like Venezuela, the California government seeks to totally control energy extraction and production.

California’s overregulation has yielded a landscape with just one major electrical provider: Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E). PG&E’s badly-maintained powergrid was responsible for sparking wildfires which killed several people and destroyed hundreds of millions of dollars of property over the past several years.

PG&E filed for bankruptcy in January 2019 under the weight of tens of billions of dollars in liabilities from the deadly wildfires sparked by its equipment in 2017 and 2018, including the November 2018 Camp Fire, the state’s deadliest to date.

Aug 27

Global trend: anti-government protests are banned; pro-government protests are welcomed

The government of Berlin, Germany announced days ago that protests against government coronavirus decrees and commands are now banned. Protests IN FAVOR of such impositions, of course, are quite welcome.

Theason? Public health (of course). “The interior minister, Andreas Geisel, said the ban was prompted by coronavirus skeptics “deliberately” breaking hygiene safety rules agreed with police during a previous mass Berlin event on August 1. Many attendants did not wear face masks or seek to uphold social distancing measures as requested.

Berlin would not allow itself to be misused for a second time as a backdrop for “coronavirus deniers . . .,” said Geisel.

This situation is shared in the United States where violent, even deadly, protests in favor of bigger government, socialism and government-empowered wealth redistribution are welcomed by authorities while large demonstrations against government covid orders are strictly forbidden.

In some cases, the pro-government “social justice” demonstrations cause millions of dollars of property destruction and even death. Yet government authorities from Seattle to Minneapolis welcome and even cheer the demonstrations.

Aug 17

Join us for our 6th annual Glacier National Park “Citizen Glaciology” event, Sept. 11-13!

Last year, Lysander Spooner University made history by exposing the fact that the government had quietly removed signs saying all the glaciers in Glacier National Park would disappear by 2020. The government removed the signs during the winter of 2018 and 2019 when the Park was closed to the public.

The pictures above were taken in 2017. They show Lysander Spooner University founder Roger Roots in front of one such sign at the Logan Pass Visitor Center.

The picture below was taken at the same location in September 2019 after the government removed the sign. It shows where the government had sawed off three steel posts which held the sign–at ground level, in an attempt to hide the fact that the sign had ever been there.

(There are several other examples throughout Glacier National Park. And the government would have gotten away with it if we hadn’t caught them.)

For years Glacier National Park has been ground zero for the government’s climate doomsday scam. Countless presidents, dignitaries, government quack scientists, and environmentalist and socialist leaders have used the Park for photo ops. But the glaciers don’t appear to be cooperating.

This year we will meet again to photograph the glaciers as best we can. Bring camera equipment, hiking shoes and camping equipment.

We are planning on meeting again on the east side of the Park, at Johnson’s Campground and RV Park near the St. Mary’s entrance. Depending on numbers, we may try to break off into different groups, including groups of “extreme hikers” and groups of more automobile-friendly photographers.

Contact Roger Roots at 775-seven-six-four-9347.

Aug 13

Another government climate lie debunked: insects are NOT disappearing

There is a crisis of legitimacy in modern science, as government funding has chased out most private funding.

Government-funded science invariably sticks close to a narrative that global catastrophes are impending–and government must be empowered to fix or arrest such catastrophes.

A recent issue of National Geographic was dedicated to one such imminent catastrophe: the coming extinction of bugs and insects. Soon thereafter, the issue leads us to believe, all life on earth will follow. All caused by–. . . wait for it–. . . human pesticides, herbicides, and fossil fuels, of course.

And its settled. So settled that the entire issue didn’t bother mentioning any countervailing thoughts or perspectives.

Now Matthew D. Moran, Professor of Biology at Hendrix College, is out with a study suggesting insect populations are actually quite stable. While some may be declining, others appear to be growing. Most appear to be mostly unchanged.

Aug 11

Even as government destroys the U.S. economy, median home prices in D.C. rise to $530,000

Like J.R.R. Tolkien’s mythical Mordor, the city of Washington, D.C. booms in prosperity as it gathers the last vestiges of dying America’s wealth to itself.

State and federal government policies have locked down the entire country, with millions forced into unemployment. At least 30% of American home owners missed mortgage payments last month. Renters are being evicted to the streets by droves.

But almost no one with a government job has lost a single paycheck. Nine of the country’s 20 richest counties are the suburbs surrounding the parasitic government city.

The median home sale price in the DC metro area hit $530,000—a nearly 13 percent increase compared with July 2019.

“The volume of transactions was also impressive, with more than 5,600 sales closing in July, up nearly 7 percent from 2019.” “Listings spent a median of just eight days on the market—three fewer days than in July 2019.”

Aug 02

New York City rent prices are in “free fall” after government COVID orders

A very detailed article on reports that the richest and most luxurious retail space in Manhattan is now going for under $700 a square foot. And even this price is plummeting rapidly.

Fifth Avenue, one of the world’s most famous high-end shopping venues, hasn’t seen rents this cheap in a decade. Macy’s, Neiman Marcus and Lord & Taylor have recently declared bankruptcy.

Years of life-choking taxation and recent government lockdowns and coronavirus orders have caused luxury stores to flee the Big Apple.

“A number of retailers have outright stopped paying rent to their landlords during the pandemic, which in some instances is resulting in litigation.”

Aug 01

OVERREGULATION: Climbing Mount Rainier requires two separate government permits and a “Recovery Fee”

MOUNT RAINIER, the highest mountain in the State of Washington and the most glacier-covered mountain in the contiguous U.S., is a mecca for mountaineers in the Pacific Northwest.

But government regulations are higher than the snows on the mountain. Those seeking to summit the peak must obtain TWO separate permits: a “wilderness permit,” and a “climbing permit.” Additionally they must pay a “Climbing Cost Recovery Fee.”

A permit is generally issued for groups of two or more who disclose sufficient information about themselves and their plans. Teams must generally disclose the exact route they intend to use on the mountain as well as a description of their gear.

Climbing solo is prohibited without an actual letter from an NPS official. One must APPLY for the permit by pitching one’s climbing history and abilities. (And Rainier is by no means an extreme or technical climb.)

This year, the NPS has limited commercial guide companies that normally operate on the mountain (citing the coronavirus panic). Consequently, there is less placement of ladders and safety ropes across dangerous crevasses.

The permit requirements and prohibitions on solo climbing have likely put hundreds of climbers at risk. Many have attempted to sneak up the mountain on dangerous routes or by dark of night to avoid government detection.


Overregulation on mountains such as Rainier make it illegal to pioneer new or unusual routes in many circumstances. Prior generations of climbing pioneers were REWARDED by presidents, kings and prime ministers. Mallory was part of a Royal British expedition; Hillary was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his Everest success. But modern governments seek near-total control; and control means exploration is unlawful.

Charlie Bell, who solo-pioneered a risky climb of Rainier’s West Rib in 1961, found it “paradoxical that Bonatti got a medal for his Matterhorn solo and I paid a $50 fine for my Rainier solo.”

Aug 01

America died from overregulation. The only way out is deregulation on a massive scale

by Roger Roots, JD, Ph.D., Founder of Lysander Spooner University

During the 150 year period between 1830 and 1980, the American people became the greatest innovators in world history, launching countless new inventions which propelled humanity through frontiers of knowledge, space and discovery.

More recently, however, American ingenuity has been choked nearly to death. PayPal founder Peter Thiel has given speeches throughout the world about the decline in human ingenuity under ever-growing government.

Humans are actually moving slower today than they did 30 years ago. The last Concorde jet airliner–capable of flying at Mach 2–was grounded in 2002 due to expenses related to regulation. Mankind went to the moon in 1968 but can’t return due to government regulations.

The Empire State Building was built during the Great Depression in 1 year, but the new Freedom Tower topped out in 2014 took 11 years to build. The Golden Gate Bridge was built in 4 years during the 1930s, but an on-ramp to the Bridge recently took 6 years to build due to government regulations.

Government regulations are killing businesses and keeping thousands of new ventures from launching. The number of companies on the New York Stock Exchange has actually DECLINED over the past 30 years.

Regulations have stopped the number of new medicines from increasing.

This is despite an expansion of understanding regarding human biology and science. When the hundreds of billions of dollars spent on government research universities and medical development is factored in, the rate of new drug inventions has been rapidly DECLINING due to government regulation.

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