Apr 18

22,000 fled socialist Chicago last year

AMERICA’S MAJOR SOCIALIST CITIES (Chicago, LA and New York City) continue to lose thousands of people annually.

The socialist government of Chicago continues to enact further rules, regulations and taxes upon the City’s long-suffering people.

The city’s dwindling class of older, wealthier taxpayers is declining rapidly. See here.

Apr 16

Australian science professor fired for skepticism wins back his job

Dr. Peter Ridd, one of the world’s foremost authorities on climate and its effects on coral reefs, did what scientists are supposed to do. He questioned scientific claims and studied them.

Ridd found that the Great Barrier Reef was thriving and was not endangered by catastrophic-manmade-global-warming-by-CO2.

Unfortunately, skepticism and adherence to the scientific method is frowned upon in modern universities–especially in the area of climate research. Ridd was subjected to a series of disciplinary charges–and finally fired–by his employer James Cook University. He was accused of bringing scientific institutions into disrepute. He was ordered to keep his mouth shut. He was ordered that he could not even use satire to jest about the accusations against him.

Yesterday an Australian court ruled in Ridd’s favor on all 17 counts of his lawsuit against the University. See here.

Apr 13

More than THIRTY THOUSAND Illinois teachers make six-figure salaries

The socialist government of Illinois continues to lavish its millionaire ‘workers’ with extravagant wealth and benefits. A recent study by Forbes magazine found that there are now over THIRTY THOUSAND Illinois school ‘teachers’ who make more than $100,000 annually. Many make over $200,000 annually.

Tens of thousands of productive workers now flee the high taxes of the Land of Lincoln annually. The State has teetered on bankruptcy for a decade.

Many of the highest-paid teachers and administrators work in school districts where THE MAJORITY of students come from impoverished homes. And despite the luxurious, lavish lifestyles of Illinois public teachers, their long-suffering students have shown little improvement in their education or scholastic performance.

Apr 13

EPA predicts “hundreds of billions” of dollars of damages annually from climate change

The LA Times is out with another doomsday story about apocalyptic-manmade-global-warming-by-CO2.

The LA Times cites an EPA study predicting ruined bridges, dirty air, crop failure, economic collapse due to lack of labor productivity and property destruction. Total costs–unless governments quickly advance toward socialism and controlling the energy industry–will be in the hundreds of billions of dollars annually.

(The LA Times bans all letters to its editors which question the apocalyptic “science” theory.)

Thus far, virtually every prediction of economic catastrophe made by climate change doomsdayists has proven false. Crop yields continue to increase despite predictions that crop yields would decrease; economic production continues to increase despite predictions that the U.S. economy would collapse from climate change; and the U.S. population continues to migrate generally southward despite predictions that U.S. populations would flee northward.

Apr 02

Washington Governor Inslee uses his office as a vendor to sell “climate doomsday,” and re-routs donations to environmentalist groups to avoid campaign finance limits

Washington’s Governor Jay Inslee recently announced his Democratic candidacy for the Presidency. Inslee makes stopping ‘climate doomsday’ his feature issue.

But Anthony Watts has broken the story behind Inslee’s climate catastrophe campaign. As Governor, Inslee makes serial announcements of new ‘groups’ that generally do not in fact exist (they are websites), but which somehow have millions of dollars worth of consultants, lawyers and report-writers to promote Inslee’s ‘leadership.’

Sometimes the money is from donors — e.g., the multi-million dollar websites “US Climate Alliance” and Governors Climate Alliance — and sometimes the money is taken from taxpayers — “Pacific Coast Collaborative” and the the campaign to tell the “West Coast Story”.

Inslee has used his Governor’s office to contract as a consultant for an environmentalist pressure group, World Resources Institute (WRI), in at least two agreements providing hundreds of thousands of dollars of private underwriting so that the group can essentially operate out of Inslee’s office and claim State authority for its agenda.

Public records also show that [Inslee’s] Office is transferring hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in taxpayer money, including apparently a quarter of a million Washington State taxpayer dollars, to pay consultants . . . to promote climate advocacy.

See here.

Mar 29

Nine arrested in Thailand for publishing news about election irregularities

Governments everywhere control the ballot box and seek to control what is said about elections and politics.

In the U.S., government officials get to hold free public press conferences daily during election season while subjecting challengers to police scrutiny under the guise of campaign finance regulations.

Recently, in Thailand, nine people were arrested for sharing news on Facebook claiming two election commissioners had been sacked and that 600,000 illegitimate ballots were mixed into the vote count.

They were charged “for sharing or onpassing false information”, said Siriwat Deephor, a spokesman for the Computer Crime Suppression Division Police. The accused face up to five years in jail and a $3,100 fine.

The recent Thai election was very close and contentious, and now both candidates for Thailand President are claiming victory. (But the challenger doesn’t get to arrest people who spread the incumbent’s messages.) See here.

Mar 20

Secret thought police patrol campus of Portland State U., reporting those who make jokes

The instant you walk onto a government-supported college campus, you become less free.

At Portland State University, students are advised to think twice before making a joke–about anything.

Did your joke invoke a mental condition? (“You’re schizophrenic,” “Are you crazy?”). Might your joke express latent or subtle class or age hierarchy? Or even hint at an ethnic or racial stereotype? (“That is so ghetto.” “Close the door; were you raised in a barn?”).

Just walk calmly and avoid facial expressions. Get in line. Look straight ahead. Don’t make eye contact with anyone. Don’t act out of place.

At Portland State, “bias response teams” patrol campus, accepting anonymous reports about students which can subject those students to discipline.

“Students and faculty are afraid to have honest conversations—or even joke around with each other—out of fear of being reported for a faux pas,” said one observer.

Mar 19

Russia enacts law punishing reporters who cast government into disrepute


Days after the largest censorship event in human history (the global ban on possession of non-government-approved video from the supposed mosque shooting in New Zealand) the government of Russia has enacted a law designed to fine and imprison people who publish news which disrespects the government, or is otherwise designated by the government as “fake news” See here.

“The law on disrespecting authorities backs punishment for “offending state symbols” and stipulates hefty fines and jail terms of 15 days for repeat offenders.”

“Websites that fail to comply would be blocked.”

Mar 18

Two days after alleged New Zealand Mosque Shooting, authorities team with tech sector to massively ban images


On March 15, a Muslim-hating gunman supposedly livestreamed his mass murder spree at a Christchurch, New Zealand mosque.

But a day later, governments around the world–in virtual total collusion with “private sector” companies such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter–have banned all postings of any video or any portions of it other than government-approved imagery. New Zealand authorities threatened citizens that they face up to 10 years in prison for “knowingly” possessing a copy of the New Zealand mosque shooting video – and up to 14 years in prison for sharing it. Corporations (such as web hosts) face an additional $200,000 ($137,000 US) fine under the same law. See here.

Many people who saw the “live stream” video taken by the alleged gunman report that the video appears laughably fake and staged.

Perhaps consequently, almost all imagery attached to news content about the story consists of nothing but images of police response as of March 18.

The Daily Mail ran a story entitled “Face of utter despair: Blood-soaked Christchurch worshipper embodies grief of a nation as he wanders from scene of mosque massacre that left 50 dead on New Zealand’s darkest day,” showing a picture with the caption “The survivor wandered aimlessly from the mosque on Linwood Avenue with blood covering his chest, arms and legs after the terrorist slaughtered 50 people on Friday”

Many commentators report that the ‘bloody guy walking around’ is reminiscent of the children walking around in circles for the cameras during the 2012 Sandy Hook event.

New Zealand government officials immediately announced more gun control for the people of New Zealand.

Mar 14

Congo president releases 700 prisoners arrested by predecessor as “national security threats”

Congo, like many African countries, has experienced years of political turmoil and violent uprisings.

In December the voters of Congo elected a new president, Felix Tshisekedi. Tshisekedi has signed a decree pardoning about 700 political prisoners.

The political prisoners were arrested and prosecuted by predecessors as “terrorists” and threats to “national security.”

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