Sep 25

Government lies exposed: arctic ice appears to be expanding rapidly

Arctic sea ice is now almost 50% higher than 2012, higher than last year, and about to pass all recent years. The government has been claiming Arctic sea ice is at or near an all-time

Sep 23

East German socialism caused lower life expectancy than West German capitalism

When the Berlin Wall came down, socialist East Germany was more polluted, poorer and sicker than West Germany.

According to David Legates’ “The Experiment: Capitalism versus Socialism,”

“State-guaranteed health care in the East did not translate into a healthier society. In 1990, life expectancy in the West was about 3½ years longer than in the East for men, and more than 2½ years longer for women.”

Sep 23

Despite the headlines, ice in the arctic appears to be growing faster than normal

Headlines have blared this year about Arctic snow melt. But as Tony Heller’s Real Climate Science website points out, Arctic ice is actually growing rapidly. See here.

Besides being the shortest melt season on record, and the earliest start to winter on record, the Arctic is also seeing the fastest September ice growth on record.

Ice extent is 40% above 2012, higher than last year and about the same as 2013.

This despite the fact that the summer started very warm.chasing ice

Sep 20

Every claim behind Obamacare has been proven false

Supporters of the “Affordable Care Act” said that the Act would save the average American family $2,500 per year. Instead the Act has increased health care costs by thousands of dollars per household.

One-third of American counties now have only one health insurer.

Insurance companies are losing hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Their reaction is to pull out of markets and seek to make up for loses by raising premiums significantly in 2017.

The Kaiser Foundation expects an average increase of nine percent for policies on the exchanges, but in the individual market, the increases will vary by state- averaging 14 percent, but may be as much as 25 percent in some markets.

Of the original 23 co-op exchanges, only 3 are expected to survive through 2017. See here.

Sep 18

Mainstream Science appears to be ignoring hundreds of peer-reviewed papers showing global cooling in the 1960s and ’70s

Industrial production and coal-fired power plants were exploding worldwide after World War II. Carbon dioxide release into the atmosphere was also increasing rapidly.

Hundreds of scientific papers have documented that global temperatures appeared to have been declining between the 1950s and late 1970s.

But today’s government-funded scientists seem to ignore this data–or pretend that it never existed. Government agencies appear to have “adjusted” the global temperature drop of the 1970s so that it is barely visible in modern temperature data sets.

See here. asdf

Sep 18

Fewer than one-third of Americans have any trust in the mass media

Gallup has been asking Americans how much they trust the news media since 1972. This trust has been declining slowly for years, as the media has increasingly supported intrusive, expansive government.

Now fewer than one-third of Americans express any trust in the news media. See here.


Sep 10

Chicago neighborhood discovers the magic of privately-funded police protection

Interesting story out of Chicago, which has suffered under a torrent of violent street crime over the past few years.

It seems some private citizens have started paying for private police patrols out of their own pockets. Neighbors are overwhelmingly supportive of the idea, and there are preliminary observations that the crime situation has greatly improved in the neighborhood. joy

Sep 05

All U.S. Supreme Court justices are graduates of just three Ivy League law schools. None are Protestants.


Justices Kagan and Sotomeyer have recently been speaking about the lack of educational diversity on the Supreme Court. See here.

Five of the current justices graduated from Harvard Law School. The other three went to Yale. Justice Ginsburg started at Harvard and graduated from Columbia.

None are Protestants.

While religious affiliation may seem trifling, sociologists have documented a correlation between Protestantism and individualist ideology.

Sep 04

Colorado lawmakers inquire into the censorship imposed by state professors


There is no valid reason for governments to OWN universities. Every argument in favor of government universities is easily disproved. (For example, government universities have DECREASED the proportion of poor students in higher education, not increased it, see here; MOST government-funded research at government universities is flawed or false, see here; and government universities churn out false and flawed research at a cost of billions annually, see here. And government universities are among the least free places in America; often less free than parochial universities.)

Now the rampant pro-government philosophy in Colorado’s government universities has attracted the scrutiny of Colorado voters (and some Colorado officials).

John Carson, a member of the University of Colorado Board of Regents, has said he intends to investigate the email sent by 3 Colorado State professors saying that discussion of doubts about the government’s manmade-global-warming-by-CO2 theory will not be tolerated.

Carson has also said he is concerned about limits on student research. “If it’s accurate, the [professors’] email even limits the sources of research that students can use,” Mr. Carson said. “For there to be a prohibition on debate and dialogue on a particular public policy issue at the university is certainly alarming.”

Sep 04

Venezuela now has ‘single payer’ food distribution


It is the dream of every government supremacist: to require that all food, medicine, education and other vital goods and resources be provided by the state.

Venezuela was once among the most productive and dynamic countries in Latin America. Now after 15 years of socialism, Venezuelans are eating out of garbage cans, hunting dogs, cats and pigeons for survival, and starving and dying in the streets. Violent street gangs rule the cities. Women are having themselves sterilized so as not to give birth in the socialist hellhole. See here.

Yesterday it was announced that the Venezuelan military will oversee the production and distribution of food and basic goods. Happy Labor Day, Venezuela! See here.

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