Feb 21

Dennis Prager: Universities are the seminaries of modern America

Today’s government-funded colleges and universities deliver a steady stream of elitist, socialist worship of the state.

Writer and higher-education reformer Dennis Prager compares modern government colleges to the seminaries of old Europe, where the Church indoctinated the leaders of western society. See here.

Feb 20

Starving Venezuelans losing 19 pounds per year due to socialism

Just 18 years ago, Venezuela enjoyed the highest standard of living in South America. Then the people voted for socialism.

Now the people of Venezuela eat dogs, cats, donkeys and even giant anteaters for survival. Women and girls prostitute themselves for as little as a tube of toothpaste or a box of diapers. Men die in the streets fighting over dollar bills.

Now a new study finds that 75 % of Venezuelans have lost an average of 19 pounds during the past year.

See here.

Feb 17

Washington State Supreme Court rules that florist must provide flower arrangements for gay wedding–and pay legal fees for fighting court battle!

Of course, people have widely differing views on faith and marriage. Last year the government of the State of Washington ordered a Christian florist in the Seattle area to provide flower arrangements for a gay wedding.

The florist, Barronelle Stutzman, refused to participate in a gay wedding on religious grounds, and challenged the Government’s decree.

Now the Washington State Supreme Court has ruled unanimously that the 72-year-old grandmother must participate in gay weddings. And Stutzman must pay the attorneys fees of the opposing parties. The fees could reach as high as one million dollars. See here.

Feb 06

Whistleblower emerges: Government temp claims were never scientifically verified

More government lies.

Remember last year, just ahead of the Paris climate conference when world governments were preparing to commit untold billions of dollars–taken from their subjects–to government climate-change agencies?

As the Paris meeting began, EVERY major newspaper in the world announced on its front pages that a new U.S. government study found no pause in global warming.

The world was careening toward disaster unless people gave governments more power and control.

Now a NOAA whistleblower named John Bates has come forward to announce that the NOAA “study” consisted of manipulated data and was rushed to publication to spread the government agenda.

The “data” were also kept secret from the public so no one could check them, just as with previous global-warming scares. See here

Feb 05

Multi-year ice in the Arctic is now at a 10-year high

The intrepid data analyst Tony Heller is back with more analysis of satellite data.

Multi-year ice in the Arctic is now higher than at any time in the past 10 years. See here.

Jan 30

All-time record snowfall this year in many areas of the U.S.

The government’s climate models 20 years ago predicted that snow would be a thing of the past by now. But snow is at record levels in many areas of the U.S., including parts of Arizona, Nevada, southern California and New Mexico.

See here.

Jan 28

Fraud investigator seeks whistleblowers from government “climate science” agencies

Those who scrutinize the government’s apocalyptic-manmade-global-warming-by-carbon-dioxide claims are aware that government agencies have been caught manipulating data for more than a decade.

U.S. agencies such as NOAA and NASA have been falsifying temperature records to erase warm periods in the past.

These agencies have repeatedly claimed that government needs even more power to save humanity from global warming.

Now that Trump has replaced Obama in the White House, there is a move to get whistleblowers from NASA and NOAA to come forward. Kent Clizbe, a specialist in exposing frauds, is inviting NASA and NOAA whistleblowers with firsthand knowledge of the government’s data manipulation to go public, as Trump “drains the swamp.”

See here.

Stay tuned!

Jan 25

Arctic ice has quickly grown in past 3 months

2015 and (the beginning of) 2016 were very warm years. But government agencies “adjusted” the temp history records to make the past 2 years seem even hotter than they were measured.

Hundreds of newspapers have recently reported that Arctic ice is quickly melting–citing the claims of government agencies that bolster the government’s manmade-global-warming-by-CO2 theory.

But global temperatures appear to have plummeted since September 2016. And the Arctic has been quickly gaining ice. See here.

Arctic ice is already at a 3-year high and winter is only half over.

Greenland ice levels are at an ALL-TIME RECORD HIGH.

Russia is experiencing one of its coldest winters in history.

Jan 23

FBI operated a majority of child porn sites

Court documents last fall revealed that the FBI secretly operated and controlled a large proportion of all child porn sites in the United States. See here.

Further investigation has revealed that the FBI’s control and operation of the “child porn industry” was much greater than previously admitted. Through the FBI’s “Operation Pacifier,” the FBI published untold thousands of child porn images–including images of child rapes. See here.

The stated purpose, of course, was to capture and prosecute (nongovernment) people who surf the secret government websites.

Jan 22

U.S. Postal Service–with every possible advantage–lost $5 billion last year and $50 billion over a decade

Government sucks at everything it tries–with the exception of killing, stealing and impoverishing.

The U.S. Postal Service lost $5.1 billion last year – and more than $50 billion over the last decade. Even with every advantage in the market–including the world’s most prestige locations, a monopoly on its core operations, paying no taxes (either property or income), and the power of eminent domain, the USPS is unable to make a profit.

The USPS delivers substandard, overpriced goods and services, spies on its customers and overpays its workers.

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