Oct 24

Growing numbers of poor Americans find retirement elusive; they must work till they die


Sad story from the Associated Press. America has become a two-tiered society, with those in power pampered in luxury while those without government positions live lives of poverty.

For years, the U.S. government has punished savers, entrepreneurs and investors. Social Security, for example, takes money from people’s paychecks during periods when they most need money to build their careers, families and homes–and transfers that money to wealthier Americans.

Studies of the impacts of Social Security and Medicare show that Americans save less, invest less, and work fewer total hours in response to the program.

Some 40 % of Americans reach retirement age without any significant savings or investments.

While government “workers” have never had it so good, a growing proportion of Americans must look forward to lives of misery and poverty in their old age.

Oct 22

40 percent of government temperature adjustments are fake–based on no actual thermometer data


NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, has been “adjusting” the ‘official’ temperature record at an increasing rate. Now,
“more than 40% of their adjusted monthly temperatures are now fake – i.e. no actual thermometer data behind them.” See here.

Oct 22

Overregulation will soon push thousands of doctors to abandon Medicare patients


If America’s health care industry were free, it would provide ever-higher quality medicine at steadily-decreasing cost. This is the pattern in most high tech industries where government control is limited.

But since 1965, the U.S. government has been overregulating health care–driving costs higher and higher.

Now, unless Congress approves some type of massive bailout, doctors will soon begin abandoning Medicare patients in droves. See here.

Oct 20

UN bans skeptical media from upcoming climate conference

The United Nations has refused to accredit three journalists associated with Canadian climate skeptic Ezra Lavant.

The UN appears to be blacklisting skeptics from covering the upcoming global warming conference in Marrakech, Morocco. See here.

The UN accuses Lavant’s “Rebel” journalists of being “advocacy journalists.”

Yet opinion journalists comprise a large proportion of the thousands of journalists who cover the UN’s global warming conferences.

“The UN even welcomes global warming lobby groups, including “community organizers” posing as journalists. Greenpeace-style blogs, like Canada’s own DeSmog Blog attend in full advocacy mode, as well as other small websites like The Tyee and the Vancouver Observer, both supported by Tides.”


Oct 20

Another U.S. Postal worker caught disposing of mail rather than delivering it

Many people believe the U.S. Postal Service monopoly is found in the Constitution. In fact, the Constitution merely says Congress has the power to establish a postal service.

Not only is there no power to grant a postal monopoly in the Constitution, the OTHER provisions of the Constitution make it clear that Congress MAY NOT violate people’s contract and property rights by establishing a postal monopoly.

And the First Amendment freedom of press requires that ‘the press’ have independent (nongovernment) delivery avenues.

And the current U.S. Postal Service monopoly violates the Fourth Amendment in that it pursues an agenda of identifying every American and placing every American at an address known to the government.

The U.S. Postal Service loses billions annually despite having every advantage in the marketplace (including tax-free status, prestige real estate locations, eminent domain, paying no property taxes, etc.).

Every independent investigation into U.S. Postal Service practices has found that Postal workers regularly throw valid mail into the trash without delivering it.

Now another U.S. Postal worker has been caught tossing tons of valid mail into the bushes. See here.


Oct 20

More Americans are fleeing America’s overregulation to purchase health care in Mexico

Astounding developments from America’s experiment with overregulating health care. Not long ago, Americans had access to the finest health care on earth. But prices have been increasing faster than inflation for years, as government regulation has increased demand artificially.

Now a headline in the USA Today reads: “For Californians living near the border, Mexico offers what the U.S. does not: reliable health care at a cheap price.”
See here.

Entire towns in Mexico are now built on medical tourism.

Oct 20

Ad revenue for pro-government, er, . . . “mainstream,” newspapers is plummeting

For a decade, the pro-government newspapers of the western world have seen their ad revenues plunge as fast as their readerships.

A new report based on ad-buying trends predicts that global spending on newspaper print ads will decline 8.7% to $52.6 billion by the end of 2016.

In the internet age, “alternative” news sources are the sources most people trust for news.

See here. imagesqgfc0ezb

Oct 15

Socialism Kills: Socialist Haiti lost 500 people to Hurricane Matthew; neighboring Dominican Republic lost 4


Socialist Haiti shares an island with the Capitalist Dominican Republic. One can see the difference between Haiti’s CO2 footprint and the Dominican Republic’s from space at night. Haiti sits in the dark as its people huddle in suffering, burning firewood instead of fossil fuels.

Around 500 people died in in Haiti due to Hurricane Matthew. In the Dominican Republic? four.

Socialism kills.

Oct 14

Starving Venezuelan prisoners kill, dismember and eat a fellow inmate

Socialism is a curse that should be wished only on a hated enemy.

As Venezuela plunges deeper into socialist terror, poverty and malnutrition, there are now reports that 40 Venezuelan prisoners killed, dismembered and ate an inmate. See here. Wants more government

Oct 13

University of Florida offers 24/7 counseling for students traumatized by offensive Halloween costumes

America’s government colleges have been pushing a steady stream of elitist, pro-government socialism for generations.

Now the University of Florida has issued a proclamation to students regarding the threat of politically incorrect Halloween costumes.

“If you choose to participate in Halloween activities, we encourage you to think about your choices of costumes and themes. Some Halloween costumes reinforce stereotypes of particular races, genders, cultures, or religions,” it continues. “Regardless of intent, these costumes can perpetuate negative stereotypes, causing harm and offense to groups of people.”

The university then offers 24/7 counseling for any students traumatized by Halloween costumes. See here.
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