Sep 13

More billionaires flee socialist New York

Thousands of New York’s most productive people have fled the state’s high taxes and regulations in recent years. Many move to low-tax states such as Florida and Texas.

Many are also climate refugees seeking warmer winters.

Now billionaire investor Carl Icahn has announced he will leave New York and take his entire staff to Florida.

“Icahn is the latest in a string of financial executives, including billionaire hedge fund managers Paul Tudor Jones and David Tepper, who are decamping from the Northeast for Florida which boasts lower taxes.”

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Sep 09

Be Afraid: Government News Agencies are Teaming Up Worldwide to “Fight Misinformation”

The Agence France-Presse (AFP), the world’s oldest news agency (which is affiliated with the French government)
is teaming up with the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) (a branch of the British government) and other news organizations in a global initiative to combat nongovernment and anti-government news (which they call “misinformation.”) See here.

These government news bureaus are joined by several deep-state media powerhouses, including the European Broadcasting Union, the Financial Times, First Draft, The Hindu, the Wall Street Journal, CBC/Radio Canada, Reuters and the Reuters Institute, as well as partners Facebook, Google and Microsoft.

This pro-government conglomeration of news organizations will be “setting up a warning system between partner organisations on the most dangerous false information, whether it is a threat to people’s lives or to democratic process during elections.”

In recent years the growth of government-skeptical alternative private news sources has challenged the world’s governments’ control over information.

Sep 05

Socialist California’s middle class wages grew just 1 % in 40 years

Socialist California’s growing servant class

California has America’s highest taxes, highest-paid government employees and largest government programs for “fighting poverty.” Its politics have been identified with pro-government extremism and socialism for several decades.

What has this increasing socialism wrought in California?

Californian’s middle class wages rose by just 1 percent in 40 years.

The state is increasingly identified by extremes in both wealth and poverty. The fastest growing class in California is the “servant class” whose members earn an average pay of about $36,000 a year. Compare this to the average pay of all occupations in the country, which stands at about $51,000.

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Sep 04


The officer who shot Weinhaus was previously diagnosed with extreme PTSD and tested positive for mind-altering drugs immediately after Weinhaus’ shooting; yet prosecutors hid this information from Weinhaus’ defense lawyers.

Jeff Weinhaus, the Missouri activist journalist who was gunned down by state troopers in 2012 and then sentenced to 30 years for assaulting an officer, has received new information about the officer who shot him 4 times.

Weinhaus had been summoned by Missouri State Troopers to a St. Clair, Missouri gas station parking lot where the Troopers promised to return Weinhaus’s computer equipment. (The computer equipment had been previously unlawfully seized from Weinhaus’ home.)

The officer who opened fire on Jeff Weinhaus—Missouri Trooper Henry Folsom—had been previously diagnosed, unbeknownst to Weinhaus, with severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and tested positive for mind-altering drugs immediately after he shot Weinhaus. Folsom was suspended from the Highway Patrol following the 2012 incident. Then, shortly after Folsom testified against Weinhaus at Weinhaus’ 2013 criminal trial, Folsom was completely terminated. (Some observers, such as Evol Love of Justice Travelers, regard the timing of Folsom’s 2013 firing as suspicious. “The Highway Patrol used its control over Folsom until Folsom was no longer needed; then they fired him.”)

Jeff Weinhaus survived two shots to the head and two to the chest but was prosecuted for assaulting an officer and armed criminal action. Trooper Folsom testified that Weinhaus pulled a pistol on Folsom from his right side (although Weinhaus wore his holster on his left). Weinhaus is now serving a thirty year sentence in the Missouri State Prison System.

Weinhaus learned just last week that Trooper Folsom had been suffering from mental health issues stemming from at least 2000 when Folsom previously shot and killed another individual. Folsom had even told a psychiatrist named Dr. Lutz that Folsom feared he tends to shoot innocent people reaching for wallets. Folsom himself apparently admitted he felt unsafe with firearms.

None of this evidence was disclosed to Weinhaus’ defense team prior to Weinhaus’ November 2013 trial. It is likely that the jury would not have found Weinhaus guilty if the information had been disclosed.
Folsom’s PTSD diagnosis became public just last week when a Missouri court upheld another court’s declaration that Folsom was properly fired from the State Police.

While a Missouri court upheld the MHP’s firing of Folsom, it must be noted that Trooper Folsom is now retired on thousands of dollars per month in disability payments.

In modern America, any cop can open fire on any civilian at any time, claim to be disabled from the trauma, and then retire on thousands monthly for the rest of his life. His victims, of course, are left broken, dead, or shattered. In the case of Jeff Weinhaus, Weinhaus remains imprisoned with long-term brain damage and memory loss. Weinhaus’ wife divorced him soon after his trial.

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Sep 01

Pentagon to spend massively to regulate and control the internet in preparation for 2020 election

Government claims it needs propaganda authority to fight “fake news”

A truly Orwellian government press release disguised as a news story appeared on Bloomberg News on August 31, 2019.

“Fake news and social media posts are such a threat to U.S. security that the Defense Department is launching a project to repel “large-scale, automated disinformation attacks,” as the top Republican in Congress blocks efforts to protect the integrity of elections,” declared the pro-government news feature.

The release continued:

“U.S. officials have been working on plans to prevent outside hackers from flooding social channels with false information ahead of the 2020 election. The drive has been hindered by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s refusal to consider election-security legislation.”

“By increasing the number algorithm checks, the military research agency hopes it can spot fake news with malicious intent before going viral.”

See here.

Aug 30

Once again, federal prosecutors declare government figures immune from laws they impose on others

Laws apply only to non-government individuals.

An investigation by the Department of Justice has found that Former FBI Director Jim Comey violated Federal criminal laws when he deliberately leaked internal memos and communications to the media in retaliation against Donald Trump.

However, the DOJ will not prosecute Comey. Like Hillary Clinton before him, Comey is able to commit federal felonies without fear of jail.

Once again, the U.S. Justice Department refuses to expose high-ranking government officials to prosecution for crimes which the Department regularly accuses other Americans of committing.


Americans increasingly suffer under near-total government institutions which are essentially immune from accountability.

Police are legally able to open fire and kill the American people with impunity. If they are suspended or dismissed for such violence, they often obtain monthly multi-thousand-dollar disability checks for life–due to the “trauma” they allegedly suffer.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data, government employees are now the very wealthiest class of workers–above even business owners or any other type of workers in wealth and income.

In recent years, the government has established in court that government agents may display and deploy ANY weapon against the American people

(Note that Lysander Spooner University regards all government secrecy as unlawful and unconstitutional. Neither James Comey nor Hillary Clinton should be prosecuted for disclosing government information; but neither should anyone else.)

Aug 29

There are only ten weather stations in the Southern Hemisphere that have temp records from the 1800s; none of them show a warming trend

Whenever someone claims to know the GLOBAL temperature for a given year (or date) in the past, be mindful that such a feat of knowledge is highly unlikely. This is especially true for dates in the distant past.

Worldwide there are only 116 thermometer stations with unadjusted temp datasets that go all the way back to January 1880. And most of them are located in USA and Europe.

For the rest of the world there are almost no long-lasting temp records. (And remember that three-fourths of the globe’s surface consists of ocean.)

Significantly, there are less than a dozen of these stations located in the entire southern hemisphere.

4 of 7 Australia charts show cooling. (The other 3 show no trend).

The lone thermometer station in all of Africa (at Capetown) shows no warming trend.

And South America has only one unadjusted dataset going back to 1880, located at Bahia Blanca, Argentina. That dataset also shows no warming since 1880.

See here.

Aug 29

More DOJ lies: Secret memos reveal prosecutors knew that was innocent of “human trafficking”—but they launched a prosecution anyway. Now a federal judge has ordered the memos sealed

In case more proof was needed that government budgets are bloated and overflowing . . .

For years, US voters have elected politicians who promised to cut government. Such politicians have then gone to state and federal capitols and voted for ever-more government.

A frequent tactic of “limited government” Republicans who win elections is to get sworn in and then immediately spot some new emergency which requires more government spending instead of budget cuts. A frequent target (at the state capitol level) is drunk driving.

Another ‘emergency’ is “human trafficking”; especially child trafficking. Politicians are rarely short of condemnation for this allegedly exploding menace. In reality, almost all “human trafficking” is simply consensual prostitution; and those who go searching for child prostitution have great difficulty finding any.

In 2018, federal prosecutors announced a major indictment against the proprietors of the website for conspiracy, facilitating prostitution and money laundering. The U.S. government even seized and shut down the entire website. offered internet classified ads for cars, jobs, real estate and personal relationships. It did include ads by strippers, massage providers and adult entertainment—all of which was entirely lawful.
But the sexy imagery of many classified ads attracted the attention of would-be heroes in government for a decade.
“For far too long, existed as…a place where sex traffickers frequently advertised children and adults alike,” said then–Attorney General Jeff Sessions upon the announcement of the April 2018 indictment.
But last year federal prosecutors accidentally sent an internal memo to defense lawyers which admitted the DOJ had no case.

The government’s case against, according to Reason magazine, “was hampered by the fact that Backpage kept trying to help stop sex trafficking.” In fact, took proactive steps to identify and block ads for prostitution and child exploitation.

“Witnesses have consistently testified that Backpage was making substantial efforts to prevent criminal conduct on its site, that it was coordinating efforts with law enforcement agencies and NCMEC [the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children], and that it was conducting its businesses in accordance with legal advice,” wrote Swaminathan and McNeil in 2013. Furthermore, they noted, their investigation failed “to uncover compelling evidence of criminal intent or a pattern or reckless conduct regarding minors.” In fact, it “revealed a strong economic incentive for Backpage to rid its site of juvenile prostitution.”

The site even ran continuous “Report Ad” button for readers to report suspected sexual exploitation content. The site also featured prominent links to the NCMEC CyberTipline. And while most sections of Backpage were free for users, “Backpage followed Craigslist’s policy, initiated at the suggestion of NAAG, of charging a fee for each adult services advertisement,” something NAAG championed for its ability to reduce ad volume and yield evidentiary data for law enforcement.

All of this was acknowledged by prosecutors emails to each other. But shockingly, a federal judge has barred’s defense lawyers from using the internal DOJ memos as part of their clients’ defense. The previous judge handling the case (who recused himself) agreed with the prosecution that the memos, which had been filed under seal in the Western District of Washington, must remain sealed and that the defense must destroy its copies. See here.

Aug 22

More fallout from Nature “climate contrarian” blacklist study.

August 14. Antigovernment News Bureau. Two weeks ago, the once-prestigious journal Nature published a peer-reviewed article which strayed far from the journal’s typical range of content.

Nature’s online imprint Nature Communications delved into social science rather than natural science, generating a list of some 386 names of climate “contrarians,” denouncing them generally as unqualified hacks, and then purporting to compare the media visibility of such contrarians with that of ‘true’ expert scientists.
The clear intent was to deplatform, censor and blacklist those on the skeptic list.
In the days following the release of the article, a number of critics have found methodological flaws in the article. Much of the data supporting the ‘study’ is secret, missing or hidden. And the article violates generally-understood rules regarding the study of human subjects. Moreover, even the gist of the study appears to be false: much of the supposedly unearned media footprint of the skeptics is actually negative discussion.

Aug 17

Major science journal publishes article blacklisting climate skeptics

The journal Nature previously enjoyed great prestige among science journals.

In recent years, however, Nature‘s editors have heavily promoted climate doomsday messaging.

Now the journal has published a study purporting to show that climate change “contrarians” are overrepresented in media discussions of climate science.

The study first gathered a large list of known “contrarians” taken from anti-skeptic websites such as This list included a number of celebrity non-scientist commentators such as Mark Steyn and Marc Morano.

Then the study trashes the contrarians as (generally) undercredentialled–and then compares the contrarians’ alleged media popularity with that of another list of recognized ‘consensus’-repeating university climate scientists.

The ‘study’ concludes that ‘contrarians’ tend to get attention and coverage vastly greater than they deserve.

The clear message behind the study is that observers and journalists should endeavor to ignore, marginalize or blacklist those voices on the contrarian list.

A number of scholars have already debunked the study. Contrarians are already suppressed in most mainstream venues.

Another scholar looked into the data sources behind the study and found many to be missing or nonexistent. Moreover, much of the commentary about those on the contrarian list is quite negative. See here.

And the list of ‘climate consensus’ names (which supposedly shows that highly-credentialed scientists are being suppressed under the media notoriety of contrarians) does not include noteworthy nonscientist celebrities such as Al Gore or Leonardo DiCraprio.

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