Sep 16

Venezuelan government imposes more minimum wage increases, price controls. Thousands of stores close.

Socialists and government trusters are seeing all of their proposed policy ideas implemented in Venezuela. And the results are predictable.

The South American socialist regime has driven out most productive industries. Inflation is way above 200 percent. Starvation and disease are rampant. Basic commodities cannot be found. Millions have fled. Men die in brutal fights over coins. Women prostitute themselves on the streets for water, fruit, toothpaste, or diapers.

Now, in an effort to fight inflation, the Venezuelan dictatorship has ordered that all stores (which have been mostly nationalized) must give their employees a 60 percent pay increase. And the stores are forbidden from raising prices. Anyone caught criticizing the new policies is subject to imprisonment.

The new impositions are crushing retailers. Some 40 percent are now closed and refusing to operate. (Next the government will likely decree that the store managers are slaves and must reopen.) See here.

Sep 06

Shortest melt season on record in the Arctic?

The “mainstream” (meaning government supporting and supported) media continue to report that manmade global warming is quickly melting the ice in the Arctic away to nothing.

But a careful analysis of satellite records seems to indicate that this year’s Arctic “melt season” is already over. Unless there is an unforeseen sudden rise in temperatures in the very near future, August 31 may have been the last day for Arctic ice to melt this year.

If so, 2018’s melt season is the shortest on record. Arctic ice (and North American snow cover generally) have been growing over the past several years.

Sep 06

Hong Kong bypasses New York City as home to the most super rich

New York City’s famed Wall Street produced thousands of millionaires during the era of American capitalism and freedom.

But years of socialistic government, regulation, and taxation have taken their toll on the Big Apple. Many multi-millionaires have fled New York City for freer shores and states. And New York’s high rates of taxation and business regulation prevent the poor from rising into prosperity like in generations past.

Now Hong Kong has surpassed New York City as home to the most ‘super rich’ business owners. Some 10,000 billionaires with net worths of at least $30 billion now make their home in Hong Kong, while New York City is home to only 9,000 such persons. See here.

Sep 03

Western governments to demand that all computer makers allow government ‘back door’ monitoring of all products

Every government ultimately comes for all property, all money, all freedom, and to kill all who resist.

Now the “Five Eyes” surveillance project of the western world’s 5 most powerful countries is preparing to demand that no computer device ever be manufactured anywhere unless is is programmed to allow government officials to enter, monitor and control it by a “back door.” See here.
“The king’s keys must unlock all doors.”

Sep 03

Dr. Edwin Berry, PhD, will address Lysander Spooner University on September 11 in Kalispell, Montana

Legendary Scientist will explain why the Theory of Catastrophic Global Warming by CO2 is mostly a Hoax.

Dr. Edwin Berry, one of the world’s foremost authorities on climate physics, will speak before Lysander Spooner University at Sykes Restaurant in Kalispell, Montana, on Sept. 11, 2018 at 6:00 pm. Suggested donation is $10 but do not let this suggestion deter you. Everyone please attend even if you can’t spare a penny!

Dr. Berry is CEO of Climate Physics, LLC, in Bigfork, Montana. Berry received his Masters degree in Physics from Dartmouth, and his Ph.D. in Physics with focus on atmospheric physics from the University of Nevada. At Dartmouth, Dr. Berry studied While philosophy of science under John Kemeny, a student of Albert Einstein. At Nevada, Berry shifted his focus to theoretical physics. (Berry’s theoretical Ph.D. thesis is recognized in textbooks as a breakthrough in the physics of rain and in numerical modeling, and still receives several citations per year.)

Berry is an American Meteorological Society (AMS) Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM). He has also worked on U.S. military top-secret weather modification projects. (Don’t try to tell him such programs don’t exist.)

Berry has pioneered many innovations in climate and aerospace science. His research led to wind-shear-reduction innovations at major airports. Berry has won several national awards for scientific and engineering advancement. Berry is also one of the only pilots to ever fly an airplane directly through the plume of the Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone National Park!

Berry is a featured lecturer at the International Climate Conference in Porto, Portugal this coming week (Sept. 7). He will recount his lecture in Kalispell on Sept. 11 and will be open to questions from the audience. Please come and be prepared for an enlightening discussion!

Aug 26

Australian voters and representatives remove 3 prime ministers in a decade over “climate change” impositions; U.S. newspapers ignore

Australians pay some of the highest electricity rates in the world, mostly due to laws imposed by the Australian government which affirm and enshrine the global-government’s climate change theory and which require energy to be largely produced by expensive wind and solar projects.

In recent years, Australian voters have revolted against such rules. Voters and Australian representatives have now removed 3 prime ministers in the past decade over the issue.

U.S. newspapers such as the LA Times have misled their readers with stories indicating that the removal of (recent) Prime Minister Turnbull is attributable to the rise of populist, anti-refugee sentiment.

Climate change hysteria is almost entirely driven by wealthy government-supporting elites and media. Nongovernmental workers and voters NEVER vote to impose climate-change-related taxes or regulations on themselves. (They vote as consumers seeking the best energy for the money.)

And a third of U.S. voters say that the climate change theory may be a “total hoax.”

Aug 25

2.3 million starving Venezuelans have fled socialism for other South American countries

Just 25 years ago the people of Venezuela were the healthiest and wealthiest in Latin America. But they fell for promises of “free health care” and government benefits and voted for socialism.

Now hundreds of thousands have died of starvation and disease. Women and young girls prostitute themselves for pennies. Men die fighting with knives over their positions in bread lines.

The local environment has been devastated, as almost all game birds and animals have been killed for food.

The Wall Street Journal reports that 2.3 million Venezuelans have now fled to surrounding countries, where they face resentment and occasional exploitation and violence.

One fleeing Venezuelan is quoted saying he would rather be beaten by Brazilians than die starving in Venezuela.

Aug 24

Tech giants meet secretly at Twitter headquarters to plot election operations

Of course the American people have the constitutional right to meet secretly and plot the overthrow of government by means ofelections and coordinated political speech.

But in recent years, “campaign finance reformers” have imposed various rules making such secret plotting and funding of political speech illegal. Governments everywhere have always demanded that anyone who publishes criticisms of government must identify himself–calling the secret dispersement of political resources “dark money.”

Now there is news that the largest and most powerful tech firms–Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Spapchat and others–are meeting in secret at Twitter headquarters in downtown San Francisco to plot a unified strategy for dealing with the upcoming midterm elections.

No word that the F.E.C. is looking into the matter.

This would not be cause for alarm, except that these same firms are on record as promoting a consistent view of politics. They promote an extremist pro-government agenda with advancement of government slave-plantation healthcare, heavy taxation and regulation (imposed on smaller rivals) and the abolition of all “conspiracy theories” which cast doubt on the sincerity of government.

Two weeks ago, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and other tech giants SIMULTANEOUSLY banned and removed the content of Alex Jones from their platforms, claiming Alex Jones promoted conspiracy theories. This is significant because Alex Jones was–at times–the largest channel on Youtube and a significant player on Facebook and other social media.

Observers see the current Twitter headquarter meeting as designed to advance the government narrative that all significant criticism of government is funded or directed by “Russians.”

Aug 22

Data analysis reveals California “record heat” records are manipulated

The great data analyst Tony Heller has exposed many government temperature record lies.

Now Heller has examined widely-publicized claims that California recently set various “all-time” heat records. (A report that this past July was the hottest in California history, for example, made its way onto the front pages of many national newspapers.)

Heller finds that two of the hottest temperature stations in California (Needles and Death Valley) did not produce any records prior to 1940. And the 1930s were widely known to be some of the hottest years in California history.

When one removes the Needles and Death Valley data from the temp records of California, this past past July didn’t even make the top 10 hottest Julys in California history. In fact, this past July in California was barely above average.

Aug 20

South African government begins seizing farms without compensation

Every government ultimately comes for all property, all wealth, all freedom, and to kill or cage all who resist.

For several years the government of South Africa has harassed and threatened hundreds of farmers.

Rumors that the government was preparing to steal the farms without compensation have caused land prices to plummet.

Now the government appears poised to violently take the farms. See here.

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