Mar 20

What does a Century-Old Book have to say about the Western World’s Impending Collapse into Financial Ruin?

The question of why some societies and not others grow rich has attracted the focus of thousands of scholars over the years. There are racist and genetic explanations (e.g., Oswald Spengler, Francis Galton), cultural explanations (e.g., Diamond’s Guns, Germs and Steel), and many political explanations.

But in 1905, a book was published in German which offered a novel perspective on the question: the great wealth of northern Europe was a result of the Protestant work ethic–and individualism. Wax Weber’s The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism (translated into English in 1930) asked why the wealth of Europe had moved over a thousand-year period from southern Europe (Greece and Italy) to northern Europe (Britain, Germany and Denmark). In the book Weber posited that Protestantism had triggered northern European capitalism, industriousness, savings and accumulation. By comparison, southern Europe was more Catholic and more controlled by collectivist culture.

Feb 21

DNA research now proves that ancient Polynesians traveled to the Americas long before Columbus

Polynesia is a term describing the racial and ethnic culture that dominates the immense zone of islands in the south pacific–including the Philippines, Hawaii, Samoa and Guam. The ancient Pacific Islanders were masters of ocean travel by fast-moving canoes and outriggers.

Early British explorers such as James Cook learned that the people of Polynesia were masters of ocean navigation. When lost, British sea captains would sometimes kidnap Polynesians to use as guides on the ocean. Polynesians were known to be experts on the stars and ocean currents.

Many scientists have long suspected that ancient Polynesians may have discovered the America’s prior to Columbus in 1492. Now there is DNA research which proves this.

Lars Fehren-Schmitz, an anthropological geneticist at the University of California (UC), Santa Cruz, along with Population geneticist Andrés Moreno-Estrada and anthropologist Karla Sandoval, both at Mexico’s National Laboratory of Genomics for Biodiversity, have shown that the Polynesians on islands such as Easter Island have traces of Native American DNA in their ancestry.

See here.

Feb 04

Join us for a mega informational lecture in Vancouver, WA on Feb. 18!

Lysander Spooner University will sponsor a major lecture by constitutional attorney Krisanne Hall in Vancouver, WA on Thursday, Feb. 18!

Tickets are just $10. See here.

Jan 21

More polling finds trust in pro-government media at all-time low

Antigovernment News reports that a new poll supports Gallup polling which shows Americans’ trust in “mainstream” (government supported and supporting) media is at an all-time low.

New, Edelman survey finds just 46 percent of Americans trust traditional media. That’s the lowest number ever recorded in the 20 years that Edelman has obtained the data.

A clear majority (56%) believe mainstream (government supported and supporting) media is “purposely trying to mislead people by saying things they know are false or gross exaggerations.”

The Edelman number tracks with Gallup’s findings. Gallup, over the past decade, has consistently put the percentage of Americans’ trust in media in the low 40s.

As with seemingly every major issue in America these days, the party divide is stark. Gallup’s 2020 results found that 73 percent of Democrats trust the media, while only 10 percent of Republicans do. The new Edelman numbers are in line with that schism. A post-election follow-up to the Edelman survey shows 57 percent of Democrats trust the media, compared to just 18 percent of Republicans.

Jan 09

Government sought to frame alternative social media by planting violent posts

According to Andrew Torba, CEO of Gab–a social media platform launched in 2016–the CIA has been trying to frame Gab by planting violent posts on the independent platform leading up to the Jan. 6, 2020 protests at the U.S. Capitol.

Torba suspects the CIA and other government agencies are actively trying to scrub the internet of all platforms except Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other pro-government platforms.

Each of the mainstream pro-government platforms imposes strict censorship tools to delegitimize and ban criticism of government.

During the lead up to Jan. 6, 2020 (the date in which the electoral college votes in the 2020 presidential election would be counted in Congress), Gab experienced numerous new subscribers who posted many violent posts.

Torba believes the government planted the fake accounts in order to frame Gab for the alleged violence that was expected at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

See here.

Jan 08

Government-supporting “mainstream” journalism continues to lose readership

So-called “mainstream” news–news which supports (and is supported by) the state–has been losing market share compared to independent journalism for years. Readers won’t pay to consume pro-government propaganda.

2020 saw a 200% increase in the number of lost journalism jobs, compared to 2019.

“Across broadcast, digital and print news, the news industry was hit with 16,160 job cuts — a figure that is also 13% higher than the previous record of 14,265 newsroom job cuts reported in 2008.”

The grim numbers come as multiple news organizations and TV news networks, including Fox News, ABC News, BuzzFeed, Vox Media, Vice Media, the New York Post, The Atlantic, Fortune magazine, the Tampa Bay Times and the New York Times, announced layoffs across their news and business divisions in 2020.

See here.

Jan 01

U.S. government pushing hard to have total control and live surveillance of all cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are promoted as decentralized and pathways to independence and financial privacy. But governments around the world are seeking to extend total control over all trading of crypto.

The SEC now requires that all persons who purchase or own over $3,000 of cryptocurrency be identified by Social Security Number, name and home address. In practice, this means that crypto platforms all require SSNs and identifying information for everyone who signs up to own or trade the currencies.

Now the government is seeking even more knowledge and power over crypto. The SEC is even suing Ripple and seeking to designate Ripple and XRP as “securities.” See here.

Dec 24

Confirmed: IMF and Word Bank are BRIBING world governments to destroy their economies with covid mandates

Belarus is one of the few countries which has ignored calls to lock down amid the alleged global covid pandemic.

According to Armstrong Economics, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said last month via Belarusian Telegraph Agency, BelTA., that World Bank and IMF offered him a bribe of $940 million USD in the form of “Covid Relief Aid.” In exchange for $940 million USD, the World Bank and IMF demanded that the President of Belarus:

• imposed “extreme lockdown on his people”
• force them to wear face masks
• impose very strict curfews
• impose a police state
• crash the economy

Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko REFUSED the offer.

Dec 24

Less than 1 week after first U.S. vaccinations, adverse reactions are already outpacing other vaccines

Vaccinations for covid-19 began on Friday, December 18, 2020 with many public officials and medical providers getting the first alleged inoculations (many on camera).

But adverse reactions are already outpacing those experienced from previous vaccination programs.

Dr. Moncef Saoui, the chief scientific adviser for Operation Warp Speed said “the frequency of allergic reactions to the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine is higher than what would be expected” from other vaccines.

Although mainstream news and the public health community are working overtime to put on a happy, smiling face during the covid vaccine rollout, news and rumors of many serious side effects are already emerging. “A health care worker in New York City had a serious adverse reaction.”

At least three Alaska health care workers are known to have suffered severe reactions, requiring hospitalization or medical treatment.

Tennessee nurse Tiffany Dover collapsed live on camera 17 minutes after being injected. She still has not been seen or returned to work, and mainstream media has scrambled to deny reports that Dover DIED from the vaccination. Reuters news service even published a story reassuring readers that Dover’s on-camera collapse was not evidence of a mass genocide program.

Dec 17

Socialist New York is About to get more Socialist

Hundreds of thousands are fleeing.

Just over half of the State’s income taxes are paid by the richest 2%.

New York legislature prepares to increase taxes on the few remaining rich.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “Just over half of the roughly $50 billion New York collects each year of personal income taxes is paid by 188,000 tax filers—the highest-earning 2% of the state’s tax base, according to the state budget office.”

New York and neighboring New Jersey have the highest income taxes in the U.S. Both have been losing their wealthiest taxpayers steadily for years.
“The number of these [extremely rich] filers in New York,[. . .] grew by a smaller percentage than for the nation as a whole between 2010 and 2018, according to IRS data.”

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